The Cancer Mixtape: I know You Got Soul



Shout out to all of the Cancers out there. Yes, the time has come for you to emerge from your shells and celebrate your season. You’re sweetness is almost everyone’s weakness and you know how to make your home your castle. Whether that home is physical, spiritual, mental, emotional or all of the above, nobody comforts, nurtures and soothes quite like you. My musical offering consists of the collectibles which pervade the Cancer psyche. Please reflect and enjoy.

Side A : Moon Side (1) So(ul) Amazin’ – Blu + Exile (2) Memory Lane (Sittin’ in da Park) – Nas (3) Foundation – Mos Def (4) The Root- D’angelo (5) Memories- Talib Kweli + Hi- Tek (6) Nostalgia- Masta Ace (7) Big Momma Thing- Lil’ Kim feat. Jay Z (8) Used To Love Me- Faith Evans (9) Reminisce- Mary J. Blige (10) #1 Soul Brother – Pete Rock (11) Soul Sista – Bilal (12) Tribute – D.I.TC. (13) Miss U- Notorious BIG + 112


Side B: 4th House Side (1) T.R.O.Y. – Pete Rock + CL Smooth (2) History-  Mos Def + Talib Kweli (3) Back In The Day – Ahmad (4) Sentimental – Deborah Cox (5) I Know You Got Soul -Eric B + Rakim (6) I’m on my Way Home – Kanye West + Common (7) Sun, Moon + Stars – Mos Def (8) Massage Situation – Flying Lotus (9) In The Mood- Talib Kweli + Kanye West (10) Back In The Day- Hi- Tek + Talib Kweli (11) The Radar – Marco Polo + Large Professor (12) New World Water – Mos Def (13) Momma Loves Me – Jay Z

4 thoughts on “The Cancer Mixtape: I know You Got Soul

  1. you have no idea how on point this mixtape is! Some nights I listen to the root on repeat! And I was thinking to myself that this list would be perfect if you put T.R.O.Y on it, and then I noticed it was on there and I missed it. you really have it!

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