Relationship Astrology : Venus-Jupiter Contacts in Synastry : “Good Love”


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When we speak about permanence in love from an Astrological point of view, Jupiter is probably not the first planet that comes to mind.

However, when happiness, good times and uplifting sentiments are in the picture, the largest planet in the solar system most certainly has it’s place. When Venus, which is a planet belonging to the intimacy network, makes contact with Jupiterian joy, a possible birth of that “good love that will make you cry” as expressed by Lucy Pearl’s Dawn Robinson, can become a reality.

Hopefully, these are tears of joy, as Jupiter amplifies EVERYTHING that it touches. At its optimal level, Venus-Jupiter contacts suggest mutual “cheerleading”.

The mutual enjoyment of one another surrounded by idealism and lofty philosophical principles. Both partners can serve as motivators for one another, wanting to witness the best of each other’s potential unfold.

There’s a strong possibility of joint growth and the expansion of horizons, whether it’s in the form of intellectual and physical travel or laughing together at a comedy show.

When these contacts operate in a dysfunctional manner, righteous indignation can insidiously creep its way into the relationship. The sense of togetherness diminishes on the grounds that there has to be ONE upright, principled partner while the other is a moral scallywag and needs to find their “God”, Jesus, or whomever else.

Another potential stumbling block is the refusal of one, or both partners to acknowledge the shadow side of the relationship. The most constructive course of action may be to firmly acknowledge that there are certain feelings that swirl around in intimate partnerships that don’t always meet our “ideal.” Furthermore, we must deal with them in a manner which gives a voice to all dimensions of our emotional life.

If you’re able to do so successfully, you can harness faithful commitment toward one another, which will in turn activate the longevity you may be seeking.  Otherwise, the “good love” will make you cry for the wrong reasons. Like having an imbalanced view that everything must be, or will be good ALL of the time.

The theme song for this placement in synastry is “Good  Love” by Lucy Pearl. You can listen here :

Relationship Astrology: Moon-Neptune Contacts in Synastry=”Emotional Intoxication”


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In relationship astrology, when the feeling function as represented by the Moon and the boundless, ethereal energy of Neptune link up, there’s potential for emotional intoxication.

Many of us know that feeling after we’ve had a few drinks: the slight “buzz” where our senses feel heightened and the whole world seems to become more fluid and permeable. However, we’re also familiar with having “one too many”, where the ability to distinguish fact from fiction and fantasy from reality takes over. We find ourselves severely impaired, and possibly regretful to boot.

When this planetary contact is shared between two people, it’s important that there’s a solid foundation within the relationship to navigate the highs and lows and the ebbs and the flows.

Chances are, there’s an ample batch of idealism present, as there’s a mutual appreciation of the existence of inspiration, which serves as a constant source of fulfillment. Within this space, It’s quite possible that both people can digest one another emotionally.

We all know that everything which goes into our system doesn’t always agree with us, so it’s paramount that there are workable boundaries as to clearly define who’s feeling what and what that means for the course of the union.

Successfully working with the contents of this aspect requires us to analyze what images our emotional picture making faculties are projecting on the screen of life and to ask ourselves if we’re depicting fair aspirations. Are we putting more on our partner than one human being could possibly manage? Are we literally drunk our of our minds with an impossible ideal of romantic perfection in which ALL of our needs are met by our beloved ALL of the time?

Honest analysis and exploration of these questions can truly mean the difference between sweet dreams and a nightmare.

Aquarius Sun, Taurus Moon

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The electric and innovative life journey which you aspire to embark on is best supported by stable and consistent structures which have the potential to yield fruitful dividends.

Your emotional needs center around nurturing a true sense of value, and participating in experiences which heighten your life as artistic flair. At best, there are continuous and healthy questions of how practical and workable concepts can be before you suddenly run a blue streak in attempting to change society’s outlook on issues which happen to be near and dear to your heart.

At worst, you emit a crusty fear and habitual clinging to what’s always been done. Your challenge is to find the happy medium between ruffling feathers and destroying them; between rocking the boat and sinking it. You seek to push the envelope, but at the end of the day, you also hope that same envelope holds material rewards which you can cash in to further your interests and make life more comfortable.

