Mars-Saturn Aspects


Pushing against a brick wall. Stop & go. “Driving with the brakes on.” Controlled aggression. Battling depression. “At war’ with fear and doubt. The frustrated Man. Doubting one’s masculinity. Re-defining masculinity. Delayed action. Disciplined will. Structuring action plans. Measured assertion. Asserting one’s authority. Re-defining maturity. Sexual inhibitions. Sexual delays. Sexual endurance or indefatigability. Learning lessons via sexual experiences. Looking before you leap. Stalemate. Sadomasochism. A self-contained vibe. Strategic battle plans. Risky business. Hyperfrugality. A Virile old man. A ‘late bloomer’. A Man of integrity. A purposeful example. Hard work. Frustrating work that no one wants to do. Master fighter. The aging athlete. Delayed ignition device. Controlled fire. Motivational strategy. The fiery upstart vs. The established veteran ( a.k.a. the hip-hop battle: Canibus vs. LL Cool J)  “Your Naive confidence gets crushed by my dominance!” (“That’s like pickin’ up a ball playin’ with Mike, swingin’ with Ken Griffey or challengin’ Roy to a fight.”) Active realism. Purposeful integrity. A strong role model. The active elder. The energetic CEO. Crush, Kill, Destroy Stress!!

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