The Aries-Aries Relationship

Features & Benefits: Mutual admiration connected to individual drives to be first and the best at personal endeavors.  The “get up and go”, OR “motivation in a bottle.” Friendly competition in the name of ‘sharpening steel.”

The questions in the Aries-Aries relationship are centered around who does the sharing and how much. Both people involved possess aspirations of making an impact in the world though projection of personal identity.  In the best case scenario, this is the mutual motivation society. There’s an instinctual knowledge present as to what it takes to “move” the other person. However, what happens when the Ram’s clash?

The lessons from this union are connected to learning the art of  compromise. Understanding that sometimes personal wants may have to be temporarily downgraded in favor of collective needs. Also, there’s nothing wrong with conflict, but “fighting fair” is an art well worth learning in this fire sign coupling.

Integrating Opposite Signs in the Birth Chart


“I’m a True Sagittarius !” “I’m all Gemini, and proud of it !” I’m the epitome of a Scorpio !”

If you ask most Astrologers, chances are that they’ve heard statements similar to these a countless number of times.

So, what do these declarations really mean?

If I had to guess, I would say that people tend to identify very strongly with the characteristics which are representative of their sun signs. Of course, those of us who have had our charts done know that it’s impossible to be “all” or 100% of any sign. And, to take this statement a little further, you probably wouldn’t want to be. 

I know that this may sound particularly peculiar coming from someone who has titled his blog “Sagittarian Mind”. However, I’m discovering that some of us are really ‘missing the boat’ in failing to grasp the inherent gifts contained in the totality of our charts. Especially our opposite or complementary signs, which add a considerable amount of balance and “fill in the blanks.”

As Piero Ferrci stated in his book “What We may Be” :

” People identified with one pole may be rich in the quality of the opposite one but repress it, and consciously devalue it.”

If we’re truly striving to become integrated human beings, this line of thinking is worthy of serious consideration. Here’s how I have applied this idea to the twelve signs of the zodiac:

In Aries, we have the initiator, leader and pioneer. The Ram suggests aspirations of an assertive “go-getter” who spearheads projects and delegates to others with the aim of successful completion. Aries can call on it’s opposite sign’s (Libra) qualities of instituting teamwork, cooperation and maintaining harmony to make this happen.

In Taurus,  there’s the energy which suggests consistency and stability. The builder and conservative who is reserved in expression, yet solid as a rock. Patient and practical with a great deal of common sense. However, he or she knows that they cannot remain in the same rigid pattern which produces inertia. Taurus can call on it’s opposite sign, Scorpio for depth perception and the capacity to transform through elimination of people, places and objects that have reached their expiration date and no longer contribute to self-empowerment.

In Gemini, we have the versatile ‘jack of all trades who is driven by a compulsive need to gather information. Here we have the reporter, journalist and social butterfly. The twins are curious, witty and highly intelligent. However, Gemini can call on it’s opposite sign of Sagittarius to teach them the difference between information and knowledge. To point Gemini towards a larger understanding and context in which to place the many details they’ve acquired.

In Cancer, we have the sensitive nurturer who takes care of family and fiercely protects their loved ones. Fortified by the world of emotions and imagination, Cancer can call on it’s opposite sign of Capricorn to educate them on the process of exposing themselves to the world of feelings, yet not becoming engulfed in them. In turn, this tutoring will allow Cancer to help others help themselves. Tenderly, yet objectively pointing then to the road of self-sufficiency.

In Leo, we have the charismatic, self-expressive hero. Generous in sharing time and energy with others, the Lion and Lioness radiate as they feel the power of their individuality surging through their veins.Leo’s opposite sign of Aquarius can teach that these ensigns weren’t just granted for personal use, but for the good of the collective and humanity in general. The Water Bearer can show the Lion how to make the stage large enough to accommodate all.

In Virgo, we have the critical thinker. Analytical, discriminating and precise with TWO eyes for detail.

Virgo’s opposite sign of Pisces can introduce the value of listening to intuition and resisting the urge to deconstruct people and situations with cold, hard facts. Pisces says to Virgo :” I.Q. is great, but E.Q. is equally valid.”

