What Do Empty Houses in My Birth Chart Mean?


Some of the questions that I receive quite often are: “What do the empty houses in my chart mean? Or, “Is it a BAD thing to have empty houses in my chart?”

First, for those who may be unfamiliar, the Astrological houses are the pie shaped sections of the birth chart. There are twelve of them. Most Astrological software identifies the houses with small numbers from 1-12 at the top of each house.

These sections of the chart symbolize various areas of life activity and development. Whenever a house is populated with a planet or planets, it means that the symbolism of that/those planet (s) is connected to how we experience that particular area of life.

For example, in the chart above, Pluto and Neptune (along w/ the North Node) are located in the 10th house, which symbolizes our vocation, public image and how we want the world to perceive us. It’s a stage for all to see, being that it’s highly visible being shined upon by the noonday sun.

One interpretation of this placement is that the individual holds the potential to exhibit transformative, healing energy (Pluto) in matters of vocation. They may want to be seen publicly as a spiritual, intuitive person(Neptune) who exhibits empathy for humanity.

If you’ll look closely at the chart, houses 6, 7, 8, 9 and 12 are all empty. This is NOT a negative thing. It means that the areas where there ARE planets are more likely to be places of high focus.

When there’s an empty house, looking at the ruler (the sign on the house cusp) is an effective way to grasp the flavor of what’s going on, because “someone is always home”.

Although the 6th house is empty, it has Aquarius on the cusp, which is ruled by both Saturn and Uranus. So, in addition to wanting to be seen by the world as a spiritual intuitive, this suggests that the work, although structured (Saturn) may have an unconventional flavor (Uranus). Or be an alternative (Uranus) business (Saturn).

If you’re hearing/reading that it’s “evil” to have empty houses in your chart, put the book down, or walk away.

11 thoughts on “What Do Empty Houses in My Birth Chart Mean?

  1. That makes perfect sense, since besides looking at planets in houses, one can refine the reading by thinking that, say, the North Node *in Gemini* is in the 10th. So, this native would also be looking to work with partners or have partnership/friendship be part of their profession — so if they follow your spiritual-intuitive idea, maybe they specialize in relationship counselling.

  2. Often wondered about this topic “the empty houses.” I had likened it to when one is playing roulette at the casino and the number that wins if no one had any chips placed on top of that winning number the dealer ‘ll usually put his clear thingy down on it while declaring “no one’s home.” And we’d chirp “Sure there is, the house…with all our chips/money.” Smiles…

    I had also read somewhere that those “empty houses” also denote that the soul had accomplished that house’s work in previous existences. Not a major focus in the current incarnation. #justfeedback 🙂

  3. So my Venus retro in 6th/Aries rules my empty Taurus 7th and squares 3rd house Capricorn Saturn but it also trines my 10th house Leo Uranus/MC conjunction meaning I won’t find love in the workplace unless something unusual happens?

    1. one of the tenets of my astrological philosophy is to make room for interpretations that foster growth and self-empowerment despite what may be present out here on the internet.

      1. Maybe for rivendellbelle, it could be “While you have definite issues with a debilitated Venus, your sense of humor is probably helping you work around them.”

        For, indeed, that was funny.

  4. So do empty houses only apply to personal(moon, mars etc) planets? Or, can you consider outer planets and asteroids also?

    Example, I don’t have any personal planets in the 10th house. But I do have Chiron in the 10th house. So does that count?

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