Virgo Sun, Cancer Moon


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Sometimes we wake up in the morning and our bodies just don’t feel right.

If this discomfort motivates us to visit our physician, one of our hopes is that they’ll be precise in their diagnosis. Cutting through the medical jargon and explaining what’s wrong in practical terms. and offering viable alternatives as to how me might neutralize what’s ailing us.

It’s also a bonus if this individual possesses a bedside manner which is warm, sensitive and responsive. In fact, the ability to put us at ease and help us feel like they know exactly “where it hurts” does wonders. In the best case scenario, we’ve found a healer of the mind and body as well as the heart.

In a birth chart, when the Sun is in Virgo and the Moon in Cancerthe core life energy or fuel which motivates the individual is service in the name of utility. To use their powers of discriminating analysis in order to discover how things may function more efficiently.

Whether it’s the human body, or general process improvement Virgo’s inclination is to leave things better than they found them.

The Cancer Moon uses the light of the sun and reflects a personality who needs to experience depth and range in feeling and foster a sense of emotional and domestic security.

Cancer is nourished by experiences which allow them to nurture and support the development of others. To anticipate and fulfill their unspoken needs via their heightened intuitive faculty, which also aids in establishing  strong, intimate bonds.

While the Virgo Sun is stimulated by analysis and loves the process of dissecting parts to find out how they work logically, the Cancer Moon individual thrives on emotional connection.

Their sensitive attunement to feelings makes them absorptive and able to “tune in” on a rich and meaningful level, exhibiting a nonjudgmental acceptance which encourages people to open up and bare their soul.

If this sounds too good to be true, there’s most certainly another side of the story on how this sun/moon blend may express itself dysfunctionally:

When the Sun in Virgo overindulges in it’s functioning, the same fuel which motivates the individual to serve is misdirected toward behavior that’s obsessively rigid.

This person blindly adheres to rules, regulations and schedules which leave little room for flexibility and exhibits harsh criticism of those who are unwilling to adhere to these exacting standards.

The Cancer Moon hypersensitivity blends with this obsession. Not only does one with the Moon placed in Cancer need to nurture others, but they also require an ample amount of reciprocation. When they feel like this isn’t the case, it may also manifest through dysfunctional behavior. Astrologer Stephen Arroyo expands on this:

“They desperately need to participate in a lifestyle that gives them a sense of security. In fact they feel most secure when engaged in protecting and nurturing other, but they also need to be nurtured and protected themselves in their private lives in order to feel inwardly secure.

The Cancer tendency to forcefully protect their own feelings against any threat, real or imagined – a characteristic often noted by others who are in relationships with them- can lead to their being so overprotective of their private emotions that communication and true sharing become difficult.

This need for protection is so real, for they are easily hurt by even small insensitivities on the part of others or by what seems to them to be personal slights. Those with Cancer Moons thus tend to withdraw and hide at the slightest provocation , because they need the security of complete personal privacy.”

The picture of a successful integration of this sun/moon combination looks like an individual who has relinquished a need to retreat into their analytical and emotional shells.

The Virgo Sun no longer needs to focus in a narrow manner, thinking that no one is capable of meeting their perfectionist standards when it comes to critical thinking. Simultaneously, The Cancer Moon avoids the tendency to hide from life living a limited existence because they think no one loves, cares for or understands them.

When Virgo’s psychological motivation to be useful through competent analysis harmoniously merges with Cancer’s emotional need to provide a soothing presence, it produces an environment where the seeds of physical, mental and emotional healing have the potential to be planted and cultivated.

Reference: “Person-to-Person Astrology: Energy Factors in Love, Sex & Compatibility by Stephen Arroyo

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