Astrology & Hip Hop Speak….


True to my Sagittarian mind, I’m on an infinite quest to “connect” the dots. To take various bits of information and synthesize, thereby creating a whole.

In fact, these pieces may even seem to be unrelated at the time. For most of my adult life, music and astrology have consistently spoken to me. Both are universal languages, and I am of the opinion that if we know how and where to look, we can discover the themes of these two beautiful symbolic tongues manifesting in almost everything around us.

Since I’m a hip hop head, I’ve put together a collection of lyrics for the 12 signs of the zodiac to help you better understand their underlying themes and thought processes.  I hope you enjoy.

Note: I have chosen lyrics based on the theme of the zodiac sign and not the particular sign of the quoted emcee.


“When I attack, there ain’t an army who can strike back.”

– Nas  “Halftime”



“I don’t wanna Ill, I just wanna chill and keep my hand around a hundred dollar bill.” – Large Professor “Ijuswannachill”



“And understand I got the gift of speech, and it’s a blessin’, so listen to the lesson I preach.” – Special Ed “I Got it Made”

“Phraseologist, natural philosopher, wordsmith- authentical, metaphorical lyricist. Sharp descriptive writer, kill a biter.” 
– Keith Murray “Special Delivery” (Remix)



“My ancestors when I’m writin’ I see ’em and talk with ’em, hopin’ in the promised land I can walk with ’em. 

– Common “1-9-9-9”


” I traveled the world and been a lot of places, believe me dawg ain’t nothin’ like home.” – Mobb Deep “Home”


“It’s quite amazing how you rhyme like you do, ’cause I shine like I grew up in a shrine in Peru.” – Jay Electronica “Exhibit C”

“Live and direct wavin’ the mic like a scepter. Supreme exalted universal leader, descendants of the kings and queens, the overseer.” 
– Gangstarr “Royalty”



“Born to write analytical conceptions…..with precision……and leave lyrical incisions.”  – Diamond D “The Score”


” Cross your t’s and dot your i’s whenever I arrive.”

-KRS ONE “MC’s act like they don’t know.”


“You’re beautiful… the way you wear that share that, had many ladies, but nothin’ can compare to that smile, that style that drives men wild. 
-” C.L. Smooth “Love Thing”



“To flatter me, your strategy gotta be more complex than chess.” – Showbiz & A.G. “Next Level”


“Lets take a slide through the ill side of town with this b-boy, watch out for jakes, snakes and decoys- the streets keep you p-noid.” 
– M.O.P. “Stick To Ya Guns”

“When you’re 4 years in the game, we can have a conversation. 8 years in the game, I’ll invite you on vacation. 10 years in the game after I’ve enjoyed my fame, only then I’ll let you pick my brain.” 
– Nas “Let There Be Light”

“I learned to clutch grief, but there’s no forgettin’ death. So I’m gettin’ wet like I’m standin’ in the pourin’ rain, this is life – this is more than pain. This is more to me, gotta deal with it, even if it tortures me, I gotta still spit it.
– L.E.G.A.C.Y.  “Pain’


“Utilize your spiritual faculty accurately…..use your memory to help you see clearly…. and then get back to me.”  – Talib Kweli “Memories”


” A lot of people often ask: Puba how you givin’ back? The way I give back is through the knowledge of my raps.” – Grand Puba “Don’t Let It Go To Your Head”


“I don’t know much about the new world order……I know I got a new daughter. Direction and protection I must provide for her.”  
– Common “Maybe One Day”

” I’m a true master- you can check my credentials, cause I choose to use my infinite potential.”  -Jeru The Damaja “Come Clean”


“I’m kinda young, but my tongue speaks maturity. I’m not a child I don’t need nothin’ for security.” – Special Ed “I Got it Made”


“I’m the most scientifically inclined mind since Einstein. I write blue ribbon rhymes for nobel prize time.” -Canibus “Tony Touch’s 50 MC’s”


“The fruits of my talents is this, its simple: I drop science on the instrumental.”
-Pete Rock “#1 Soul Brother”


“They say signs of the end is near, I wonder can I walk a righteous path holdin’ a beer.” – Common “Resurrection” (Remix)

“Mystical, magical, metaphysical topics- and no one can stop this.”
-Smooth B. “Harmonize”


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