The 12 Astrological Houses: Areas of Life Development


As outlined in earlier posts, the 12 Astrological houses in the birth chart symbolize areas of essential life development. It’s important that these fields of experience be viewed through a multidimensional and telescopic lens due to our continuous expansion and unfoldment as human beings. As we change, so will the scope of our existence.  Here’s some food for thought on the meanings of the houses:

1st House: Identity development. Self Presentation. Coming into our own. Becoming the “You” that you’re meant to be.

2nd House: Human resources. Formation of values, both spiritual and material. The worth which we assign to ourselves. How we can put what we are to concrete use.

3rd House: Intellectual development. Everyday connections. Classifying information[categorization]. Making distinctions. Logical analysis. Mindset. Immediate [local] surroundings.

4th House: Emotional development. “Home” as an emotional and spiritual  foundation. Roots, cultural origin and ancestral lineage. The “Family” experience as biological and ideological.

5th House:  “Play” as expression of one’s creativity. Sex for enjoyment and “performance”. “Children” as both biological offspring and creative projects. The realm of entertainment. The unique gifts that only WE can give to the world.

6th House: Skill development. Craftsmanship. Mastery of life’s basic processes. Perfection of techniques to be offered as service to humanity. Maintenance of physical health. Effective living. Overall self-improvement.

7th House: Relationship development. The “Other”. What we attract in others. Also, what we can possibly project. Business partners. Public projection.

8th House: The realm of intimacy development. The domain of other people’s resources. Where money, time, etc… are experienced as a form of currency. Obligations or debts to others. The manner in which our lives are transformed through emotional involvement. The legacy we’ve inherited.

9th House: Philosophical + holistic development. Gaining a wider perspective. Broadening worldview through exploration of universal systems of knowledge. The larger world outside of one’s immediate experience. Cultural education. Religious and Spiritual teachings.

10th House: Vocational development. Reputation. Public standing. The world’s stage. Recognition. What we wish to be known for, or potential of how we can be remembered. The “calling” we feel prompted to answer. The “weight”, or authority we carry in the world.

11th House:  Social development. Where we want/need to be loved. Locating ourselves as individuals within the collective context. Challenging group dynamics. Intellectual exchange with like minds. Advancing causes by way of the masses. The progression of humanity at large.

12th House:  Spiritual development. The inner sanctuary. The secret garden where we cultivate psychic energy. Where we let go, forget and transcend. The relaxing of the will. Faith in the divine plan. Where we forego the ego’s pull in favor of allowing energies to work through us. Making the choice between peace and prison.


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