Dear Leo Rising,



Dear Leo Rising,

I had to stop bumpin’ my old school hip-hop set immediately and write you this letter. As soon as I put on Doug E. Fresh and Slick Rick’s “The Show, you instantly came to mind. Why? Because that’s how I think you were meant to present yourself. Please allow me to explain.

I’m not sure if you recognize it or not, but I’ve been told by countless people, on more than one occasion, that you have that “something” about you. That superstar quality.

A vibration which you can’t quite put your finger on, but it’s strikingly present. An unceasing magnetism that draws others to you. Those who are fortunate enough to come in contact with you just seem to want to revel and bask in your warmth.

You, my friend are a radiator of light. It’s like you’re a one woman/man show. If it was possible to bottle up all of the charisma that you’re endowed with and sell it, you would be well past six figure earnings right now.

As always, I do my best to examine both sides of the equation. Please keep in mind that what you present to the public is just one of the many roles that you’re here to play.

The minute that you allow mr. or ms. showmanship to dominate, it’s got you wrapped around it’s finger. True, the world is a stage and we’re all actors. However, what you want to avoid is allowing one facet of your being to run rampant over the others. 

When operating from the lower end of your energy, your ego can assume epic proportions. This type of behavior may blind you, and in turn, make it very difficult to distinguish your central core from the persona you’re allowing to represent you.

Don’t get me wrong, effective “packaging” can open up a lot of doors, but please remember that there are many more dimensions to you which are crying out for attention. Acknowledge your many facets and they will serve you as resources and not hindrances.

Think about the immediate reaction of the collective if they received a news flash saying: “There’s a wild lion/lioness on the loose and it’s devouring everyone and everything in it’s path.”

Yes, you have a special relationship with the limelight, but you don’t own it. Please be considerate of others, and even share your light. Offering illumination as a gift and symbol of your trademark generosity.

After all, you only keep what you give away. If the applause and praise goes no further than you. It’s dead.

Light the torch and pass it along. May your fires always burn bright and may you never go hungry.

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