Re-packaging The South Node


What you’re looking at above is a photo of my elementary school located in Terre Haute, Indiana.

This morning, after a brief meditation, I started thinking about my writing. Today, I came to the conclusion that I just needed to let my right brain flow freely and catapult whatever story came to me out into the atmosphere.

This past summer, as a result of returning to my uncle’s funeral in South Bend, Indiana, which is where I was born, I was able to return to Rio Grande for the first time in at nearly 25 years. It felt like a closure of sorts but also, I was reminded of the memories, lessons and socialization which came from my past, which in Astrology, is represented by the South Node. Incidentally,  during this trip, the Moon, Mercury and Jupiter were all located in Cancer, and my South Node is in Cancer.

Often in reading about the nodal axis, the perspectives which we receive can be somewhat distorted. After all, the nodes are an axis which requires a balancing. It doesn’t seem to be in the interest of equilibrium that we virtually disown one node in fervent pursuit of what the other represents.

When it comes to our birth charts in general, HOW we decide to use what’s present can make all of the difference in the world, and our South Nodes are no exception to this rule. In fact, the South node suggests where we’re EXTREMELY TALENTED because we’re so in tune with and familiar with what that energy represents.

One of the keys to navigating the nodal axis is to draw on these strengths from the past as a means for supporting our future as suggested by the North Node.

So, there’s strength in the South Node, but it must be consciously applied in new directions and endeavors. The question then becomes: How can I take what I’ve learned and re-structure its expression to continuously create fresh experience?

There’s a “comfort zone” present as suggested by our South Nodes, and if we continue to use our resources in the way they’ve always been used, we may find ourselves “stuck”. The way to release this is to understand that our gifts simply need to be re-packaged for what is arguably a more constructive and effective use.

What’s your Nodal Axis? What are your innate talents? How can your strengths from the past be integrated with new energy which seeks expression?


2 thoughts on “Re-packaging The South Node

  1. My personal thoughts on an evolved recognition of our lunar nodes is their status in our everpresent now. It might be that our greatest foundation for wisdom is the potential to realize our south node very similarly to how we might consider our 12 th house as our Ascendent’s everpresent subconscious. When the functions of each of these are freed from the insecurities they inevitibly put upon us emotionally, I think their functional value is incredible. The major key might be in just the sign itself, the question is what about that sign disturbs our function. Being super sensitive points must also mean reconciling them psychlogically allows them to be extremely sensitive probes, mediums for big picture integration and indicators as to what sign process deeply drives our psyche when we are at our most empathetic with others. Maybe these are where we are most humble, and find ourselves most connected and free when our hair is down with the right persons. This was just a stream of consciousness building on some past thoughts of mine.

    Weirdly for me, I have always had a sense of overwhelming effect upon me by my south node. I also sensed a deep inner guidance from there, almosr like a guardian or channeling effect. This made me feel that there was a positive conjunction there but there weren’t any celestial bodies I knew of. A few years ago I started being drawn into the Uranian TNPs, and they amazed me. Eventually I realized Apollon is about 15 min conjunct my South Node. Is this real, it seems very much so, but I can only go on personal experience and perspective for now. There is extremely limited provable objective support.

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