(Relationship Astrology) Mercury-Mars Contacts: Dead Prez’ “Mind Sex”


In the realm of compatibility, when Mercury and Mars combine, it’s time for some “mind sex”, “but we don’t have to take our clothes of yet, we can light an incense and just chat, ” as said by the hip hop duo “Dead Prez”.

Mercury symbolizes the realm of thought. the inflow and outflow of information, the exchange of ideas, perceptions, and our communicative functions. Mars is the application of our will. The manner in which we assert ourselves and how we pursue what we want as well as the level of the sex drive.

When Mercury-Mars energy is shared by two people, the intellectual functions can be stirred and stimulated to the point of arousal.

Mind you, this doesn’t just have to be sexual, but there’s a shared dynamic of passion and “heat” which has the potential to be ever present in conversation. If there’s anything which requires joint mental assertion, there’s a good chance that these two people could tackle it together.

Often, even though couples may have been together for a considerable period of time, they know very little about the true desires of the other. Using the potential in Mercury-Mars contacts, you can change that.

Constructively, the open expression of desires, sexual or otherwise can be promoted and encouraged. Both the intellectual and primal “push” is present to realize them. Who knew that you had your own personal trainer and porn star all wrapped up in one??

The flip side of these contacts is that Mars energy can be rash. Combined with Mercury’s factual bent, which doesn’t really consider “right and wrong”, or “good or bad”, the partners may be ducking vicious verbal blows.

How you handle the areas in which you clash are of paramount importance.

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