In Libra, we have the diplomat. Charming, peaceful and tactful. Able to navigate virtually any social situation with grace,the scales have an entire etiquette class stored in their brain.

Libra’s opposite sign of Aries grabs them off the proverbial “fence” that they’ve been riding all night and shows the scales how to make their wishes known and start a sentence with “I”.

In Scorpio, we have the probing, investigating depth psychologist. The scorpion’s breakfast consists of passion pancakes and intensity tea. Their ability to get to the bottom of people and situations is second to none.

However, the opposite sign of Taurus can teach the scorpion that maybe your next door neighbor didn’t mean anything else than “good morning.” The bull can bring stability to Scorpio and ease it’s emotional turbulence by providing the grounding of the earth.

ISagittarius, we have knowledge, wisdom and understanding. The philosopher, teacher and metaphysician. Questing, traveling and seeking. Sagittarians know that “foreign exchange” isn’t just trading in your U.S. Dollars for Euros, rather it’s the exchanging of thoughts and ideas regarding concepts which were essentially “foreign” before you became exposed to them. Sagittarius’ opposite sign of Gemini can help the archer keep it’s facts straight and accurate. The twins can help Sagittarians, who have a penchant for overlooking details, to keep their ducks in a row. Gemini says to Sag: “Don’t forget to double check the math in that checkbook register !Remember, we still have a week to go on this trip!”

In Capricorn, we have the CEO, the achiever and the producer. Caps are In the office sipping on coffee at 6 am reading the Wall Street Journal in their traditional dark blue suits. A master at delaying short-term gratification in exchange for long term value, the goat has reached success through self-discipline and becoming his own inner authority. Capricorn’s opposite sign of Cancer teaches how to tenderly give of themselves and protect others in a sensitive way without relinquishing their title. Only adding another dimension towards their wholeness.

In Aquarius, we have the activist, revolutionary and the rebel. Willing to fight with”the people” for a common cause. Although relating to individuals on somewhat of an impersonal level, the water bearer is a true friend to humanity. Aquarius’ opposite sign of Leo can teach him that sometimes you have to be your own best friend. Also, it’s okay to let your light shine above the crowd every now and then. Leo says: It’s okay to lend your talents to the collective, but you have to be able to embark on a repo mission at any time to take your skills back for personal use !

In Pisces, we have the creative musician, imaginative artist and the compassionate healer. The fish have the capacity to travel the invisible realms of life and return with a full report. Pisces realizes that were all bound together by cords. That all manifestations of life are spiritual in nature, and that term must be broadened and a wider net must be cast. Virgo, the opposite sign of Pisces can teach the fish the value of rational analysis and provide the much needed filters of discrimination. Virgo says to Pisces: the expression of spirituality and intuitive faculty does not excuse us from having to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Dear Leo Rising,



Dear Leo Rising,

I had to stop bumpin’ my old school hip-hop set immediately and write you this letter. As soon as I put on Doug E. Fresh and Slick Rick’s “The Show, you instantly came to mind. Why? Because that’s how I think you were meant to present yourself. Please allow me to explain.

I’m not sure if you recognize it or not, but I’ve been told by countless people, on more than one occasion, that you have that “something” about you. That superstar quality.

A vibration which you can’t quite put your finger on, but it’s strikingly present. An unceasing magnetism that draws others to you. Those who are fortunate enough to come in contact with you just seem to want to revel and bask in your warmth.

You, my friend are a radiator of light. It’s like you’re a one woman/man show. If it was possible to bottle up all of the charisma that you’re endowed with and sell it, you would be well past six figure earnings right now.

As always, I do my best to examine both sides of the equation. Please keep in mind that what you present to the public is just one of the many roles that you’re here to play.

The minute that you allow mr. or ms. showmanship to dominate, it’s got you wrapped around it’s finger. True, the world is a stage and we’re all actors. However, what you want to avoid is allowing one facet of your being to run rampant over the others. 

When operating from the lower end of your energy, your ego can assume epic proportions. This type of behavior may blind you, and in turn, make it very difficult to distinguish your central core from the persona you’re allowing to represent you.

