12 Signs, Many Questions

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When it comes to the zodiac, “I am a ______________, therefore I am __________, ____________, and ___________”  is an incomplete line of thinking. What we must realize is this : being born under a certain sign doesn’t “make” you anything in particular. From this astrologer’s viewpoint, the signs suggest a set of instructions or questions from the universe. Our job is to decode and follow the instructions  while answering the questions in hopes that it will lead us to MORE questions.

Our Sun signs are something we grow into. They are a challenge and a demand. We’re never static. So, in essence, we’re a human “becoming” rather than a human being. Our signs reflect the potential in this process.

I’ve put together some questions for every sign of the zodiac in hopes that they may serve as food for thought on how we may develop ourselves and eventually manifest more and more of the potential.

Aries: What can I do to find my courage? What’s my idea of adventure? In what manner do I need to take risks? What summons the warrior within?

Taurus: What’s my personal definition of security? What benefits will change have in my life?  In what ways can I enjoy my body? How can I maximize material resources and feel like I’m not being ultra possessive?

Gemini: In what areas of life can I infuse a youthful and inquisitive spirit? How can I effectively deal with duality? Where in life do I need to be most flexible and adaptable?

Cancer: How can I let my intuition work for me? How can I tap into my deep reservoir of emotional sensitivity? What’s the most constructive method of letting go what no longer serves me? What are some methods of self care I can employ to have a healthy relationship with myself?

Leo: What activities bring me a deep sense of joy? What feels like “play” to me? How can I creatively express my unique self? How do I gain a sense of unshakable self-confidence? What are my internal standards for self validation?

Virgo: How can I be useful in this world? What’s the best way to develop skills of analysis and discrimination?  How can I nurture my potential healing abilities?

Libra: How do I find a sense of equilibrium and harmony in my life? What part does social acceptance play in my behavior? What are some constructive ways to maintain my individuality within the framework of an intimate relationship?

Scorpio: What stirs my passions? What resonates with the deepest part of my being? How do I integrate my shadow and use it to constructive ends? What does sex mean to me, and how is it woven into my psyche? Where are my vulnerabilities? What’s the best way to honor my sense of privacy?

Sagittarius: What gives my life meaning? What’s my purpose in this world? How can I understand life holistically and construct a personal philosophy? How can I take theory and put it into practice?

Capricorn: What’s the best route to making things happen? What’s the most effective strategy I can employ for achieving my goals? How can I serve as a model for integrity?

Aquarius: What makes me a unique person? How can I harness my individual talents and use them for the advancement of humanity? In what ways do I wish to challenge the traditional standards of social convention?

Pisces: How can I turn my dreams into concrete reality? What’s the best way to be effective while working in the intangible world? What’s the best route to embracing self-honesty and eliminating self-deception?  How can I connect with the spiritual source? What inspires my creativity? In what way can my capacity for empathy be used to serve others?