The Aries-Aries Relationship

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Features & Benefits: Mutual admiration connected to individual drives to be first and the best at personal endeavors.  The “get up and go”, OR “motivation in a bottle.” Friendly competition in the name of ‘sharpening steel.”

The questions in the Aries-Aries relationship are centered around who does the sharing and how much. Both people involved possess aspirations of making an impact in the world though projection of personal identity.  In the best case scenario, this is the mutual motivation society. There’s an instinctual knowledge present as to what it takes to “move” the other person. However, what happens when the Ram’s clash?

The lessons from this union are connected to learning the art of  compromise. Understanding that sometimes personal wants may have to be temporarily downgraded in favor of collective needs. Also, there’s nothing wrong with conflict, but “fighting fair” is an art well worth learning in this fire sign coupling.


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