Astrology is For Everyone


As I peruse the various internet message boards and social networks, from time to time I stumble across comments from people within the African-American community which strongly suggest that Astrology isn’t “for” Black people. That it’s metaphysical orientation will somehow lead to becoming a weak and passive individual. Propagating the notion that Astrology’s contents are not suited to address the harsh problems currently facing African-Americans. I notice the existence of a simultaneous attraction and repulsion, coupled with curiosity and skepticism where Astrology is concerned. Also, an unfortunate type casting of those who take interest in Astrological study as naive and gullible. As if the study of the cosmos and it’s unitive relation to human beings is something that a “mature” person wouldn’t consider.

I strongly oppose the viewpoints in the African-American community which reveal themselves as rigid and polarized in regard to  anything which may accelerate our psychological and spiritual development. In fact, many of the “problems” which are said to be “too major” for Astrology to handle or penetrate have their direct roots in the psyche. Astrology, used constructively and as a diagnostic tool can shed layers of meaning in relation to the workings of the mind, both individually and collectively where these issues have taken root.

In fact, I like Astrology’s comparison to an X-ray:just as the X-ray provides access to the visible physical structure, the horoscope, or birth chart allows us to see the psychological structure of the individual.

For those who continue their unfounded citicism, there’s a good chance that (1) you’ve never attempted to engage in an informed, comprehensive study of astrology or (2) you’ve decided to buy into the myth that Astrology is mere “entertainment” and have settled for a lackluster and incomplete version.

It even suprises me somewhat that those in the community who label themselves as “conscious” individuals and pride themselves on being critical thinkers and researchers, not being hoodwinked, etc..will open their mouths to criticize Astrology without having seen or touched a serious book on the subject. I would certainly think that these rules for employing investigative analysis would be equally applicable where a subject as vast as Astrology is concerned.

My statement to all African-American’s who may be interested in pursuing serious Astrological study for the benefit of yourself or others is this: There is no group of people on earth who have a monopoly on this knowledge. If Astrology is something which resonates with you and you wish to study it as a means for developing a greater degree of self -understanding and living more effectively- by all means, DO IT! Ignore the naysayers who stand on the sidelines and haven’t done the research. Those who have never touched a serious Astrology book in their lives and just want to spread their doubt and negativity to anyone who will listen.



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