Gemini Keywords – Sagittarian Mind Style




The message. Double trouble. Black on both sides. My mind spray. What’s the 411? Jack of all trades. Youthful expression. Think fast. Say something. The questions. The ? remains. Don’t you know ur hood? NY state of mind. Neighborhood sickness. Get on the mic. Wordplay. Verbal intercourse. Spoken word. Pen & pad. Verbal clap. Let’s talk about it. Come and talk to me. Extra, extra. So whatcha sayin’? It was written. Writin’ rhymes. Book of rhymes. Da two. Word…. Life. Speakin’. Think about it. Small world.

Aries Keywords – Sagittarian Mind Style

Karate Kick

Speed Law. My Uzi Weighs a Ton. Selfish. Kick In The Door. Sound of Da Police. The Militia. Soldier. Warriorz. Push It. Let’s Get it On. Let’s Get it Started. The Originators. Pioneers. Time 4 Sum Akshun. Fast Lane. Salute. Fast Life. Xplosive. Boom. Lighters Up. My Life. Move Somethin. The Blast. The Genesis. War. Represent. This is Me. Live Hard. Walk Like A Man. Powerful Impak. No Fear. You Know My Steez. Dawning of a New Day. The Becoming. Bravebird. Ain’t No Half Steppin’. Danger. Set It Off. Best At That. Champion Sound. I’m Still Number 1. Grown Man Sport. Dynamite Soul. Heavy Ammunition. She Knows What She Wants.

Scorpio Keywords – Sagittarian Mind Style


Survival of the Fittest. Survival Test. It’s Dark and Hell is Hot. The Sweetest Taboo. Desire. Sexual Healing. Raw Shit. Can You Keep a Secret? Re-vamp. Let’s Talk About Sex. Phone Tap. Quiet Storm. Until We Bleed. D’evils. Hell on Earth. Death Becomes You. Underground. I Gave You Power. Mystery man. Undying Love. Investigative Reports. Conspiracy. Resurrection. The Rebirth of slick. Animal Instinct. Paranoia. Take it in Blood. Extortion. Bloodsport. Shadows of Ourselves. Devil’s Pie. Betrayal. Last Dayz. Silent Treatment. Undying Love.

Cancer Keywords – Sagittarian Mind Style


Clan in da front. Protect ya neck. Emotional. Sensitivity. Home. Closer. Soul food. The Root. Battle of the heart. Sentimental. Remember the times. They Reminisce over you. Mood swing. Memories. In a sentimental mood. Nostalgia. Home again. Housewife. We are family. Cake and eat it too. Live at the BBQ. Soul sista. Home sweet home. For Women. The reunion. Family affair. Memory lane. Sweet thing. It ain’t hard to tell. The place where we dwell. In the house. In the mood. The foundation. Too shy to say. Try a little tenderness. The sweetest thing. Dark side of the moon. The food. Hungry.

Virgo Keywords – Sagittarian Mind Style


photo: naturalbelle

Flawless. The Purist. So fresh & So Clean. Be healthy. Refined design. Correct Technique. Funky technician. Plug Tunin’. Over analysis leads to paralysis. Build Ya Skills. Come Clean. Thinking Man’s Session. Where Yo Skillz at? “I’m a True master you can check my credentials.” The Medicine. Looking For The Perfect Beat. Precisely The Right Rhymes. Details. Picking up the Pieces. Seven steps to Perfection.

Pisces Keywords- Sagittarian Mind Style


Angels. Zonin’ out. Spirits in the material world. Get ghost. Self- destruction. Heaven. Strip club. Purple Haze. Raw Addict. Dreams. Delusional. Words I manifest. Cell therapy. Escape. Universal highness. The 6th sense. Rock co-cane flow. Infinite possibilities. In praise of dreams. Rise above it all. All for one. Internal affairs. Natural mystic. One love. I’m cheatin’. Dope man. Greeny green. Mary Jane. Psychology. Come on feet. Cloud 9. Poet laureate. Mister magic. Fantasy. Visualize. Glamour life. Abracadabra. I can’t help it. My mind’s playin’ tricks on me. Hallucination. Drunk by myself. Soliloquy of chaos. God lives through. Open bar. I put a spell on you.  How high.Transcendence.

