Capricorn Keywords- Sagittarian Mind Style


Strictly Business. I Get The Job Done. Discipline makes things easier, organize your life. Method Man. Be a Father to Your Child. Big Poppa. Tight. Saturn. The Official. Handle Ur Bizness. The Rep Grows Bigga. Just To Get a Rep. Eric B is President. Who Got The Props? Making a Name For Ourselves. G.O.D. (Gaining One’s Definition).  Game’s Sober. Step by Step. I Go To Work. Bawse. Givin’ Somethin’ Up. Life Is What You Make It. Let’s Be Realistic. Reality. Following Goals. Carry On Tradition. Lover’s Rock.  King of Sorrow. Control. I’m not a businessman,  I’m a Business MAN! Realms- N- Reality. Thinkin’ of a Master Plan. Stressed Out. We Mean Business. The Formula. Hustlin’ is the Key to Success. Big Daddy’s Theme. Blood, Sweat & Tears. Stand Strong. Get Busy. The Professional.  Raise The Bar. Elevate, Build & Create.  Time To Rep. Keep Risin’ To The Top. Cold World. Dignity. Testin’ Me. The Pressure. Leave Your Worries. Lead By Example. The Strategist. The General. Respect Mine. It’s About That Time. Focus. Deep Concentration Cause I’m No Comedian. Funky Ambition. Delayed Gratification. Props Over Here.

One thought on “Capricorn Keywords- Sagittarian Mind Style

  1. You had me at get the job done … keeping tradition yasss King of sorrow…. I love Sade …. she speaks to my spirit.

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