The Cancer/Cancer Relationship

Features and Benefits: You both speak the same language when it comes to intimacy, and it doesn’t have to be conveyed in the form of a 200 page thesis- it just “IS”. Even if there’s a misunderstanding, it’s felt immediately and the giving nature of the union gives way to soothing the issue a.s.a.p., so the warmth, peace and security you both seek can be restored pronto.

Wow… that sounds great, but we all know it’s not the entire picture.

Where there are pools of emotion, sometimes things can tend to get a little clouded. So, we must remember that our personal reactions to things may give us INFORMATION, but not necessarily the whole story.

You both understand the language which I mentioned earlier due to your innate sensitivity to emotional undercurrents. Because you both aspire to creating safety, you may retreat to your private islands in your mind and heart until you feel like there’s no threat.

Your disagreements may indeed stem from what you both feel nurtures true security. Is it a promise or a vow? (till death do us part?) A ring? A family, or two people with steady incomes?

The “golden seal” in this union is a mutual agreement that it’s never in doubt, that issues can be worked on even if they’re tough. The minute that one person (or both) create doubts about being counted on…

Well… you know the rest of the story, folks.


The Moon and Venus in the Birth Chart: “Love Shoulda Brought Your Ass Home”


By now, most of us have seen the 1992 movie “Boomerang” starring Eddie Murphy, Robin Givens and Halle Berry. While reading a question today  on, (I highly recommend her) regarding the symbolism of the Moon versus Venus in a Man’s chart, this movie definitely provides clues about how these two planets operate. When it comes to relationships, both Venus and the Moon play a prominent role in the chart of a Man.

Venus is what attracts us. On some level, it’s even what we pursue. What we chase after. If the planet were food, it would be a doughnut or a slice of cheese cake. Venus turns our heads and stirs our senses. It’s Darius Lovehall showing up at Nina Mosley’s door in “Love Jones” after getting her address off of a check she used to buy some music at the record store. It’s a Man’s conscious choice of the type of Woman he finds attractive.

The Moon symbolizes our emotional needs. On a feeling level, it’s what feeds us. It’s what makes us comfortable, where we feel the most relaxed and natural. When we’re chillin’ at home in our robe and slippers watching the morning version of sports center eating fruit loops. The Moon supports and sustains our well-being. It’s homemade soup, and apple pie for dessert.

In the movie, Eddie Murphy plays Marcus Graham. He’s an advertising executive who views the world as his oyster. Mr. Graham is bold, beguilingly attractive to Women,  and intent on using them for his personal satisfaction and gain. Marcus is on his regular womanizing “hot streak” when he meets his new boss, Jacqueline Broyer, who’s played by Robin Givens


Marcus is drawn to her like a magnet. It’s quite obvious that he views her as a challenge and is already pre-ordering the notch for his bedpost. To Marcus, Jacqueline represents Venus. She’s enchanting, charming, attractive and willing to be pursued.  Predictably, the thrill of the cat and mouse excites Marcus. The two even take a business trip to New Orleans where he gets what he wants.

Or, does he?

Unexpectedly, the tables are turned on Marcus. Somehow, he carried the notion that the tryst would lead to an ongoing arrangement. At this point, Jacqueline has posted HER notch on the bedpost and sent him into a mini- quagmire of confusion. Who comes to offer support during this time of doubt? Yes, his Moon, better known as Angela Lewis, who is played by Halle Berry.

Angela is less glamorous than Jacqueline. Quiet, unassuming, gentle. The quintessential “nice” woman. She works in the Art department and loves children. Angela is a significant help to Marcus and offers emotional comfort to him when all has turned sour with Jacqueline. THIS is what Mr. Graham NEEDS.

The story unfolds where Angela’s support of Marcus makes him feel so rejuvenated, that he’s ready for another shot at Jacqueline. He’s got his mojo back and he’s ready to dive in head first. So, dive he does…. and he’s in it to win it. Oh wait…. did I mention that this is after he’s kissed Angela, decided to date her, and upset his friend Gerard all in the process?


Angela, a representation of the intuitive Moon, senses something has gone awry when he stays out the entire night. He’s in between a rock and a hard place. An adolescent indiscretion has brought him to a place where he realizes his emotional hunger, and Jacqueline can’t fulfill those needs. “LOVE…. shoulda brought your ass HOME last night!!” Angela says to Marcus.


Men: this is essentially what our Moon signs are saying to us.

Often, at the beginning of relationships, Men may be more sure of what they want to pursue, or what seems attractive to them, which is Venus related, and less certain of their emotional needs symbolized by the Moon. Some Astrologers simplify the equation and say: a Man chases his Venus sign, but ultimately marries his Moon sign.  While this logic may serve to guide us in the right direction, I think the variables are much more complex.

I say that it’s essential to give both the Moon AND Venus the fuel they need  to thrive in a relationship. It doesn’t have to be a case of choosing the needs of one planet over the other. In fact, a healthy integration of these planets consists of sharing the sweet, gentle comfort of the Moon and the magnetism and punch drunk love of Venus in the same relationship.


By the way, Marcus tells Angela that he “can’t breathe without” her at the end of the movie….. so, she has to take him back, right ?