Zodiac Mixtape: The Jazz Version


My appreciation for all types of music truly knows no bounds. I truly believe that music is a language that many of us can relate to. It’s a medium which communicates deeply personal as well as collective messages. There are many people whom I’ve had discussions with that tell me a certain song conveys a thought or feeling far better than their own words ever could. The simple fact is that we’re all bound by cords in this universe. What we experience in every day life permeates through myth, music, movies, etc.  All of these themes embody our wants, needs and motivations.

With my love for both music and astrology, there is no way that I’m going to pass up a chance to fuse the two every time I can. Like music, astrology is a symbolic language,which translates what’s “above” to what’s “below”. Astrology is simply celestial music. As with my hip-hop and soul mixtapes, I have selected musical compositions which speak to the spirit of each zodiac sign and the manner in which their energies demand expression. I now present to you the Jazz version of the zodiac mixtape. Thank you for joining me on this

(1)  The Rite of Spring- Hubert Laws
(2) Straight Ahead- Hank Mobley
(3) Walk Tall- Cannonball Adderly Quintet
(4) Survival of The Fittest- Herbie Hancock
(5) Heads- Bob James
(6) The Dude- Donald Byrd

(1) Lush Life- John Coltrane
(2) Down Here on The Ground- Wes Montgomery
(3) The Good Life- Hank Mobley
(4) Idle Moments- Grant Green
(5) My Favorite Things- John Coltrane
(6) Design A Nation- Donald Byrd

(1) Quicksilver- Art Blakey Quintet
(2) Think Twice- Donald Byrd
(3) Mind Games- Bob James
(4) The School Boy- David Axelrod
(5) Sister Love- Donald Byrd
(6) Young and Fine- Weather Report

(1) Moon Hymn- Idris Muhammed
(2) Oh! You Crazy Moon-Wes Montgomery
(3) In A Sentimental Mood- John Coltrane & Duke Ellington
(4) My Little Girl – Bobbi Humphrey
(5) Queen Mother Stomp- Milt Jackson
(6) Non Stop Home- Weather Report

(1) Everybody Loves The Sunshine-Roy Ayers
(2) Solarization- Billy Cobham
(3) That Lucky Old Sun- George Benson
(4) Take Me To The Mardi Gras – Bob James
(5) Sunset- Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes
(6) Spirit of Summer- Deodato

(1) Virgo Red- Roy Ayers
(2) Soul Virgo- Cannonball Adderley
(3) Song of Innocence -David Axelrod
(4) Searching For The Right Door- Billy Cobham
(5) Repetition- Charlie Parker
(6) Extemporaneous- Lee Morgan

(1) I Love Music -Ahmad Jamal
(2) Together- Roy Ayers
(3) Dialogue- Bobby Hutcherson
(4) Enchanted Lady- Milt Jackson
(5) Bridges – Cannonball Adderley
(6) You’re Welcome To Stop On By- Lou Donaldson

(1) Mysterious Traveller- Weather Report
(2) Stormy -Reuben Wilson
(3) Alto Sex- Cannonball Adderley
(4) Evolution- Roy Ayers Ubiquity
(5) The Shadow of Your Smile- Lou Donaldson
(6) Soaring (At Dawn) -Les McCann

(1) Jupiter- John Coltrane
(2) Come Into Knowledge- R.A.M.P.
(3) The Mental Traveler- David Axelrod
(4) Eternal Journey- Ramsey Lewis
(5) The Preacher- Jimmy Smith
(6) Distant Land- Donald Byrd

(1) A Song For My Father- Horace Silver
(2) Mr. P.C.- John Coltrane
(3) What Are You Doing With The Rest of Your Life? -Lou Donaldson
(4) The Metal Melter- Milt Jackson
(5) The Look of Slim- Gene Harris & The Three Sounds
(6) I’m Old Fashioned- John Coltrane

(1) There Will Never Be Another You- Lou Donaldson Quartet
(2) The Awakening – Ahmad Jamal
(3) Set Us Free- Eddie Harris & Les McCann
(4) Everything Must Change- George Benson
(5) Blue Genius – Ray Charles & Milt Jackson
(6) What The People Say- Roy Ayers

(1) Sanctuary- Miles Davis
(2) Pure Imagination- Bob James
(3) Meditation- Jimmy Smith
(4) When is Real, REAL ? – Roy Ayers
(5) Mystic Brew- Ronnie Foster
(6) A Garden Of Peace- Lonnie Liston Smith

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