What Does a Personalized Astrological Consultation Consist Of?

Some of you may have questions as to the type of information which can be derived from an Astrological consultation. I’ve posted a sample chart to give a brief and general idea as to how information can be synthesized and transformed to meaning as to move toward providing a more comprehensive portrait of an individual:


When we look at this chart, we immediately notice the primarily southeastern  hemispheric emphasis, which suggests this individuals orientation toward focus on the spiritual through self-awareness, as well as personal relationships and their connections with the world at large. The focus is on both personal and collective development. 

One of the questions this birth chart produces may be:

“How can I, as a result of my individual development,  and my connections with others,make a contribution to uplifting and inspiring humanity ?

This chart also indicates concerns related to disclosure and the receiving of love. There’s a risk/reward scenario suggested here. It’s suggested that this person’s friendships and group affiliations could benefit from self-revelation.

The Sagittarian archetype is highly pronounced in this chart, so this would mean that:

the type of fuel this person requires for optimal development (Sun), their self projection (Ascendant), how they need to think and communicate (Mercury) and relate (Venus) are all connected to what we know about the Archer:

Shooting bold, unrestricted and far reaching arrows of thought into the universe asking life’s big questions.

Exploring any avenue of intellectual inquiry which will provide a more panoramic,  comprehensive and universal understanding of the world. Relating to others in a style which emphasizes shared personal growth and the expansion of consciousness.

These mental explorations may indeed be of a nature that’s considered unconventional and avant-garde by society, as well as abstract and broad-minded in nature.

This is counterbalanced by a strong Cancer Moon, placed in its own sign, suggesting that the needs of the personality can be fulfilled through warmth, closeness, intimacy and emotional security.

The tendency here points to someone who’s nourished by a relationship which carries no doubts about the fact that they’re loved and also, who needs to hear it and witness open displays of it, through behavior and actions. The Moon’s square to Pluto outlines the intensification of these needs.

Furthermore, with the Moon at the Aries point [00’48 degrees Cancer], the potential for this person’s involvement in the larger world is to make an emotional connection with the public and have their sensitivity and intuition express in obvious and visible ways.

As displayed by the 11th house emphasis, the individuals’ lovability is tied up in themes of a Sagittarian nature. With Neptune as the midpoint between Mercury and Venus,  there are high hopes and idealism that humanity’s  love will be displayed toward them in this manner.

A brief synthesis of this chart would be:

This person needs to develop themselves through intellectual, spiritual and physical travel. Exploring fuels their vitality and life force, and there’s a powerful need to be loved for being that type of person in a manner which contains no insecurities.

The point of integration which needs to be pursued is that of balancing the freedoms which come with exploration of personal aspirations with the emotional requirements of human relationships- whether intimate partnerships or with the public.

However, the ultimate realization is revealed in the fact that true and lasting security resides within the self and can’t be found in another individual or a relationship.

Upon this discovery, any form of partnership is now viewed as more of an enhancement and less of an ultimate requirement.

This is an example of the type of information that can be relayed during an Astrological consultation. Of course, information can be interpreted in a multitude of ways and this is just a brief sample, but it’s definitely designed to illicit a dialogue between the Astrologer and client.

By the way, the birth chart you’re looking at belongs to the author of this blog, Sagittarian Mind.

Hexagon Astrology Magazine Is On The Shelves of Barnes & Noble !


So, I walked into Barnes & Noble bookstore yesterday and I was pleased to find Hexagon Astrology Magazine on the shelves.

I’m excited that Astrology is continuously getting more exposure to the world. I give props to Matt Savinar for providing a medium for many up and coming Astrologers to gain visibility and recognition for the work that they’re doing, as well as including  great articles from some of the larger, more recognizable names.

Secondly, I have an article in this magazine which I really enjoyed writing.

For those who don’t know, I’m a serious Hip Hop head right down to the core.

