Yasiin Bey: Speaking Sagittarian


Most people that know me well are super aware of my interest in both astrology and hip-hop. I believe the parallel is fascinating. Every chance I get, I try to fuse the two languages together to “decipher the code”. In fact, the more I listen to some of these emcee’s, the more I “see” or hear their zodiac sign shining through . This will probably be a continuous series, but I’ve put together some examples of various artists who are speaking astrologese, and may not even recognize it. However, this Astrologer does……….


Enter  Yasiin Bey (formerly known as Mos Def) Sagittarian, born December 11, 1973. Representing the archer ever so lovely in his song with DJ Honda “Travelin’ Man”, which I don’t think could be any more appropriately titled. A large part of the Sagittarian  life curriculum  is comprised of the expansion of thought. One of the primary ways this is possible, is through travel. This can be embodied through our mental faculties, or physical exploration of the globe. The beginning of the song screams Sagittarius. Mos asks: “Yo, yo… what time the plane leaving?”Then, he continues….. “I’ll see you at the airport“. The bridge of the song The bridge of the song says:

“I’m a travelin’ man, moving through place and space and time, got a lot of things I got to do, God willin’ I’m comin’ back to you, baby boo.”

To a Sagittarius, the journey or quest is just as important as the destination. There’s no doubt that Yasiin is going to put his heavy bags down and relax when he comes home, but like the typical Sagittarian, he is now absorbed in his journey and wants to learn and broaden his mindas much as possible while on it. Unfettered by distractions or heavy emotional demands.

It rarely gets more Sagittarian than that.

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