Sexual Astrology : A Holistic Perspective


As a requirement for living in this world, we’ve been accustomed to adjusting ourselves to certain pressures. While some may be more intense than others, there’s often a person, or group of people who’s more than willing to offer us a more efficient strategy for dealing with the stresses of the world. You could almost say that we get bombarded with these methods from every direction.

Identifying streamlined approaches that bring beneficial results can be a very worthwhile thing for us, However, there’s a slippery slope between following a route which saves us valuable time and energy and shortcuts which contribute to fragmented information and results.

When it comes to sex and astrology, a little information can definitely be dangerous. Sure, it may be amusing to read about the intense, porno style sex associated with Scorpios, the sexual inventiveness of Aquarius or Sagittarius’ foreign sexcapades in a 12 bunk hostel, but these are generalizations based solely on Sun signs.

Make no mistake about it, our psyche is complex. Although important, Sun signs are merely a fraction of our sexual makeup. Our sexuality is representative of us in our totality just as our astrological makeup is reflected in our entire birth chart.

If we rely on just our Sun signs for information, we need not be surprised when we come up short in understanding our own sexuality as well as that of others in any depth.

Our sexual expression is intimately connected to several facets of our birth charts and we have the potential of experiencing those parts of our charts decidedly different from anyone else.

A Mars-Saturn conjunction for one person may suggest sexual fears and inhibition. For another, it could mean that they’re sexually indefatigable. So, it’s important that we don’t throw that party quite yet just because we find out the person we’re dating has a venus-mars conjunction in the 8th house.

There’s no planetary sign/house placement/aspect(s) that “makes” us anything sexually. What our birth charts CAN do, is suggest potential patterns and tendencies as to how certain energies can manifest. AGAIN: this is relayed through the ENTIRE chart.

Not only must we take a holistic view of our birth chart, but also make room for the influences of society and culture surrounding gender roles, sexual mores, taboos and the like. YES: maybe your girlfriend or boyfriend would LIKE to express the aforementioned venus-mars conjunction more freely, but they’re shook by the ideas and concepts that their particular society has regarding sex.

After all, let’s make no mistake that in this country, we live in a patriarchal, male dominated society which sets the standards on what’s “Manly”, how Women are supposed to “behave”, how many sexual partners is “enough”, “too many”, etc..  Let’s go back to 1875 to re- visit the words of Dr. William Acton:

“The best mothers, wives,  and managers of households know little or nothing of sexual indulgences…. As a general rule, a modest woman seldom desires any sexual gratification for herself. She submits to her husband, but only to please him.” (Source: “Sex at Dawn” by Christopher Ryan & Cacilda Jetha)

WELL….. isn’t that nice??? hahahaha….!

Times have surely changed, but we’re still living with some heavy residue of opinions like these. So, there’s virtually  no way that information of this sort can be discounted in a comprehensive sexual analysis.

I’ve outlined a brief snapshot of how various planetary archetypes may contribute to the totality of our sexual expression and experience:

Sun: Our Fuel, vigor and vitality. Ego gratification.

“When your very being has been confirmed then, astrologically speaking, your sun sign has been turned on.  Solar Sex rarely leaves you feeling insignificant, diminished or small; solar sex increases your sense of selfhood. Like the Sun itself, when your being is turned on, you transmit warmth and light to those confirming your reality.”(source:  “Planetary Forces as Sexual Realities” by Antero Alli)

Moon: Emotional needs. Bonding sex. Instinctual reactions. One of the feminine archetypes.

“intimacy, tenderness, closeness, responsiveness, emotional receptivity and caring attention” (source: Person to Person Astrology – Stephen Arroyo)

“With emotional sex, you may notice an instant yet unexplainable familiarity with the other; strange and familiar. “how can i know this person after only one night?” (Alli)


Mercury: Thinking and communicating about sex. The mind as a sexual organ. Salt-n-Pepa Let’s talk about sex. Dead Prez’s “Mind Sex.”

“Mercurial sex is symbolic of those encounters that leave you chatty, either by talking to yourself or chewing the ears off of lovers who will listen. Watch for a lot of phone.”

“Mercury connections between lovers may indicate latent voyeuristic fantasies. Talking about sexual fantasies, writing erotic stories, and engaging in phone sex are three obvious outlets for the voyeuristic forces of ambisexual Mercury.” (Alli)


Venus: The capacity to connect and form rapport. One of the feminine principles channeled into human relationships. Harmonizing, socializing, attraction, enjoyment, beauty and aesthetics.


Mars: Sex drive, the libido. Application of will. How one pursues in sexual matters. The masculine principle. The heat. The sexual “vibe”. How a man may give of himself sexually.

“As the Mars force force grows stronger within us, it turns combustive and explosive, seeking expression through impulsive and spontaneous sex, hot sex, power sex, angry sex, aggressive sex, combative and rough sex.” (Alli)


Jupiter: Sexual openness, growth and expansion. Sex without shame or guilt. Uninhibited sex. Multicultural sex.  Sexual adventure, prowess. Sexual excess. One’s philosophy on sexual matters.

“Another form of Jupiter sex involves those high-flying adventures expanding your consciousness beyond belief. This kind of exotic eroticism can be aroused by courting unfamiliar, foreign experience. When there’s a strong attraction to someone of a different ethnic, ideological, cultural or racial background, Jupiter may be involved.” (Alli)

Saturn: Sexual limits, controls and restrictions. Sexual discipline and responsibility.

Note: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto also contribute to the mix, as their respective archetypes transform whatever planet they contact with some of the following energies:

Uranus: Shocks, liberates and awakens.

Neptune: Dissolves, transcends, spiritualizes, and merges.

Pluto: Explores taboos, regenerates, and “mines” the subconscious.

There’s so much more to be written about this subject, but perspective is everything. When looking at sexual astrology, an individual’s entire chart, as well as other external influences must be considered on the quest for a comprehensive profile.