Confronting Astrological Misconceptions

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When it comes to a lot of Astrological writing, I see the tone as being very “cause oriented”.

By that, I mean that the word choices would lead us to believe that because someone happens to be born under a certain sign of the zodiac that they automatically behave in a certain fashion or that certain traits have mysteriously found their way into that person’s character via some type of magical planetary rays.

I write this not to criticize anyone, but to provoke thought about how our astrological makeup is sometimes presented in public forums. Whether we realize it or not, perpetuating the notion that being a certain sign or having a certain configuration in our birth charts “makes” us anything in particular can be a very inaccurate and damaging idea.

What is contained in our natal charts is pure potential that we can make a conscious choice to direct.  In our lives, we may find that we sometimes do so in a constructive manner. While at other times, we take the exact same energy and express it in a way that would be deemed dysfunctional.

It is true that certain behaviors may correlate with certain signs of the zodiac, but this is because those behaviors are in service of aspiring to fulfill the NEEDS and drives as represented by the sign.

To paraphrase Astrologer and Psychologist Glenn Perry, the metaphorical meaning of signs is lost when they’re equated with people because we then start to describe INDIVIDUALS  rather than BEHAVIOR.

If we’re truly going to get the most of Astrology as a tool for self-development, there are many conversations which need to take place in regard to everyday language which can be deterministic rather than growth oriented. Phrases which refer to people as fixed entities rather than choice-oriented human beings who have yet to unfold.

Our birth charts can provide a structure of our psyche, but its contents do not CAUSE us to act a certain way. This is empowering in that we have the capacity to choose our modes of action as well as our responses, and also the ability to synthesize elements within ourselves to produce a highly functioning and integrated self.

There will be more written on this topic. I plan on writing about the common misconceptions associated with every sign on the zodiac sign. I’m well aware that for some people’s brains, it’s easier to pigeonhole and hyper-classify instead of doing the work it takes to walk through the rich world of multidimensionality.


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