The Moon in Cancer

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The Cancer archetype symbolizes the emotional security and comfort that a “family” provides for us.

This family can be biological or ideological. Related by blood, or those who simply have values and worldviews which nourish and affirm us.

In a birth chart, when the Moon in Cancer, the needs of the personality are fulfilled not only by dealings with the aforementioned things, but also self-parenting and finding our deepest sense of internal security.
Treating ourselves well and providing the nurturing , personal care that we all deserve.
Listening to our intuition is also a prominent theme with the Moon placed in the sign of the Crab. For optimum fulfillment, those with this placement need to learn to refine our emotional intelligence.
In Daniel Goleman’s book : “Emotional Intelligence: Why it can matter more than IQ” , there’s a chapter entitled “The Cost of Emotional Illiteracy.”
Every time that we betray our intuition and ignore our inner voices, we leave ourselves susceptible to paying this cost.
The importance of striving to synthesize our emotional and intellectual lives cannot be stressed enough, as society has continued to put messages forth that exalt one and devalue the other- or even assign the faculties as exclusive to specific genders, which is equally troublesome.
Goleman sums our journey up succinctly:
“In a sense we have two brains-two minds- and two different kinds of intelligence: rational and emotional. How we do in life is determined by BOTH- it is not just IQ, but emotional intelligence that matters. Indeed intellect cannot work at its best without emotional intelligence.

Ordinarily the complementarity of limbic system and neocortex, amygdala and prefrontal lobes, means each is a full partner in mental life. When these partners interact well, emotional intelligence rises-as does intellectual ability.

This turns the old understanding of the tension of reason and feeling on its head: it is not that we have to do away with emotion and put reason in its place as Erasmus had it, but instead find the intelligent balance of the two.

The old paradigm held an ideal of reason freed of the pull of emotion. The new paradigm urges us to harmonize head and heart. To do that well in our lives means we must first understand more exactly what it means to use emotion intelligently.”

If you have the Moon placed in Cancer, or other prominent positions in the birth chart there, this is something definitely worth thinking about.

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Relationship Astrology : Venus-Jupiter Contacts in Synastry : “Good Love”


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When we speak about permanence in love from an Astrological point of view, Jupiter is probably not the first planet that comes to mind.

However, when happiness, good times and uplifting sentiments are in the picture, the largest planet in the solar system most certainly has it’s place. When Venus, which is a planet belonging to the intimacy network, makes contact with Jupiterian joy, a possible birth of that “good love that will make you cry” as expressed by Lucy Pearl’s Dawn Robinson, can become a reality.

Hopefully, these are tears of joy, as Jupiter amplifies EVERYTHING that it touches. At its optimal level, Venus-Jupiter contacts suggest mutual “cheerleading”.

The mutual enjoyment of one another surrounded by idealism and lofty philosophical principles. Both partners can serve as motivators for one another, wanting to witness the best of each other’s potential unfold.

There’s a strong possibility of joint growth and the expansion of horizons, whether it’s in the form of intellectual and physical travel or laughing together at a comedy show.

When these contacts operate in a dysfunctional manner, righteous indignation can insidiously creep its way into the relationship. The sense of togetherness diminishes on the grounds that there has to be ONE upright, principled partner while the other is a moral scallywag and needs to find their “God”, Jesus, or whomever else.

Another potential stumbling block is the refusal of one, or both partners to acknowledge the shadow side of the relationship. The most constructive course of action may be to firmly acknowledge that there are certain feelings that swirl around in intimate partnerships that don’t always meet our “ideal.” Furthermore, we must deal with them in a manner which gives a voice to all dimensions of our emotional life.

If you’re able to do so successfully, you can harness faithful commitment toward one another, which will in turn activate the longevity you may be seeking.  Otherwise, the “good love” will make you cry for the wrong reasons. Like having an imbalanced view that everything must be, or will be good ALL of the time.

Relationship Astrology: Moon-Neptune Contacts in Synastry=”Emotional Intoxication”


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In relationship astrology, when the feeling function as represented by the Moon and the boundless, ethereal energy of Neptune link up, there’s potential for emotional intoxication.

Many of us know that feeling after we’ve had a few drinks: the slight “buzz” where our senses feel heightened and the whole world seems to become more fluid and permeable. However, we’re also familiar with having “one too many”, where the ability to distinguish fact from fiction and fantasy from reality takes over. We find ourselves severely impaired, and possibly regretful to boot.

When this planetary contact is shared between two people, it’s important that there’s a solid foundation within the relationship to navigate the highs and lows and the ebbs and the flows.

Chances are, there’s an ample batch of idealism present, as there’s a mutual appreciation of the existence of inspiration, which serves as a constant source of fulfillment. Within this space, It’s quite possible that both people can digest one another emotionally.

We all know that everything which goes into our system doesn’t always agree with us, so it’s paramount that there are workable boundaries as to clearly define who’s feeling what and what that means for the course of the union.