Don’t get me wrong, effective “packaging” can open up a lot of doors, but please remember that there are many more dimensions to you which are crying out for attention. Acknowledge your many facets and they will serve you as resources and not hindrances.

Think about the immediate reaction of the collective if they received a news flash saying: “There’s a wild lion/lioness on the loose and it’s devouring everyone and everything in it’s path.”

Yes, you have a special relationship with the limelight, but you don’t own it. Please be considerate of others, and even share your light. Offering illumination as a gift and symbol of your trademark generosity.

After all, you only keep what you give away. If the applause and praise goes no further than you. It’s dead.

Light the torch and pass it along. May your fires always burn bright and may you never go hungry.

Dear Aquarian Moon,


Dear Aquarian Moon:

I hope you’ve been doing well. I won’t hold you long, because I know that patience isn’t your thing. I had to write you again, in hopes that you would get back to me. It seems as if once you found out that “regular” people respond to their e-mails within 24-48 hours, you immediately rebelled and decided that you weren’t going to write me at all. Then, I tried to call, but your voice mail was full. Why don’t you listen to messages, again?

Hey…. did you receive the “Watch The Throne” CD that I sent you? I know that you have this quirk about listening to new music at the same time as the masses, and you’re not heavy into mainstream music, but can you check it out as soon as possible? I would love to know your opinion. Exchanging ideas with you excites me to no end. You’re always so well informed about what’s going on in the larger sphere of the world and I love our conversations about music, politics, gender roles, sexuality, relationships.... you name it.

See… one of the things I love about you is that you’re not a follower. It’s like you have this built in mechanism which will not allow you to compromise your individuality. From your speech to your appearance- it’s all YOU.

I love how you insist on putting your unique stamp on everything that crosses your path.

Conformity isn’t in your blood and you’re on a perpetual search to free yourself from anything which you consider to be a trapping, or constraint. Even if it’s related to your gender, family, race, class, etc… If there’s anyone who could teach other people about true freedom, it’s you, and of course those Sagittarians!!

I just want to offer you some food for thought if I may: It might prove beneficial for you to look inside yourself and really examine how you define freedom and independence. To truly make sure that the definition resonates with you. That it’s coming from your inner wisdom and not a pre-packaged microwave version that society doles out to us in droves.  You already have the courage, so make sure you employ it to create a life that you can truly call your own.

Just by being in your presence, I get the sense that you’re not trying to live a life that consists of outworn, recycled echoes from your parents, professors, employers or other entities that claim to serve as authorities.

Keep in mind that there’s nothing wrong with being in agreement with the majority. Sometimes, they’re correct and make sense. Just be certain that the conclusions you’ve arrived at have come as a result of your independent thinking and not undue outside influence or societal pressure. 

I apologize that I entitled this e-mail “Don’t Read This”, but it was the only way that I thought I could get you to respond. I hope to hear from you soon.  Take care of yourself, continue to awaken others. By the way, I love that bumper sticker on your peace van that says: “imitation is suicide”.    


The Aquarius Mixtape: The Change Agent


Shout out to all of the Aquarians ! Yes, indeed your time has arrived. You, my friends, are the catalysts and reformers of the zodiac.

While Virgo’s look at a situation and ask: “what can be improved?” my Aquarian brethren and sistren want to overthrow the entire system !

The developmental path of the water bearer centers around being highly in tune with the trends of society. Social, racial, cultural and familial issues are no stranger to the gates of the Aquarian archetype.

One of your reigning strengths is the ability to be a “friend to humanity”. To use your individual gifts for the improvement of the larger world. Yes, your talents belong to you, but like Eric B. and Rakim said: you need to “move the crowd.”  Affecting the masses is a major theme in your life development.

Aquarians carry their urn, complete with liquid knowledge to quench the thirst of the parched. Whether you’re a womanist, hip hop artist or astrologer, your life mission centers around stimulating, awakening and enlightening minds.

You will not be content with the status quo or a humdrum existence and you realize that true progress is knowing why you do what you do. Less developed, you play the game of the blind revolutionary with a pistol. On top of your game, you incite change. Even if you have to put down the shovel and pick up the teaspoon. When my love of astrology and hip hop meets the water bearers desire to preserve originality, only the Aquarian mixtape can be birthed. Enjoy.

