Mercury-Venus Aspects

When Mercury and Venus team up in a birth chart , the potential of the “smooth operator” is born.

These planets can never be more than 75 degrees apart in a natal chart, so therein lies the possibility of three different aspects: the conjunction, semi-square and sextile.

The “gift of gab” is a strong possibility, and yes…. using this aspect constructively, Billy Dee would be proud.  The potential ability to use words in their most beautiful and refined form is highly pronounced.  Pleasant vocal tones don’t hurt either.

Mercury-Venus contacts suggest that one instinctively understands the intricacies of the “love language” and you could turn their distribution into an art form through writing or speech.

3 thoughts on “Mercury-Venus Aspects

  1. I have Sun 15, Venus 20, and Mercury/r 29:29:29 Cancer 8th /h conjunct each other, opposing darn Saturn/r at 15 Capricorn 2/h. What might that bode for my future/golden years? And should I also consider moon 3 Cappy in 2/h with Asendant at 3Sag for a new relationship… do tell

  2. Alicia Keys – You don’t know my name

    Venus -Sagittarius ( Mos Def ) 12/11
    Mercury- Capricorn (Alicia Keys ) 1/25
    My birthday-12/5

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