With this Sun/Moon blend, one of your most important lessons to learn is that risks can surely backfire, and playing it safe is sometimes a smart move given the right circumstances. The key is to avoid becoming immobilized by anything which takes you out of your comfort zone. All change doesn’t have to be radical. In, fact incremental adjustments satiate your need for simplicity. Through experience, you’ll learn that all change isn’t positive, and doesn’t always equal “progress”.

One of the major challenges in your life is knowing whether to pursue your desires through more ordinary and conventional means, or through more shocking channels. Surely, there’s a “sweet spot” here which can address personal aspirations and emotional fulfillment.

Results matter to you, and although it sounds impressive to be that person who’s always “doing something different”, there needs to be an examination of what’s ACTUALLY GETTING DONE in real time.

Do your thoughts and actions light the way for greater human progress in the physical realm? Does the knowledge you disseminate question the status quo, as well as honor the solid structures which support your humanitarian efforts?

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Gemini Sun, Aquarius Moon


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In a birth chart, when the Sun is placed in Gemini and the Moon in Aquarius, there’s a potent thrust of mental energy on display which is designed to both stimulate the individual and meet the reigning needs of the personality.

This individuals core life energy is expressed through the diversification of thought, adaptability to changing circumstances and the ability to analyze concrete information and make logical connections. It’s reflected in a personality whose needs center around individuation, the challenging and breaking of cultural norms and humanitarian service which addresses futuristic concerns.

 In this Sun/Moon blend, we have the perfect recipe for someone who may appear eccentric or radical in behavior, but has a completely rational explanation.
The Sun symbolizes what type of fuel we need and when placed in Gemini it automatically suggests a duality of some sort. This sign is not necessarily inclined to pursue a course of singular focus.
Whether the person feels like they’re flitting all over the place with carious intellectual flights of fancy, or they simply have two jobs, the constant evaluation of two seemingly opposite alternatives is present.


When blended with the Aquarian Moon, which reflects the Sun’s energy, this person’s personality needs to blow your mind not only with their eclecticism, but also with their willingness to fight unceasingly for their individuality. The right to distinguish themselves from the herd and construct their lives authentically. Even if it comes off as shocking to those of a more conservative nature.

The Astrological “Blame Game”


“Men at some time are masters of their fates: the fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings.”

-William Shakespeare

Astrology is a wonderfully intricate symbolic language. The potential insights which can be derived from it’s responsible use and constructive application are innumerable. Each and every one of us possesses an entire birth chart which  can serve us faithfully as a cosmic map.

The chart not only outlines our life purpose and innate potentials, but also the most productive methods and strategies to employ toward the ultimate pinnacle of self-realization. By consciously using our chart as a tool for self-development, we can also become privy to necessary growth cycles in our lives as represented by transits and progressions. These can provide us with clues to how we must meet the challenges put before us during these times.

With all of this knowledge, however, rests a tremendous amount of self-responsibility and a firm grasp on reality. Yes, from time to time most of us engage in light hearted banter and humorous anecdotes regarding the zodiac signs.

There is really very little harm in this. However, when placed in a more serious arena, attributing self-defeating and negative behavior patterns to a zodiac sign or a chart configuration can be very destructive. There are choices which we make in our every day lives which certainly transcend our being a Libra, Gemini or a Capricorn.

We all have the ability to decide how we will respond to a given person or situation. Additionally, I think it bears repeating that there are many levels of consciousness at which we can live out our birth charts. Your individual natal chart is static. It never changes. It’s a snapshot frozen in time coded with symbolic instructions on how you might become your most authentic self. Your birth chart does not promise anything. We are the breathing, living humans who must decide whether we’re going to attempt to manifest the highest form of the energy that is indicated by our charts, or slip into the victim role as if the planets and signs are pulling the strings and we’re merely a puppet for the taking.

