Astrology: One Size DOESN’T Fit All


“A shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases.” -Carl Jung [from “Modern Man in Search of a Soul”]

As Astrological students, teachers and or practitioners, each of us approaches the interpretive art with different goals in mind. We all have different reasons why Astrology resonates with us. For myself, one of the missions which I hold near and dear to my heart is to bolster the overall perception and credibility of Astrology via my intellectual contributions and emotional energy.

A point which I don’t think can ever be discussed thoroughly enough when it comes to Astrology is:

One size DOESN’T fit all.

While general Sun sign horoscopes certainly have their niche, it would also benefit us to focus on the fact that we’re complex human beings. We’re not robots or mechanistic entities which can be infused with rigidly constructed data. Through our varied backgrounds, experiences and environmental influences we become complicated and multi-layered.

All of us have a unique birth chart which is a snapshot, yet ever developing portrait of the planetary positions at the moment of our birth. It’s our own blueprint, which can be interpreted as instructions for the most effective way to become what we’re meant to.

My desire is to promote an Astrology where we transition from the signs as static, and often reductive behavioral boxes to which we’re “fated” to adhere- to the fulfillment of needs, life processes and developmental paths.

When this type of meaning permeates through Astrological symbolism, we can begin to see ourselves holistically; as an entire human being. One that is less subject to the mere reaction to external stimuli and events and more prepared to work with and actualize our true selves which are needed for the times.

We’re never finished products, and I advocate the type of Astrology which reflects this sentiment. The celestial language which allows room for our constant unfolding and living at different levels of developmental experience.

To be a Virgo, Scorpio or Sagittarius isn’t a fixed proposition. It’s an ongoing process. Chances are, we’ll live a myriad of levels of these life paths, which are consistent with our present level of maturity and awareness. By approaching Astrology from this perspective, as the wonderfully intricate navigational tool that it can be, we’re much more likely to discover , through time, patience and experience, our authentic recipe for living.

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