The Sun. Moon and Ascendant at The Gas Station




I’m always thinking about ways to link information together. The other day I was considering how the the Sun, Moon and Rising sign combination may be explained in a way that would make it down to earth and understandable for the layperson who wants to learn something about Astrology. So, what did I decide would be a fair comparison?

Stopping at the gas station.

If we think of our lives as a perpetual journey, it all makes sense.

Our Sun sign symbolizes our core life energy, or “fuel” that we require for the optimization of our life force. It’s what stimulates us. We need to express this energy to “shine our light” into the world.
What’s the first thing we do when we get to the gas station? We fuel up.

The Moon sign uses the light of the Sun and reflects it into a personality form. The Moon symbolizes the needs of our personality as well as our path to emotional fulfillment. At its most basic, the Moon sign is what feeds or nourishes us.  At the gas station, we not only fuel up, but there’s also a chance that we may purchase something to sustain us on our trip.

The Rising sign, also known as the Ascendant symbolizes the filter that we use to process our life experiences. It’s how we see the world and how the world sees us back. While the rising sign isn’t “us” per se, it’s our representative. Just as clothes or a VEHICLE say something about us, but they’re not necessarily who we are. When we pull up to a gas station, we’re arriving in a vehicle. Similarly, Our rising sign serves us as a navigational tool.

So, let’s review: Sun. Moon and Rising Sign. Our life is the journey. The Sun sign is the fuel, the Moon sign is the food and the Ascendant is the vehicle. Think on that.


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