Deprogramming Our Astrological Mind

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Many of us who are familiar with Astrology and it’s language immediately recognize the name Liz Greene. Liz is a psychologically oriented Astrologer whose insights I find to be astoundingly valuable and poignant. Some of her seminars, through the Centre for Psychological Astrology have been transcribed and converted into book form, which I find to be an excellent idea.

During one of the workshops about the Sun Signs, there was a particular exchange between Liz and a member of the audience which reignited my feelings about Astrological stereotypes.

During the lecture, Liz was discussing the needs of the different Sun Signs and she arrived at Sagittarius. She went on to ask the audience their thoughts on what the sign wanted out of life. The usual answers such as “meaning” and “purpose” were immediately offered up and Ms. Greene began to expand on them by mentioning the Sagittarian need for holistic understanding through intuitive realizations, making connections and so forth.

After she finished explaining her insights, she was asked the following question by a member of the audience:

“Are Sagittarians prepared to make sacrifices to find meaning? I always think they look for the easiest route. They’re opportunistic

Liz responded: ” That sounds like a personal judgement based on an encounter with a Sagittarian that didn’t work out.”


What’s important about this exchange is the reminder of how Astrology can imprison our psyche as well as liberate it. When thinking astrologically, it’s a necessity that we’re able to distinguish behavior from sign. It’s equally vital that we’re able to separate the behavior of one person, or even a few, from the inclination to attribute that to an entire zodiac sign.

When we begin our thinking with these kind of inaccuracies, it only stands to reason that the final result will prove to be misleading. However, if we’re more concerned about being “right” and confirming our suspicions about certain signs, then this mentality may prove to be comfortable for those who aren’t inclined to put forth the time and effort needed to make accurate distinctions.

In closing, we also must remember that all of us are made of the same energies, but they’re arranged in a pattern which gives us our uniqueness. So, any information we think we’ve unearthed about another sign, could just as easily be applied to us as we have to a greater or lesser degree the same needs and drives which pervade our psyches.

Let’s de-program our astrological minds.

Reference: Apollo’s Chariot: The Meaning of The Astrological Sun, by Liz Greene pp. 59-60.

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