Hip Hop Astrological Archetypes (Part 1)


Astrology and hip-hop share so many connections, and the wonderful thing about it is that there are many, many more that have yet to be unearthed. As your hip-hop loving Astrologer, I’m here to do the work for you. To give you a clearer sense of how the beautiful  Astrology is all around us and permeates through our everyday lives.

So….I was  thinking the other day about the planets. The energies and principles which they symbolize. While simultaneously engrossed in thoughts about how certain emcees and producers exude those very drives.

I thought about the feelings which are continuously evoked within me when I hear these greats grace the mic.

Of course, there are many emcees or producers which have been chosen for these spots, but there will be more articles to come which will alleviate that dilemma.  Here’s the lineup:

The Sun:


KRS- ONE radiates hip-hop. His verbal expression shines like the solar entity itself. He brings heat, warmth and light to hip-hop culture and has illuminated the way since his entry into the game. Astrologically, one of the most important ideas to remember about the Sun, is that we must not create or yield to anything which will inhibit it’s expression in order to become authentic human beings.

The Moon:


Tiye Phoenix has emerged as a nurturer of hip-hop expression. She cares about the state of hip-hop and would like nothing better than to see it grow and thrive in it’s expression. The Moon does not shine as the Sun does, but it reflects. The reflection of Tiye’s intelligent verbal wizardry expressed with lunar sensitivity and feeling speaks for itself.




Big L and Skillz are two emcees which personify Mercurial energy.Quick witted and verbally adept with a touch or irony and humor. Both of these artists are great communicators on the mic and embody the skills of a true emcee: they make you listen.

Next, in Part II, I will discuss Venus, Mars and Jupiter.

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