Mercury-Neptune Aspects


What do we get when we combine, Mercury, the planetary symbol of our mind, and the Neptunian capacity for unlimited perception? Yeah… It’s not quite like the movie “Limitless”, but I’m definitely NOT here to say it can’t be.

If you have a Mercury-Neptune aspect within your birth chart, a grand opportunity awaits you. The potential and power to successfully fuse both sides of the brain is phenomenal. This is an extremely sensitive, intuitive combination, which when activated, allows you not only to harness the left brain jewels of the intellect and rationality, but also the right brain’s innate “feel” for things. The rhythmic ebb and flow of the cosmos.

Receiving guidance and information which you may not be able to logically explain, but “on time” with the beat nevertheless. You can paint a grand picture with words like a dope emcee, or actually use your camera to take photos so vivid that the explanation transcends mere language.

The most positive use of Mercury-Neptune aspects is to heighten the process of participation in our inner worlds, in order to build structures and yield physical results. If you can think it, you can live it. Your third eye vision is off the chain. Unfortunately, when we deal in the lower realms of this planetary energy, we zone out with no purpose. In fact we might even get a case of what the Geto boys call: “my mind’s playin” tricks on me.” We’re now no longer able to decipher between the nice little fantasy world we’ve constructed for ourselves and reality.

Third eye vision becomes purple haze and before we know it we’re trapped in a scene from Cheech-N- Chong or “Half Baked”. With this aspect, we must be cognizant of exercising our powers of mental discrimination or our brain could possibly resemble a dryer’s lint catcher after a long day at the laundromat. The choice is yours whether this aspect is utilized in a manner which assists in the expansion of mental perception or contributes to brainwash.


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