KRS ONE: The Leo


Does this man REALLY need an introduction? The answer is no. However, I’m going to give him one out of the immense respect that I have for what he’s done to life the art of hip hop to a higher level. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, THIS is the Blastmaster KRS-ONE . Born on August 20, 1965, he represents the Sun sign Leo.

“When you need a lyrical leader with oratorical triple features, who am I? The MC. When you need to rock your three-thousand seat arena best believe ya, who am I? The MC. When you need to get the word on the street with demeanor, who am I? The MC.”

The essence of Leo is permeated through the uninhibited expression of our most unique selves. Just as the lion has a territory, the human Leo needs a kingdom.

The corner that he/she has carved out into the world through full utilization of their talents so that they may feel regal and special. Some may view this as too much ego, but the lions and lioness’ of this world simply affirm and recognize their own greatness. The hearty dose of self-confidence which they’ve been imprinted with since birth doesn’t hurt either.

” Who am I ? The MC. Showin’ my authority, superiority and artistic minority- now ya startin’ me.”

Leo’s know that without a doubt, they’re one of a kind. Part of their unique life task is to choose a creative endeavor and then shine. To lead. To serve as symbolic heatlight and energy to inspire and ignite others.  Leo is ruled by the Sun, and if it were not for the solar force, what would the world be like?

“In Hip Hop’s atomic structure, I am the nucleus.” (Rappers R in Dainja)

One of the most important lessons that Leo needs to learn is that there’s indeed enough light for everyone. Allow others to claim theirs just as you claim yours.



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