Relationship Astrology : Venus-Jupiter Contacts in Synastry : “Good Love”


(Photo Source: urbanna, via yarrahs-life)


When we speak about permanence in love from an Astrological point of view, Jupiter is probably not the first planet that comes to mind.

However, when happiness, good times and uplifting sentiments are in the picture, the largest planet in the solar system most certainly has it’s place. When Venus, which is a planet belonging to the intimacy network, makes contact with Jupiterian joy, a possible birth of that “good love that will make you cry” as expressed by Lucy Pearl’s Dawn Robinson, can become a reality.

Hopefully, these are tears of joy, as Jupiter amplifies EVERYTHING that it touches. At its optimal level, Venus-Jupiter contacts suggest mutual “cheerleading”.

The mutual enjoyment of one another surrounded by idealism and lofty philosophical principles. Both partners can serve as motivators for one another, wanting to witness the best of each other’s potential unfold.

There’s a strong possibility of joint growth and the expansion of horizons, whether it’s in the form of intellectual and physical travel or laughing together at a comedy show.

When these contacts operate in a dysfunctional manner, righteous indignation can insidiously creep its way into the relationship. The sense of togetherness diminishes on the grounds that there has to be ONE upright, principled partner while the other is a moral scallywag and needs to find their “God”, Jesus, or whomever else.

Another potential stumbling block is the refusal of one, or both partners to acknowledge the shadow side of the relationship. The most constructive course of action may be to firmly acknowledge that there are certain feelings that swirl around in intimate partnerships that don’t always meet our “ideal.” Furthermore, we must deal with them in a manner which gives a voice to all dimensions of our emotional life.

If you’re able to do so successfully, you can harness faithful commitment toward one another, which will in turn activate the longevity you may be seeking.  Otherwise, the “good love” will make you cry for the wrong reasons. Like having an imbalanced view that everything must be, or will be good ALL of the time.

The theme song for this placement in synastry is “Good  Love” by Lucy Pearl. You can listen here :

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