I’ve been greatly influenced by the entire culture as well as many of the artists and the things they’ve had to say over the years. When I first started practicing Astrology, I knew that it was essential that I incorporate hip hop in some way shape or form. I also view hip hop as a tremendously vibrant, creative and innovative art form which has the power to change the world and infuse fresh air into a modality such as Astrology.

I look at Astrology as an art, just like Hip hop. HOW you say it matters just as much as what you say. delivery and choice of words is key. 

Having had continuous exposure to the Hip-Hop community and Astrology, I’ve come in contact with some extremely interesting people. My hopes are that I will be one of the catalysts that influences Astrology to take a closer  look at Hip Hop and Hip Hop to take a closer look at Astrology.

I want to also give a serious shout out to the Astrologers who have also sparked the effort to reach out to the Hip Hop community and give them something they can relate to within their interpretations. Now, more than ever, I think it’s time that we have fresh analysis and synthesis and place it beside what’s continuously repeated over and over again.

Astrology needs cultural diversity in its views. So, while I appreciate all of the charts I’ve seen of almost every president who has been in office , or the Kings and Queen’s of every country, we also need to look at the birth charts of  Nas’, Lauryn Hill’s, Rah Digga’s,  and Kendrick Lamar’s the world – just to name a few.

The personalities within the Hip Hop community are just as multi-varied and complex as the standard astro fare that’s been served up for years that’s contained in almost any publication in circulation.

Someone once told me that “you have to be the Astrologer that you want to see”.

Today, I receive this sentiment with an open heart and I will continue to do just that.



Hopefully, your local Barnes & Noble bookstore has Hexagon on it’s shelves.

The article I’ve written is entitled “The Night That Changed The World: The Birth of Hip Hop Culture”. The night refers to August 11th 1973 when Kool Herc threw the back to school jam Which incorporated the elements of what we now know as Hip Hop.

There are many discussions about when Hip Hop “came about”, but I found 8/11/1973 to be the most widely recognized date. I find it quite interesting to simultaneously look back and forward and see all Hip Hop has become with it’s strengths and foibles in tow.

If your local Barnes & Noble doesn’t have it in stock, and you’re interested in subscribing, you can go to : hexagoninfulleffect.com for more information.

I appreciate each and every one of you who read this blog and I’m hoping that my writing has, and continues to widen your scope of knowledge and perspective in some way. I’m very much a part of the Hip Hop generation and it’s reach as a social movement has spanned the globe. I hope to be a conduit of the words of wisdom it has to offer as well as an honest critic of its missteps.

Confronting Astrological Misconceptions

Maroon White Seal

When it comes to a lot of Astrological writing, I see the tone as being very “cause oriented”.

By that, I mean that the word choices would lead us to believe that because someone happens to be born under a certain sign of the zodiac that they automatically behave in a certain fashion or that certain traits have mysteriously found their way into that person’s character via some type of magical planetary rays.

I write this not to criticize anyone, but to provoke thought about how our astrological makeup is sometimes presented in public forums. Whether we realize it or not, perpetuating the notion that being a certain sign or having a certain configuration in our birth charts “makes” us anything in particular can be a very inaccurate and damaging idea.

What is contained in our natal charts is pure potential that we can make a conscious choice to direct.  In our lives, we may find that we sometimes do so in a constructive manner. While at other times, we take the exact same energy and express it in a way that would be deemed dysfunctional.

It is true that certain behaviors may correlate with certain signs of the zodiac, but this is because those behaviors are in service of aspiring to fulfill the NEEDS and drives as represented by the sign.

To paraphrase Astrologer and Psychologist Glenn Perry, the metaphorical meaning of signs is lost when they’re equated with people because we then start to describe INDIVIDUALS  rather than BEHAVIOR.

If we’re truly going to get the most of Astrology as a tool for self-development, there are many conversations which need to take place in regard to everyday language which can be deterministic rather than growth oriented. Phrases which refer to people as fixed entities rather than choice-oriented human beings who have yet to unfold.

