Developmental Lessons For Cancer

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“The struggle to learn to listen to and respect our own intuitive , inner promptings is the greatest challenge of all.”
-Herb Goldberg

For those born with the Sun in Cancer, one of your essential developmental tasks is striking a balance between your emotionally vivid inner life and your interactions with the larger world. Consciously using your shell as an introspective haven of rest and retreat until it’s time to spring into action and handle earthly affairs.

One of the challenges of this task is making sure that intellect is not compromised by overly subjective emotional reactions. Conversely, that the ability to feel and take heed to intuitive promptings is not muted in the name of pure logic.

Cancers must yield to the signals of the still small voice within . It cannot, nor should it be ignored. In fact, these”gut feelings” may serve as markers which can call attention to potential dangers when a course of action is being contemplated.

On the flip side, using your internal radar can possibly link you to opportunities which are extremely beneficial on a spiritual, physical and psychological level.

Cancer: Listen not only with your ears and your mind, but also with your heart.

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The Astrological Houses: The 5th House : Dead Prez’ “Happiness”


In Astrology, 5th house themes include: Happiness and pleasurable activities. “Play” as expression of one’s creativity. Sex for enjoyment, procreation and “performance”. “Children” as both biological offspring and creative projects. The realm of entertainment. The unique expression of our gifts that only WE can give to the world. Love affairs, partying, romance and luxury.

The 5th house symbolizes the field of experience where we realize what we came here to give. It’s like our “love offering” to the world. We experiment for the express purpose of radiating joy and shining with distinction.

Take a listen to the hip hop duo Dead Prez’ “Happiness” to understand more of what the 5th house realm is about.

The Gemini Mixtape: Twin Hype


Your versatility knows no bounds and you possess and insatiable curiosity which reins eternal. No matter your biological age, its as if the fountain of youth has sprinkled it’s sacred waters in your midst. Yes, Gemini, we’re talking about you.

Of course, you probably knew all of that since you seem to be two steps ahead when it comes to news. Your mission…… is to distribute the information to us mere mortals who might be a tad bit slower on the uptake.

Simultaneously, you also must find the meaning in all of these fragments in order to weave a cohesive philosophy to live by. Just like your ruling planet, Mercury, you are quick.Able to comprehend and classify in the blink of an eye.

The Gemini path consists of one which focuses on the retention of the childlike sense of wonder. Not child-ish, but child-like. Being able to teach and show others how the most mundane item or function can be viewed from many different angles. A fresh set of eyes is the gift you have been given. I encourage you to open those eyes as widely as possible. Not only to the world, but also yourself.  To quote Black Thought of the Roots: “what does it all mean, what’s it all for, with knowledge of yourself then your through the first door.”

I present to you a musical selection that embodies your energy, Gemini.

Enjoy your season.

Side A – Mercury Side
(1) Double Trouble- The Roots feat. Mos Def
(2) Think Twice- INI feat. Pete Rock
(3) Youthful Expression- A Tribe Called Quest
(4) Verbal Clap- De La Soul
(5) Twice Inna Lifetime- Black Star
(6) Da Two- Pete Rock feat. CL Smooth
(7) Super Lyrical- Big Pun feat. Black Thought
(8) What More Can I Say- Jay-Z
(9) The Message- Nas
(10) Speakin- El Da Sensei
(11) Think About It- Special Ed
(12) Words I Manifest- Gangstarr
(13) Thoughts of You- Polyrhythym Addicts
(14) Every Word- Sade

Side B- 3rd House Side
(1) One Time 4 Your Mind- Nas
(2) Q&A- Oddisee feat. Ken Starr
(3) The Interview- Sadat X
(4) Extra, Extra- Jay Electronica
(5) Whatever You Say- Little Brother
(6) Verbal Intercourse- Raekwon feat. Nas & Ghostface
(7) My Writes – De La Soul feat. Tash, J-Ro & Xzibit
(8) Say Something- Black Milk feat. Nametag & Slim S.D.R.
(9) So What Cha Sayin’ – EPMD
(10) Pad & Pen – A Tribe Called Quest
(11) Get On The Mic- Pete Rock & CL Smooth
(12) The ? Remains- Gangstarr
(13) Word… Life – O.C.
(14) Talk to Me- Jill Scott

Notable Gemini Emcee’s & Producers: Big L, Heavy D, The Notorious B.I.G., Jadakiss, Lauryn Hill, Tupac, Chubb Rock, MC Eiht, Tek of Smif-N-Wessun, Pete Rock, Ice Cube, Kanye West, Andre 3000, Lady of Rage, B-Real, Cee-Lo, D.M.C.

The Astrological Houses: The 6th House : Gang Starr’s “Skills”


6th House themes include: Skill development. Craftsmanship. Mastery of life’s basic processes. Perfection of techniques to be offered as service to humanity. Maintenance of physical health. Work. Effective living. Overall self-improvement.

The Astrological Houses: The 9th House: BDP’s “My Philosophy”


9th house concepts include :Understanding. Philosophical + holistic development. Gaining a wider perspective. Broadening worldview through exploration of universal systems of knowledge. The larger world outside of one’s immediate experience. Cultural education. Religious and Spiritual teachings. Intellectual and physical travel.

The Astrological Houses: The 4th House: Gang Starr’s “The Place Where We Dwell”


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In Astrology, 4th house themes include: The physical, psychological and emotional “home” or foundation. Roots, national or cultural origin and ancestral lineage. The “Family” experience as biological and ideological. The physical and “universal” parents. Property. Land. Private life.

The Astrological Houses: The 10th House: Guilty Simpson & Apollo Brown’s “Reputation”


10th House concepts include: Reputation. Public standing. The world’s stage. Recognition. What we wish to be known for, or potential of how we can be remembered. The “calling” we feel prompted to answer. The “weight”, or authority we carry in the world.