Virgo Sun, Leo Moon

In a birth chart, when the Sun is placed in Virgo and The Moon in Leo, the fuel and the core life energy of the individual is comprised of being a useful person. To leave any situation they come in contact with more efficient, pragmatic and functioning more optimally.

With a Virgo Sun there is a psychological need to improve; to refine how physical and intellectual parts work together in service of more constructive operation. This placement holds the potential of an uncanny gift for discrimination, i.e. a keen intellectual faculty which holds the capacity to make the distinction between what can be used and what needs to be thrown away.

The Sun in Virgo is stimulated by the challenge of having tasks to complete and the entire process of “cutting the fat” out of the system to streamline production.

The Moon in Leo, uses the Sun’s light to reflect a personality which needs validation and appreciation of their identity. Furthermore, to be acknowledged as special like royalty and as unique as a human fingerprint. Since Leo is the ruler of the Sun, it’s solar force can work with the lunar energy which is receptive in nature. This lunar placement is nourished by applause and acclaim which can give them “celebrity” status in their own corner of the world no matter how large or small.

When used constructively, one is capable of infusing their creative capacity into what may appear on the surface as mundane acts of duty. However, the style and presentation which are designed to meet the Leo moon’s reigning emotional needs can also add “heart” and emotion to what might ordinarily be an extremely analytical approach right down to the last detail. It’s like adding spices which won’t add any unnecessary additives to your food, but will simply help it taste a bit better.

In it’s dysfunctional capacity this blend can be an internal war between the humility which service asks and the ego recognition that the personality needs require.

Behaviorally, this manifests as the person who chooses to dim his or her light because anything less would be uncivilized.

Or the “P. Diddy” syndrome where he was dancing up in almost every video from Bad Boy records for a 3-plus year period. To Illustrate: please note the video clip above from the 1995 Source Awards as Suge Knight throws his jabs at Diddy.

The Triplicity of the Earth Signs

Conscious Astrology

Free-Nature-Earth-Space-Picture-Wallpaper-HD Earth Signs

Earth ~ Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Earth relates to the material world and perceptions through the physical senses, and the relationship to possessions.

Its the element of the Material body.

This weeks blog features the Earth Sign Triplicity in the natural order of:

Personal, Interpersonal and The Universal; Collective Consciousness.

The Earth is our foundation, how we feel grounded and connected. We source everything from the Earth, and nourished as Earth is our Mother.

The Earth Sign of Taurus as the personal; Taurus learning relates to the security of the physical, the body, possessions, resources as tangible or intangible and its all temporary. Taurus is the lesson of stewardship.                                                       Taurus asks “What do I have”?

The Earth Sign of Virgo as the interpersonal; Virgo…

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