The Astrological Houses: The 5th House : Dead Prez’ “Happiness”


In Astrology, 5th house themes include: Happiness and pleasurable activities. “Play” as expression of one’s creativity. Sex for enjoyment, procreation and “performance”. “Children” as both biological offspring and creative projects. The realm of entertainment. The unique expression of our gifts that only WE can give to the world. Love affairs, partying, romance and luxury.

The 5th house symbolizes the field of experience where we realize what we came here to give. It’s like our “love offering” to the world. We experiment for the express purpose of radiating joy and shining with distinction.

Take a listen to the hip hop duo Dead Prez’ “Happiness” to understand more of what the 5th house realm is about.


The Gemini Mixtape: Twin Hype


Your versatility knows no bounds and you possess and insatiable curiosity which reins eternal. No matter your biological age, its as if the fountain of youth has sprinkled it’s sacred waters in your midst. Yes, Gemini, we’re talking about you.

Of course, you probably knew all of that since you seem to be two steps ahead when it comes to news. Your mission…… is to distribute the information to us mere mortals who might be a tad bit slower on the uptake.

Simultaneously, you also must find the meaning in all of these fragments in order to weave a cohesive philosophy to live by. Just like your ruling planet, Mercury, you are quick.Able to comprehend and classify in the blink of an eye.

The Gemini path consists of one which focuses on the retention of the childlike sense of wonder. Not child-ish, but child-like. Being able to teach and show others how the most mundane item or function can be viewed from many different angles. A fresh set of eyes is the gift you have been given. I encourage you to open those eyes as widely as possible. Not only to the world, but also yourself.  To quote Black Thought of the Roots: “what does it all mean, what’s it all for, with knowledge of yourself then your through the first door.”

I present to you a musical selection that embodies your energy, Gemini.

Enjoy your season.

Side A – Mercury Side
(1) Double Trouble- The Roots feat. Mos Def
(2) Think Twice- INI feat. Pete Rock
(3) Youthful Expression- A Tribe Called Quest
(4) Verbal Clap- De La Soul
(5) Twice Inna Lifetime- Black Star
(6) Da Two- Pete Rock feat. CL Smooth
(7) Super Lyrical- Big Pun feat. Black Thought
(8) What More Can I Say- Jay-Z
(9) The Message- Nas
(10) Speakin- El Da Sensei
(11) Think About It- Special Ed
(12) Words I Manifest- Gangstarr
(13) Thoughts of You- Polyrhythym Addicts
(14) Every Word- Sade

Side B- 3rd House Side
(1) One Time 4 Your Mind- Nas
(2) Q&A- Oddisee feat. Ken Starr
(3) The Interview- Sadat X
(4) Extra, Extra- Jay Electronica
(5) Whatever You Say- Little Brother
(6) Verbal Intercourse- Raekwon feat. Nas & Ghostface
(7) My Writes – De La Soul feat. Tash, J-Ro & Xzibit
(8) Say Something- Black Milk feat. Nametag & Slim S.D.R.
(9) So What Cha Sayin’ – EPMD
(10) Pad & Pen – A Tribe Called Quest
(11) Get On The Mic- Pete Rock & CL Smooth
(12) The ? Remains- Gangstarr
(13) Word… Life – O.C.
(14) Talk to Me- Jill Scott

Notable Gemini Emcee’s & Producers: Big L, Heavy D, The Notorious B.I.G., Jadakiss, Lauryn Hill, Tupac, Chubb Rock, MC Eiht, Tek of Smif-N-Wessun, Pete Rock, Ice Cube, Kanye West, Andre 3000, Lady of Rage, B-Real, Cee-Lo, D.M.C.

The Astrological Houses: The 9th House: BDP’s “My Philosophy”


9th house concepts include :Understanding. Philosophical + holistic development. Gaining a wider perspective. Broadening worldview through exploration of universal systems of knowledge. The larger world outside of one’s immediate experience. Cultural education. Religious and Spiritual teachings. Intellectual and physical travel.

The Astrological Houses: The 4th House: Gang Starr’s “The Place Where We Dwell”


(photo:via writteninmysoul) )

In Astrology, 4th house themes include: The physical, psychological and emotional “home” or foundation. Roots, national or cultural origin and ancestral lineage. The “Family” experience as biological and ideological. The physical and “universal” parents. Property. Land. Private life.

Mercury-Uranus Aspects: Craig Mack & The “Brand New Flava in Ya Ear”


When Mercury and Uranus hook up in a natal chart,  innovative thought which seeks to release itself from the straight jacket of convention is highlighted.

There’s the potential

I think Craig Mack said it best:

“here comes the brand new flava in ya ear….. time for new flava in ya ear…. im kickin new flava in ya ear.”

Every planetary placement or aspect in our chart can serve us as an opportunity.

With Mercury-Uranus contacts, we have the continuous chance to infuse our intellectual faculties with new and fresh ideas. To spark innovative thoughts.

