The Cancer Mixtape: I know You Got Soul



Shout out to all of the Cancers out there. Yes, the time has come for you to emerge from your shells and celebrate your season. You’re sweetness is almost everyone’s weakness and you know how to make your home your castle. Whether that home is physical, spiritual, mental, emotional or all of the above, nobody comforts, nurtures and soothes quite like you. My musical offering consists of the collectibles which pervade the Cancer psyche. Please reflect and enjoy.

Side A : Moon Side (1) So(ul) Amazin’ – Blu + Exile (2) Memory Lane (Sittin’ in da Park) – Nas (3) Foundation – Mos Def (4) The Root- D’angelo (5) Memories- Talib Kweli + Hi- Tek (6) Nostalgia- Masta Ace (7) Big Momma Thing- Lil’ Kim feat. Jay Z (8) Used To Love Me- Faith Evans (9) Reminisce- Mary J. Blige (10) #1 Soul Brother – Pete Rock (11) Soul Sista – Bilal (12) Tribute – D.I.TC. (13) Miss U- Notorious BIG + 112


Side B: 4th House Side (1) T.R.O.Y. – Pete Rock + CL Smooth (2) History-  Mos Def + Talib Kweli (3) Back In The Day – Ahmad (4) Sentimental – Deborah Cox (5) I Know You Got Soul -Eric B + Rakim (6) I’m on my Way Home – Kanye West + Common (7) Sun, Moon + Stars – Mos Def (8) Massage Situation – Flying Lotus (9) In The Mood- Talib Kweli + Kanye West (10) Back In The Day- Hi- Tek + Talib Kweli (11) The Radar – Marco Polo + Large Professor (12) New World Water – Mos Def (13) Momma Loves Me – Jay Z

The Cancer Archetype & Emotional Intelligence


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As we make our way through the last week of Gemini season, the focus shifts from the light, mercurial world of ideas and intellectual exchange to Cancer’s realm of instinct, intuition and emotion.

In such a left-brained world, there seems to be an imbalance. An overemphasis on what we call “cold, hard facts”. For many, if there is no visual aid to illustrate their situation, it’s not real. The world of feeling, introspection and imagination is left alone to scrape, scrounge and fend for self.

Enter Cancer, the crab.

If we review what we know about the crustacean and apply it to human affairs, the similarities are striking. Generally, crabs are covered with a thick exoskeleton, or exterior, which protects a soft, vulnerable interior. Cancers use this shell to navigate and defend themselves from the eyes of the world, which generally speaking, they find to be overly intrusive. Make no mistake, this is not a negative. To some extent, we all have our defense mechanisms in place. Cancer’s shell happens to “work”. It coincides with their natural rhythm of life and provides a solid measure of comfort. It’s because of this very fact that Cancerians are able to extend their soothing presence to others.

When Cancer is referred to as a “home and family loving” sign, this is both literal and figurative. Because of their particular orientation to the world, the moon ruled natives need a place of tranquility to retreat to in order to do their emotional laundry.

This is the process of separating the feelings and vibrations of other people as well as the atmospheres they’ve most recently been exposed to.

Whether It’s a brick and mortar structure, or a palace furnished courtesy of their imagination depends on the individual and the circumstances involved. Similarly, where “family” is concerned, Cancers need a group of people whom they can care for, nurture and support. This group can consist of blood relatives or purely of those who share a similar ideologies or belief systems. It matters less about the official relation and more about whether Cancer feels connected to them, as well as sense of loyalty.

The Cancer archetype is connected to an innate kindness. It’s almost as if their wearing a sign on their forehead that says: “lay your troubles down right HERE! Or, better yet a t-shirt that says: “You wanna talk about it?” They know instinctively what to do to make others feel more comfortable. Another term for this is emotional intelligence.

With Cancerians, you don’t have to engage in a philosophical rant to make them realize what you need- they know. With strikingly accurate intuition and acute powers of observation, the crab is there in a hot flash with two listening ears and a plate filled with home cooked comfort food.

Here’s the kicker: If Cancer was only as adept about expressing their own feelings as they were receptive to yours. Yes, that shell is comfy, but it’s also tight. Only those who are tried and true in the crab’s eyes and heart will be fortunate enough to gain access into the ebbs and flows of her inner realm.

Unfortunately, the shell can be used as a healthy protection device, or much less so as a shield to run and hide from the realities of the world. Crabs typically walk sideways, and there is very little difference in which they approach their emotions.  However: woe to the man or woman that thinks this behavior translates into weakness.

What we can all learn from Cancer’s is the art of tenacity. The ability to get our claws into a vision, dream or a goal and not let go. When Cancerians want to accomplish, they will endure and hold on with all of their might, expending their emotional power and tapping into their reserves. On the flip side, we can also learn from their potential mistakes.

The inability to read expiration dates on people, places and things which no longer add any value to their lives. The troublesome venture of putting nostalgia and sentimental thoughts to the side in favor of a more complex, unsettling reality. This, Cancer: must be done.

The reputation for moodiness which follows this sign is legendary. Instead of writing that it’s undeserved, I will say this: when it comes to the desire to take care of other people and make sure they’re fed, clothed and comforted, Cancer has no equal. Having put forth all of this energy, it would only stand to reason that someone would have the impulse to reciprocate. Well…. maybe and maybe not.

These “maybe not’s are what can turn Cancer’s emotional faucets on full tilt. They can become extremely “crabby” when their feelings are not taken into consideration, or are outright ignored. Their shell morphs into a gruff exterior when they’re not appreciated for their offerings of sensitivity and tenderness.

The ultimate lesson that Cancerians must learn is that of self-nurturing. Of the redirection of some of the energy which extended outward, back into their own care. Remembering that if they aren’t fully nourished themselves, it will severely lessen their capabilities in providing that sustenance to others.

So, Cancer’s: enjoy your shell and give yourself love, but don’t use it to hide from us here in the world. We are well aware of your healing gifts. When you have sufficiently attended to your own needs, we will be right here waiting with open arms. And everyone knows that you give the best hugs in the zodiac.

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