Jupiter-Uranus Aspects


The potential for an “electric” amplification of insight. Flashes of wisdom and higher knowledge. An ever changing belief system and a progressive philosophical framework. The erratic crackpot. One who preaches dogmatically against anything “traditional”, just for the sake of it. An openness to impersonal truth and life’s bounty. The new age guru. Breaking free of the chains that bind us through some form of religion or spirituality.  Dismissing the typical tourist routes and traveling off the beaten path. Your individuation is a direct result of your holistic worldview. Learning from several branches of knowledge and developing a comprehensive framework. A “minister’ of Astrology and esoteric arts. Beatnik wisdom. The “oddball” who is full of philosophical quips. Liberation from any form of dogma. The professor who shreds up the syllabus and goes for broke. The rogue scholar. The church of new thought. Sudden success. Flashes of luck. The staunch individualist who won’t listen to the ideas of others unless they happen to agree. The revolutionary preacher. The unpredictable missionary. Stealing fire from the gods. Right brain understanding. Garnering wisdom from unconventional sources.

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