Mercury represents our thought process and what we think about. Uranus symbolizes dynamic change  and unconventionality.

If Mercury touches Uranus within your birth chart,  the potential is there not only to shock and shake yourself out of conditioned responses, which ultimately revolutionizes your mind, you can also serve as a catalyst for others by encouraging the same type of examination and questioning concerning the usefulness of the existing thought structures.

Your perceptions have the potential to be lightning quick and accurate to boot. Trusting your intuitive faculties is an important ingredient in this cosmic recipe. We’re talking about flashes of mental insight while in the shower, on the train, driving to work- you name it.

Some astrologers say the highest manefistation of this aspect means genius. I say it can produce someone who not only colors “outside the lines” in life and stretches the boundaries of the mind, but also consistently maintains the courage to stand alone in the face of their ideas initially being branded as  “unpopular”, or highly eccentric.

An individual who knows the price of admission to non-conformity and keeps a stash of currency to cover it.

If you have this connection in your chart, it’s extremely important to develop and nurture your capacity for independent thought.

Your natural inclination is to reject the “herd” mentality. So, go ahead and keep developing your new slang and verbiage and let others take their time in catching up.

On the flip side, it’s not a good look when your authenticity is reactionary. When you attempt to be different just for the sake of it. You then become a pseudo-enigma with your “originality” predicated on looking at what everyone else is doing, and simply doing the opposite.

Astrology & Hip Hop Speak….


True to my Sagittarian mind, I’m on an infinite quest to “connect” the dots. To take various bits of information and synthesize, thereby creating a whole.

In fact, these pieces may even seem to be unrelated at the time. For most of my adult life, music and astrology have consistently spoken to me. Both are universal languages, and I am of the opinion that if we know how and where to look, we can discover the themes of these two beautiful symbolic tongues manifesting in almost everything around us.

Since I’m a hip hop head, I’ve put together a collection of lyrics for the 12 signs of the zodiac to help you better understand their underlying themes and thought processes.  I hope you enjoy.

Note: I have chosen lyrics based on the theme of the zodiac sign and not the particular sign of the quoted emcee.


“When I attack, there ain’t an army who can strike back.”

– Nas  “Halftime”



“I don’t wanna Ill, I just wanna chill and keep my hand around a hundred dollar bill.” – Large Professor “Ijuswannachill”



“And understand I got the gift of speech, and it’s a blessin’, so listen to the lesson I preach.” – Special Ed “I Got it Made”

“Phraseologist, natural philosopher, wordsmith- authentical, metaphorical lyricist. Sharp descriptive writer, kill a biter.” 
– Keith Murray “Special Delivery” (Remix)



“My ancestors when I’m writin’ I see ’em and talk with ’em, hopin’ in the promised land I can walk with ’em. 

– Common “1-9-9-9”


” I traveled the world and been a lot of places, believe me dawg ain’t nothin’ like home.” – Mobb Deep “Home”


“It’s quite amazing how you rhyme like you do, ’cause I shine like I grew up in a shrine in Peru.” – Jay Electronica “Exhibit C”

“Live and direct wavin’ the mic like a scepter. Supreme exalted universal leader, descendants of the kings and queens, the overseer.” 
– Gangstarr “Royalty”



“Born to write analytical conceptions…..with precision……and leave lyrical incisions.”  – Diamond D “The Score”


” Cross your t’s and dot your i’s whenever I arrive.”

-KRS ONE “MC’s act like they don’t know.”


“You’re beautiful… the way you wear that share that, had many ladies, but nothin’ can compare to that smile, that style that drives men wild. 
-” C.L. Smooth “Love Thing”



“To flatter me, your strategy gotta be more complex than chess.” – Showbiz & A.G. “Next Level”


“Lets take a slide through the ill side of town with this b-boy, watch out for jakes, snakes and decoys- the streets keep you p-noid.” 
– M.O.P. “Stick To Ya Guns”

“When you’re 4 years in the game, we can have a conversation. 8 years in the game, I’ll invite you on vacation. 10 years in the game after I’ve enjoyed my fame, only then I’ll let you pick my brain.” 
– Nas “Let There Be Light”

“I learned to clutch grief, but there’s no forgettin’ death. So I’m gettin’ wet like I’m standin’ in the pourin’ rain, this is life – this is more than pain. This is more to me, gotta deal with it, even if it tortures me, I gotta still spit it.
– L.E.G.A.C.Y.  “Pain’


“Utilize your spiritual faculty accurately…..use your memory to help you see clearly…. and then get back to me.”  – Talib Kweli “Memories”


” A lot of people often ask: Puba how you givin’ back? The way I give back is through the knowledge of my raps.” – Grand Puba “Don’t Let It Go To Your Head”


“I don’t know much about the new world order……I know I got a new daughter. Direction and protection I must provide for her.”  
– Common “Maybe One Day”

