The 2015 Sagittarius Mixtape

Bask in the Light

It’s an honor and pleasure to reveal the 2015 Sagittarius Mixtape.

Sagittarius: with this unveiling, I say that while being BORN under the sign of the Archer doesn’t MAKE you  anything in particular, there’s a symbolism that correlates with your birth which says that you’re here to serve the needs of the time . If you’re willing to work on yourself to harness your human potential, your world will expand as well as others with whom you come in contact.

Sagittarius energy is wide open. It looks at the big picture and want to connect the relationships between everything it encounters in order to develop a holistic frame of reference from which to view the world. The centaur is fueled by the opportunity to open her/himself up to all different types and variations of knowledge as a way of understanding reality.

Eclectic would be the perfect word to assign to Sagittarius, as the ultimate goal is to give concrete direction to far-flying wide sweeping arrows of thought,  which emerge from many different sources and are designed to formulate large scale questions about life and the true purpose of one’s existence.

Ideally, whatever you come into contact with should GROW, and hence be elevated and advanced so it can be viewed more telescopically. The student in you knows that there are many angles from which life can be viewed, and the teacher in you knows that no education is complete without “drawing out” the breadth of your intellectual faculties.

Along with the half woman/man, we also must honor the “beast”, which has to put the books away and go live life as richly and enthusiastically as the moment calls for. If you leave the animal in you behind, much of your primal energy can be weakened and you’re signing up for proverbial egghead status.

So, your purpose in life becomes more of honoring all sides of you rather than trying to disown parts of your nature like that drunk uncle at a family barbeque.

As you mature, you will learn to view personal freedom from the lens of capitalizing on the ability to take responsibility for everything that you are and will become, rather than license to become an unbridled hedonist whose personal malfunctions serve the interests of people who seek to keep your mind and body in a shackled state of negativity.

Please enjoy this selection of Hip-Hop which was assembled with your life’s grand adventure in mind.

Side 1 (Jupiter )

  1. Too Much of A Good Thing – Apollo Brown & Ras Kass featuring Larina
  2. The Beast – Audible Doctor featuring Bumpy Knuckles
  3. We Are The People of The World – Diamond D Featuring Kurupt & Tash
  4. Bird’s Eye View – Statik Selektah featuring Joey Bada$$, Raekwon & Black Thought
  5. Professor at Large – Marco Polo Featuring Large Professor
  6. Monumental – Pete Rock & Smif-N-Wessun Featuring Tyler Woods
  7. Valuable Lessons- Cormega
  8. Someplace To Go – 9th Wonder
  9. Wild- J Dilla
  10. Rhyme 101 – Guilty Simpson

Check out 9th Wonder’s “Someplace To Go”

Side 2 (9th house)

  1. Church – De La Soul
  2. Real Talk- Percee P
  3. Deliver Us From Evil – Apollo Brown & Ras Kass
  4. Adventure- Oh No
  5. Sunday’s Best – Black Milk
  6. Megaphone- Apollo Brown & Hasaan Mackey
  7. My Advice To You – Gang Starr
  8. Opulence – Large Professor
  9. Take off The Blues – Foreign Exchange Feat. Darren Brockington
  10. The Answer- Apollo Brown

Peep The video for “Monumental” by Pete Rock &  Smif-N- Wessun featuring Tyler Woods:

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