Side 1 (Uranus Side)

1. Rebel Without a Pause – Public Enemy
2. Astronomy (8th light) – Black Star
3. The People – Common
4. Electric Relaxation – A Tribe Called Quest
5. Out Da Box- Tony Touch feat. Large Professor, Pete Rock + Masta Ace
6. Move The Crowd – Eric B. + Rakim
7. Mass Appeal – Gangstarr
8. Freedom Train – De La Soul
9. The Originators – Beatnuts
10. Scientifical Madness- Jeru Tha Damaja
11. ATLiens- Outkast
12. E= MC2 – Dilla feat. Common
13. Microphone Mathematics – Madlib

Side 2 (Saturn Side)

1. You Wont See Me Tonight- Nas feat. Aaliyah
2.  Ice King- Res
3.  Cold World – GZA
4.  It’s My Thang – EPMD
5.  Droppin Science – Marley Marl
6.  Communism- Common
7.  We Want Freedom- Dead Prez
8.  Breakin’ The Rules- M.O.P.
9.  D. Original – Jeru Tha Damaja
10. Free- Pharoahe Monch
11. Art of Facts- Artifacts
12. Hi Teknology – Hi Tek feat. Jonell
13. My Peoples – Jazzy Jeff feat. Raheem Devaughn

Cancer Sun, Sagittarius Moon


(Excerpt from the upcoming “Book of Cancer”)

For you, emotional security is achieved through a telescopic breadth of perspective. Learning is your forte. Knowledge and understanding help you to feel safe. You feel that you must have ALL of the answers, or at the very least,  be teaching others in order to circumvent threats to your sense of well being.

Your life is a rainbow of the rich world of feelings and the wide world of embracing universals. It’s important to foster a family environment, whether by blood, or in your chosen field of endeavor.

Inner surety flourishes when your opinions are respected. A strong thrust of intellectual fire is present, blended with tenderness, warmth and a sympathetic listening ear. The quest for truth is a requirement, but the potential to temper it with sensitivity and appreciation for multiple perspectives is well within your grasp.

Hesitation and a constant need for reassurance can be a stumbling block for you. So can brooding in your shell when you don’t feel your philosophical outlook is being taken seriously.

A vivid imagination can serve you as a chief asset, and even when you’re prophetic, it’s with humility.

The Dangerous Epidemic of “Wifey Material”




First, a little self-disclosure here: I abhor the term “wifey”. So, you will see it written three times: one is aforementioned, another in the title of this piece and once on the image i decided to use.

The epidemic of being wife material has insidiously wormed its way into the psyche of Women and Men worldwide and threatens to do further damage in the future.

Every day, it becomes more shocking how the Men and Women who are the definers, advocates and sustainers of this mythology can be given so much power to shape the self-images and aspirations of such a large number of people.

Within this discussion, there’s a boasting of how one meets all the criteria to be a “good wife”. Or, a haunting disappointment and frustration that one isn’t measuring up to these highly retractable standards.

What’s NOT being said is this: The purveyors of the meme of wife material will be nowhere to be found in your support after you adjust yourself to their increasingly narrow realm of approval. There’s a dangerous game of bait and switch being played here.

It’s one thing if the largely self-generated vision to which you subscribe happens to coincide with what’s being presented by mainstream culture. However, it’s quite another scenario if you find yourself making monumentally strenuous efforts to resist your inner truth in order to better qualify you to be chosen for the soul deadening experience of living for someone else.

Trapped in this morass, you’re essentially handing over artistic license to your life to a hodgepodge of authors that will gladly write your story for you.

The deeper issue here is that of security, or the illusion of such. Does it provide a greater sense of safety to know that you’re regarded as “wife material” based on the prevailing standards of society?

The “IT” factor that you may be searching for can only be achieved by turning away from “the other” and relying on your internal resources. This is something that no one can take away from you.  After all, “standards” can be stripped, changed, re-worked and manipulated at any time.

It may be an idea well worth considering to explore emotional and spiritual re-connection with the idea of marrying the partner within. Taking ownership and responsibility for your happiness or lack thereof.