Aquarius Keywords- Sagittarian Mind Style


Let’s get free. Revolutionary warfare. A change is gonna come. Friends. Buddy. D’Original. Original flavor. Ain’t no future in ya frontin’. Geek down. Scientifical Madness. Change the game. We need a revolution. Change it all. Light speed. Electric relaxation. Liberation. The wrath of the math. Droppin’ science. Spaceship. Breakin’ the rules. Microphone mathematics. Out Da’ Box. Mind Sex. Land of the free. Astronomy (8th Light). The future. The next movement. Rather unique. No one else. Get off the bandwagon. The awakening.


Sagittarius Keywords- Sagittarian Mind Style

AKA Colors Face Pink Circle

Whirlwind Thru Cities. Travelin’ Man. My Philosophy. Elevatin’. Illumination. Do it Till Your Satisfied. JFK 2 LAX. L.A. to Detroit. No Games. Jenifa Taught Me. Buckingham Palace. You Can’t Stop The Prophet. Free. Church. Much More. I Like It (But I Don’t Need It). Sky Is The Limit. Luck of Lucien. Description of a Fool. Edutainment. Proper Education. Higher Level. Optimistic. Worldwide. Revenge of The Prophet. The Experience. No Shame in My Game. Astrotravelin’. The Truth. Rev. Do Good. Spanish Harlem. Hostile Gospel. Lebanese Blonde. The Hong Kong Triad. Encounter in Bahia. Joy. Microphone Wanderlust. Songs of Experience. Still Searching. Wild Cowboys. Robin Hood Theory. New York Strait Talk. For a Reason. Say You Want it All. I Got Cha Opin. Who Knows Why. Master Thesis. Ingredients to Time Travel. Curriculum 101. Jupiter. Brazilian Rhyme. Big Things. Dance To My Ministry. Holy Moly. Spiritual Minded.

Sun- Moon Blends in Hip Hop : Madlib


If you call yourself a “hip-hop head” and you’re not familiar with the music of Madlib, I suggest that you crawl out from under your rock and do some research.

Otis Jackson, Jr. (Born October 24, 1973 in Oxnard, California) is arguably one of the most versatile, productive and hard working producers ever to lay his imprint on the game.

With production for a roster that consists of the likes of Erykah Badu, Ghostface, Mos Def, Talib Kweli and the Alkaholiks (just for starters), you’ve probably been nodding your head to this man’s beats and you didn’t even realize it.

Madlib, October 24, 1973 6:00 am, Oxnard, CA


Sun in Scorpio 

” I’m like a hermit, I’m not really doing all this mingling with people.” 

” I hate standing in front of a crowd and having to show myself, I’m a background dude.”

Private, reclusive yet strikingly charismatic, Madlib lets you pry through the peephole just enough to get a glimpse of him crafting his masterpieces in the studio.

The Scorpio Sun suggests that the fuel required to optimize Madlib’s vitality consists of plumbing the depths of life…. and every vinyl crate that he can possibly get his hands on.

Not content with skating on the surface musically, he wants to penetrate multiple genre’s as a focal point of his creative self-expression.

However, the majority of his speaking comes through his music. As a Scorpio Sun, Madlib’s destination, a.k.a. the “skin” that he’s growing into is comprised of depth, passion, intensity and complexity.

Shunning a  superficial approach to his music and constantly re-making, re-molding and transforming himself under such monikers as Quasimoto and Yesterday’s New Quintet. Experiencing a continuous “new birth” of sorts.


Moon in Libra

What does Madlib need to bring along with him on his journey to his Scorpionic destination?  What fulfills him on an emotional level?

A deep seated need to be creative. Harmony, melodic tones, rhythm. Employing the Libran strength of collaborating with other heavyweights such as Doom , Talib Kweli and  J. Dilla(R.I.P.) on classic joint projects:

“The reason why I collaborate with MCs is that I wanna see if my style can fit with theirs or vice versa. See if we can bring something together…..I collaborate with anybody who is dope.”

It most definitely takes a dope collaborator to know one.

Why Saturn has as much to do with Success as Jupiter

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“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”  – Thomas A. Edison

“I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.”

Thomas Jefferson

I’ve been a fairly lucky person all my life, and once, after a run of especially good luck ion my career, I set about analyzing it. I felt that perhaps by understanding my luck, I could not only increase it for myself, but perhaps also teach my heretofore un­conscious “methods”…

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