Our birth charts can provide a structure of our psyche, but its contents do not CAUSE us to act a certain way. This is empowering in that we have the capacity to choose our modes of action as well as our responses, and also the ability to synthesize elements within ourselves to produce a highly functioning and integrated self.

There will be more written on this topic. I plan on writing about the common misconceptions associated with every sign on the zodiac sign. I’m well aware that for some people’s brains, it’s easier to pigeonhole and hyper-classify instead of doing the work it takes to walk through the rich world of multidimensionality.


Re-packaging The South Node


What you’re looking at above is a photo of my elementary school located in Terre Haute, Indiana.

This morning, after a brief meditation, I started thinking about my writing. Today, I came to the conclusion that I just needed to let my right brain flow freely and catapult whatever story came to me out into the atmosphere.

This past summer, as a result of returning to my uncle’s funeral in South Bend, Indiana, which is where I was born, I was able to return to Rio Grande for the first time in at nearly 25 years. It felt like a closure of sorts but also, I was reminded of the memories, lessons and socialization which came from my past, which in Astrology, is represented by the South Node. Incidentally,  during this trip, the Moon, Mercury and Jupiter were all located in Cancer, and my South Node is in Cancer.

Often in reading about the nodal axis, the perspectives which we receive can be somewhat distorted. After all, the nodes are an axis which requires a balancing. It doesn’t seem to be in the interest of equilibrium that we virtually disown one node in fervent pursuit of what the other represents.

When it comes to our birth charts in general, HOW we decide to use what’s present can make all of the difference in the world, and our South Nodes are no exception to this rule. In fact, the South node suggests where we’re EXTREMELY TALENTED because we’re so in tune with and familiar with what that energy represents.

One of the keys to navigating the nodal axis is to draw on these strengths from the past as a means for supporting our future as suggested by the North Node.

So, there’s strength in the South Node, but it must be consciously applied in new directions and endeavors. The question then becomes: How can I take what I’ve learned and re-structure its expression to continuously create fresh experience?

There’s a “comfort zone” present as suggested by our South Nodes, and if we continue to use our resources in the way they’ve always been used, we may find ourselves “stuck”. The way to release this is to understand that our gifts simply need to be re-packaged for what is arguably a more constructive and effective use.

What’s your Nodal Axis? What are your innate talents? How can your strengths from the past be integrated with new energy which seeks expression?

But My Horoscope Said…….



I’d like to share a few of my thoughts with you all regarding the daily astrological  forecasts that you may read online, in magazines or the newspapers:

I urge everyone who may be reading this to keep in mind the following:

whatever progress and improvements we make usually come as a result of sustained dedication and are a culmination of the continuous efforts that we’ve put forth.

So, when you read: “you may be in for a promotion or advancement in the workplace today.”  Or, ” you may at last find the woman/man that you’ve been seeking.” let’s keep in mind what, if anything we’ve previously done in the direction of those endeavors.

If we’ve put absolutely no energy toward our work or relationships, I can almost promise you that your daily horoscope won’t pan out.

I’m in no way implying that one day can’t make a significant difference in our lives, but what I AM saying is one day PLUS many other days of focus and concentrated effort is much more likely to have a greater impact.

“But, my horoscope said there’s a promotion in my future…….”

If you’ve been late to work for 15 out of the last 30 days, the best advice that I could give you is to remain thankful that you’re still employed. Despite what your daily forecast says, the private management meetings probably aren’t about which plush office to move you into.

While the symbolism of the current astrological factors may be accurate, if our efforts needed to manifest the said results have been lackluster, we’ll most likely reap the compensatory result.

If we’re on a diet and attempting to lose weight, and we have grapefruit on Monday, but krispy kreme donuts for the other six days, the progress toward meeting our goal is sure to be minimal at best.

When reading any type of astrological literature, discernment is the key to a realistic perspective of life events and circumstances.

Planets and signs don’t MAKE us anything. If we put ourselves and our efforts first in the equation, it will be a much greater chance that we’ll be able to capitalize on our abilities, plus astrological tools, in a constructive and practical manner.