Sagittarius Keywords- Sagittarian Mind Style

AKA Colors Face Pink Circle

Whirlwind Thru Cities. Travelin’ Man. My Philosophy. Elevatin’. Illumination. Do it Till Your Satisfied. JFK 2 LAX. L.A. to Detroit. No Games. Jenifa Taught Me. Buckingham Palace. You Can’t Stop The Prophet. Free. Church. Much More. I Like It (But I Don’t Need It). Sky Is The Limit. Luck of Lucien. Description of a Fool. Edutainment. Proper Education. Higher Level. Optimistic. Worldwide. Revenge of The Prophet. The Experience. No Shame in My Game. Astrotravelin’. The Truth. Rev. Do Good. Spanish Harlem. Hostile Gospel. Lebanese Blonde. The Hong Kong Triad. Encounter in Bahia. Joy. Microphone Wanderlust. Songs of Experience. Still Searching. Wild Cowboys. Robin Hood Theory. New York Strait Talk. For a Reason. Say You Want it All. I Got Cha Opin. Who Knows Why. Master Thesis. Ingredients to Time Travel. Curriculum 101. Jupiter. Brazilian Rhyme. Big Things. Dance To My Ministry. Holy Moly. Spiritual Minded.

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