” I’m a true master- you can check my credentials, cause I choose to use my infinite potential.”  -Jeru The Damaja “Come Clean”


“I’m kinda young, but my tongue speaks maturity. I’m not a child I don’t need nothin’ for security.” – Special Ed “I Got it Made”


“I’m the most scientifically inclined mind since Einstein. I write blue ribbon rhymes for nobel prize time.” -Canibus “Tony Touch’s 50 MC’s”


“The fruits of my talents is this, its simple: I drop science on the instrumental.”
-Pete Rock “#1 Soul Brother”


“They say signs of the end is near, I wonder can I walk a righteous path holdin’ a beer.” – Common “Resurrection” (Remix)

“Mystical, magical, metaphysical topics- and no one can stop this.”
-Smooth B. “Harmonize”

Astrology: One Size DOESN’T Fit All


“A shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases.” -Carl Jung [from “Modern Man in Search of a Soul”]

As Astrological students, teachers and or practitioners, each of us approaches the science/art with different goals in mind. We all have different reasons why Astrology resonates with us. For myself, one of the missions which I hold near and dear to my heart is to bolster the overall perception and credibility of Astrology via my intellectual contributions and emotional energy.

A point which I don’t think can ever be discussed thoroughly enough when it comes to Astrology is:

One size DOESN’T fit all.

While general Sun sign horoscopes certainly have their niche, it would also benefit us to focus on the fact that we’re complex human beings. We’re not robots or mechanistic entities which can be infused with rigidly constructed data. Through our varied backgrounds, experiences and environmental influences we become complicated and multi-layered.

All of us have a unique birth chart which is a snapshot, yet ever developing portrait of the planetary positions at the moment of our birth. It’s our own blueprint, which can be interpreted as instructions for the most effective way to become what we’re meant to.

My desire is to promote an Astrology where we transition from the signs as static, and often reductive behavioral boxes to which we’re “fated” to adhere- to the fulfillment of needs, life processes and developmental paths.

When this type of meaning permeates through Astrological symbolism, we can begin to see ourselves holistically; as an entire human being. One that is less subject to the mere reaction to external stimuli and events and more prepared to work with and actualize our true selves which are needed for the times.

We’re never finished products, and I advocate the type of Astrology which reflects this sentiment. The celestial language which allows room for our constant unfolding and living at different levels of developmental experience.

To be a Virgo, Scorpio or Sagittarius isn’t a fixed proposition. It’s an ongoing process. Chances are, we’ll live a myriad of levels of these life paths, which are consistent with our present level of maturity and awareness. By approaching Astrology from this perspective, as the wonderfully intricate navigational tool that it can be, we’re much more likely to discover , through time, patience and experience, our authentic recipe for living.

12 Houses, Many Questions

I’m definitely from the school of thought that says : when used as a tool for self-knowledge and development, good astrology is designed to illicit more questions. The specific ones that I’ve outlined here are connected to the 12 houses, which are areas of life development or fields of experience. The houses indicate where we grow. These questions are food for thought as to how we may navigate the terrain of these different areas on the way to becoming our most effective self.

1st House: Who am I at my most authentic?  How do I become my true self? What is my identity comprised of?

2nd House: What are my resources? What do I value? What’s the most effective manner to use what I have?

3rd House: What’s my mentality? How do I think? How can I put my mind to good use? What’s the most effective method of learning for me? How do I fit into my  immediate environment? What can I learn from my every day relationships.

4th House: What provides me with my deepest feeling of internal security? What comforts me? How do I fit into a biological and ideological family structure?

5th House: What’s unique about my self expression? In what manner do I need to approach risk? How do I enjoy my sexual experiences? What am I like when I feel my most creative? What entertains me? What do I do purely for the sake of fun?

6th House: What skill (s) can I master? What can I perfect within myself?  In what manner can I be of service to the world? How can I be useful? What’s my attitude toward my body/health?

7th House: How do I relate to others on a one to one basis?  What’s the tone of my public interactions?  What do I require in an intimate relationship?

8th House: In what manner do I share resources with other people? Is it time, money, sex, etc…? What form of currency is being exchanged? How am I transformed through bonding with others? What’s my attitude toward sex as a gateway to greater intimacy? What can I let go of in order to function more effectively?

9th House: What’s my worldview? Do I wish to expand the way I see my life? If so, in what ways? What do I believe? What’s my definition of spirituality?  How do I gain knowledge and wisdom from experience? What am I seeking?

10th House: What’s my true calling? How do I want to be seen/known by the world? What do I want to be remembered as? What type of parent am I? What type of Parent do I want to become?

11th House: How do I need to be loved? What cultural assumptions do I wish to challenge? How do I wish to advance humanity and contribute to its collective improvement? How do I wish to reform or revolutionize society? What’s my idea of progress? Who am I outside of my group affiliations?

12th house:  What are my hidden strengths/resources? What do I need to let go? What am I capable of transcending? What do I hide from myself? Where’s my inner sanctuary?