At its most evolved, Astrology is an empowering art whose purpose is not only designed to enhance the quality of our own lives, but as a by product improve the lives of those around us. When attempting to delve into this system of self-improvement, we must ask ourselves if our attitude is proactive, thereby asking questions and seeking answers which will help synthesize our energies in to an integrated, more fully functioning human being. Or, reactive…. telling ourselves that we must continue to be a dogmatic proselytizer because it’s the Sagittarian way. Or, justifying one last jealous rage because of our Scorpio stellium. Flawed questions produce flawed information.

In closing, I will leave you with a quote from Mencius, which I think sums up the message nicely:

“He who attends to his greater self becomes a great man; he who attends to his smaller self becomes a small man.”

Let us continue to aim our arrows high.

Planetary Mixtape


Shine On Me- Pete Rock & CL Smooth
Sunshine-De La Soul
The Light-Common
Exhibit A- Jay Electronica
I Sparkle- Slick Rick
Your Purpose- Fat Jon

Collector’s Item- Grap Luva feat. Pete Rock
My Mother- Large Professor
Memories- Reflection Eternal
Can We Go Back- Hi Tek feat. Talib Kweli
The Food- Common feat. Kanye West
In The Mood- Tyrone Davis
The Foundation- Gangstarr

Extra Extra- Jay Electronica
Phone Time- Capone N Noreiga
The Message- Nas
The MC- KRS One
Think About It- Special Ed
Listen- Talib Kweli
Reasons- Paula Perry
All I Know- DJ Jazzy Jeff feat. CL Smooth

Hip Hop’s Cool Again- Oddisee
Pure Pleasure- DJ Cam
Enjoy Yourself- A +
Appreciate- Pete Rock feat. CL Smooth
Look of Love- Issac Hayes
Give Me Your Love- Curtis Mayfield
Love Song- Jean Grae

War- Nas
Pioneers- EPMD
Time 4 Some Akshun- Redman
Warriors- M.O.P.
Soldier- Erykah Badu
Play To Win- Gangstarr
1/1/10- X.O.

Luck of Lucien- A Tribe Called Quest
Optimistic- Sounds of Blackness
The Understanding- J Live
Higher Level- KRS One
Proper Education- Grand Puba
4 Leaf Clover- Erykah Badu
Holy Thursday- David Axelrod

Take Your Time- Pete Rock
I Ain’t No Joke- Eric B. & Rakim
Discipline- Gangstarr feat. Total
Word is Bond- Brand Nubian
Be a Father To Your Child- Ed OG& The Bulldogs
Saturn- Stevie Wonder
Get It Done- Skyzoo

Spontaneity- Bahamadia
The Originators- Beatnuts feat. Large Professor
Breakin’ The Rules- M.O.P.
Hi Teknology- Hi Tek
It’s My Thing- EPMD
D&D Sound Clash- Afu Ra feat. Smif N Wessun
Freedom Train- De La Soul
Astronomy (8th Light)- Black Star
Against The Grain- Kenn Starr

All For One- Brand Nubian
6th Sense- Common
Open Bar- Sadat X
A Garden of Peace- Lonnie Liston Smith
Inner Visions- DJ Cam
Mystic Brew- Ronnie Foster
Soul Glo- Akrobatic
Solitude- Madlib
Abracadabra- Jay Electronica
Talkin In My Sleep- Elzhi
Drugs Outside(Remix)- Oddisee feat. Black Milk & Big Pooh

Relentless- Kenn Starr feat. Kev Brown
Death Becomes You- Pete Rock & CL Smooth
Therapy- Heltah Skeltah
If There’s A Hell Below- Curtis Mayfield
Secret Agent- Large Professor
The Healer- Erykah Badu
Underground- KRS One
The Sweetest Taboo- Sade
Right on For The Darkness- Curtis Mayfield

The Astrological Houses: The 2nd House : “I’m Out For Dead Presidents to Represent Me”


Concepts for the 2nd House include: Human resources, i.e. what belongs to us- or what we “own”. Formation of values, both spiritual and material. The worth which we assign to ourselves (self-esteem). Utilizing talents as a representation of who we are. Engaging with life on a tangible, concrete basis. The key here is to make the best of what we have.