Gemini Sun, Pisces Moon



(Excerpt from the upcoming “Book of Gemini”)

This one is extra special. Near and dear to me.

The picture above is of my daughter Ngozi, who will be 6 years old on Tuesday.

As I witness her unfold and settle into the Gemini Sun, Pisces Moon combination, I feel compelled to write from the heart.

Not that I don’t always do this, but sometimes we can get caught up with “Astrological indigestion”, trying to make everything fit into place nice and neatly. The real magic actually happens within us when we recognize that, as human beings, nothing is “nice and neat” all of the time.

One of the first things about Gozi that I noticed was that she started talking really early. The second was her tremendous capacity for sensitivity and empathy.

In this Sun/Moon combination the “fuel” comes through catapulting oneself with wide open eyes into everyday,concrete experience while their “food”  is a universal merging and connecting with the whole of life.

The life force is ignited through insatiable curiosity and wonderment. No matter what the age, a fresh, youthful approach ensures a “sanity” of sorts. What may seem like a whirlwind of activity to most, is simply a standard collage of diversified experiences which are necessary for you to shine.

The vessel which reflects your light is ultra absorptive recognizing the heights of elation and the lows of downtrodden suffering in others. Your heart immediately understands the pain inherent with problems, while your agile mind is busy coming up with solutions….