Successfully working with the contents of this aspect requires us to analyze what images our emotional picture making faculties are projecting on the screen of life and to ask ourselves if we’re depicting fair aspirations. Are we putting more on our partner than one human being could possibly manage? Are we literally drunk our of our minds with an impossible ideal of romantic perfection in which ALL of our needs are met by our beloved ALL of the time?

Honest analysis and exploration of these questions can truly mean the difference between sweet dreams and a nightmare.

Aquarius Sun, Taurus Moon

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The electric and innovative life journey which you aspire to embark on is best supported by stable and consistent structures which have the potential to yield fruitful dividends.

Your emotional needs center around nurturing a true sense of value, and participating in experiences which heighten your life as artistic flair. At best, there are continuous and healthy questions of how practical and workable concepts can be before you suddenly run a blue streak in attempting to change society’s outlook on issues which happen to be near and dear to your heart.

At worst, you emit a crusty fear and habitual clinging to what’s always been done. Your challenge is to find the happy medium between ruffling feathers and destroying them; between rocking the boat and sinking it. You seek to push the envelope, but at the end of the day, you also hope that same envelope holds material rewards which you can cash in to further your interests and make life more comfortable.

With this Sun/Moon blend, one of your most important lessons to learn is that risks can surely backfire, and playing it safe is sometimes a smart move given the right circumstances. The key is to avoid becoming immobilized by anything which takes you out of your comfort zone. All change doesn’t have to be radical. In, fact incremental adjustments satiate your need for simplicity. Through experience, you’ll learn that all change isn’t positive, and doesn’t always equal “progress”.

One of the major challenges in your life is knowing whether to pursue your desires through more ordinary and conventional means, or through more shocking channels. Surely, there’s a “sweet spot” here which can address personal aspirations and emotional fulfillment.

Results matter to you, and although it sounds impressive to be that person who’s always “doing something different”, there needs to be an examination of what’s ACTUALLY GETTING DONE in real time.

Do your thoughts and actions light the way for greater human progress in the physical realm? Does the knowledge you disseminate question the status quo, as well as honor the solid structures which support your humanitarian efforts?

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Aries Sun, Gemini Moon


(Excerpt from “The Book of Aries”)

You have the potential to exude the life energy of a multi-dimensional warrior.

Your life’s work of establishing impact and forging a distinct identity is actualized through the channels of intellectual diversity and the appreciation of your many facets.

Your Sun-Moon combination suggests a strong mental assertion. “Fighting” using your mind as the weapon, wielding words like a sword. Placing yourself in situations which require the cultivation of courage and self-interest could serve to your advantage.

This is intrepid thought, which leads to action.

Gemini Sun, Aquarius Moon


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In a birth chart, when the Sun is placed in Gemini and the Moon in Aquarius, there’s a potent thrust of mental energy on display which is designed to both stimulate the individual and meet the reigning needs of the personality.

This individuals core life energy is expressed through the diversification of thought, adaptability to changing circumstances and the ability to analyze concrete information and make logical connections. It’s reflected in a personality whose needs center around individuation, the challenging and breaking of cultural norms and humanitarian service which addresses futuristic concerns.

 In this Sun/Moon blend, we have the perfect recipe for someone who may appear eccentric or radical in behavior, but has a completely rational explanation.
The Sun symbolizes what type of fuel we need and when placed in Gemini it automatically suggests a duality of some sort. This sign is not necessarily inclined to pursue a course of singular focus.  Whether the person feels like they’re bi-polar or they simply have two jobs, the constant evaluation of two seemingly opposite alternatives is present.

When blended with the Aquarian Moon, which reflects the Sun’s energy, this person’s personality needs to blow your mind not only with their eclecticism, but also with their willingness to fight unceasingly for their individualityThe right to distinguish themselves from the herd and construct their lives authentically. Even if it comes off as shocking to those of a more conservative nature.

Sagittarius Sun, Leo Moon

A radiant, life-affirming enthusiasm permeates this combination, “firing up” the self-presentation.

Embracing your need for recognition, validation and attracting the attention of others leads the way to having your philosophies and opinions respected. An intellectually sophisticated approach to demanding “center stage” is necessary.

Your life energy is ignited through releasing exploratory thought arrows within the vastness of the universe. You’re fueled by the joys of guiding and instructing, using a panoramic, all inclusive approach to inquiries of the mind.

This is reflected in a personality which possesses a need to display their authority with regal luster. It’s imperative that you beam brightly, if only in your chosen corner of the world. The question which this sun-moon combination produces is:

How will you use your light?

Will you blaze a path of understanding for others which broadens horizons and opens up new vistas of awareness?

Or, will you fancy yourself a “celebrity preacher”, developing a God complex ?

Understand that a grandiose sense of self-importance is distinctly different than honest appreciation of one’s divinity.

Infectious enthusiasm is one of your reigning strengths; an ace in the hole.

It’s vital for you to realize that the fervor you express when relaying your convictions has the power to move mountains. It also has the capacity to lead people into the metaphoric “jaws of doom”.

If you want the world to listen to what you have to say, proudly personifying the noble and lofty ideals you espouse is one of the best things that you can do.