Virgo Sun, Aquarius Moon

Jamaican Seal 1

The outside of you screams “Six Sigma”, while inwardly, you may be plotting a coup d’e’tat.

Six sigma is a set of techniques used for process improvement.

Six Sigma seeks to improve the quality of process outputs by identifying and removing the causes of defects (errors) and minimizing variability in manufacturing and business processes.”

With the Sun’s placement in Virgo, it’s likely that your life approach is fueled by efficiency, “cutting the fat”, and getting things right and exact. Being a useful person provides a continuous source of energy. However, with the Aquarius Moon in the picture, the work of improvement is done through unconventional, and possibly even radical means. By shaking people up at their cores in service of “change for the betterment of humanity.”

You’re a purist with the heart of a rebel. Your challenge is to employ analysis and discrimination to ventures which also call for an element of risk.  You may find this particularly daunting because most things which produce massive changes don’t usually unfold like origami.


Scorpio Sun, Virgo Moon


In a birth chart, when the Sun is placed in Scorpio and the Moon in Virgo the core life energy which stimulates the individual is comprised of depth, intensity, extremes and the control of information. 

This placement suggests a penetrative orientation. One who desires to investigate material that’s been buried, repressed and kept “secret”. Scorpio shuns living on the surface. They would rather get to the root of life even if what they unearth may be repulsive or hideous.

Scorpio finds value in the sacred AND the profane. This allows them to be very effective in the process of healing themselves and others.

The Virgo Moon uses the light of the Scorpio sun to create a personality form that needs to be right, exact, correct and useful. The Moon in Virgo suggests an emotional need to perfect a part of oneself and offer it to humanity as a gift in the form of serviceVirgo Moons are nourished by precise analysis, picking things apart in order to see how they may function more optimally when reassembled.

The ultimate compliment you could pay to an individual with a Virgo Moon is:  ”this situation has improved so much ever since YOU entered the picture. Your skills of analysis are impeccable.”

However, what would benefit lunar Virgos is to make sure this process of “picking apart” doesn’t run rampant and morph into hyper criticism of others and unfounded anal retentiveness. For this type of behavior can sometimes be a reflection of inner disappointment from not being perfect:

”They [Virgo Moons] likewise feel more secure by making definite improvements in their environment, in their scientific, artistic or intellectual pursuits, or-what is NOT always appreciated-in other people. In fact, as woman wrote in a questionnaire, “sometimes they can be busybodies, putting others’ lives in order with advice-usually not so tactful. They’re so busy organizing friends’ lives that they forget about their own back yards.”

“Being helpful makes them feel better about themselves and aids them in overcoming their habitual self-doubt and sense of personal imperfection. In fact “perfectionism” is a key word for Virgo, and their unavoidable awareness of their own imperfections leads very often to an excessive self-consciousness, sometimes of a type so severe as to render them unable to use their true gifts with any confidence.”

The optimum version of this blend is an individual who is effective in eliciting emotional reactions from others, yet is also strikingly useful once the proper situation presents itself. It’s the type of person that might take you aback at first meeting, maybe even with a twist of psychic nakedness.

If you don’t stop at the surface, however, they will show you how to re-assemble your mental and emotional wardrobe in a restorative way. It’s the doctor that gives you that medicine which may not taste so good, but in the end, it cures what ails you.

Reference: Person-to-Person Astrology: Energy Factors in Love, Sex & Compatibility by Stephen Arroyo

Body Shaming On Social Media

If we’re involved with social media to virtually any degree, there are permeating themes that are almost impossible NOT to notice.

One of these issues centers around Men, in general, applying their criticisms to Women’s weight without engaging in critical self-examination.

As a stocky, well-built man who loves his share of great food, wine and imported beer, I can advise Men that it would serve to benefit us to think about these criticisms more thoroughly and to ease up on the judgment.

Here some of us sit, on our couches, remote in hand, with every sports package available, ready to do damage to a 12 pack. The words “gym” and “workout” have suddenly become oblivious to our vocabulary.


Simultaneously, we’re indicting Women for “failing” to keep their bodies up to our “impeccable” standards. Only adding to the tremendous amount of pressure and scrutiny Women are under to begin with. This is of the hypocrisy “do as I say, not as I do” at its finest.

Let’s face it: It’s not an inaccurate statement to say that in general, Men have been given a pass on their looks. They’ve been sequestered from the societal microscopic dissection of their body image. Women have not.


There’s rarely, if any a persistent, glaring message which tells Men: “if you don’t look like (fill in the blank)  Women won’t want you.”

There may be exceptions to this, but on the whole, we’re given somewhat of a societal pass from harsh judgement when it comes to our physical appearance.

Because of this, a large number of Women have fallen into the trap of allowing Men to dictate their feelings about their weight and overall self presentation. 

Women: while a Man’s insensitive, poorly worded comment about your weight may initially take you aback, please consider that setting and maintaining your own standards in this area combined with seeking well intentioned, reasonable advice in the areas of nutrition and exercise is a strategy which deserves full consideration.


Your life comes down to how you view yourself and how you feel. Being comfortable with a constantly evolving you in all areas of your life, devoid of a toxic Man’s pseudo-“assistance” is of utmost importance. Please remember that if you’re not at peace with the Woman inside of you, whether you weigh 110 or 310 pounds, true joy will continue to be elusive.

Pisces Sun, Leo Moon

One of the points that I often make regarding the use of Astrology is that each of the planets are representatives of human needs.

As human beings, we make things happen in pursuance of fulfilling those needs. When examining the Sun/Moon blend in an individual birth chart, a few vital questions are being asked:

[1] what’s this person’s essential fuel comprised of? [2]What maintains their vitality? [3] what do they need to be emotionally fulfilled?

With the particular combination of a Pisces Sun and a Leo Moon, the fuel of creative service meets personal distinction.

For this individual, the path of offering a fluid, unbounded version of themselves is realized through the acknowledgement of ones specialness.

When this person comes to terms with their need to be honored, attract notice from others, and  be validated as unique they will be in a position to offer inspirational healing to the world at large.

This person’s identity is synthesized with the emotional need to offer unconditional love and acceptance to humanity. This is done in a manner which shows generosity of spirit, empathy and the finely honed ability to maintain the common touch.

One of the most significant lessons for those with this Sun/Moon combination is that developing their personality does not come in isolation, but rather as a connection to the whole of life:

” Personality, is of course, a relative concept. We can enumerate the various traits of personality which a man exhibits. We can say that he is decided, or gentle; that he’s unfeeling, stupid or judicious; but our epithets have no meaning in isolation, just as black has no meaning without white. If by personality we mean a man’s “distinctive personal character” we’re obliged to recognize that we can only conceive of such an entity in terms of contrasting it with other distinctive personal characters. “

“The more isolated a man is, the less is he an independent personality and the less does he exhibit those qualities that distinguish one man from another.”

In this day and age, we live by the “trust no one” mantra. The meme that says: “I’d better keep my guard up and never let anyone see what I’m all about.” With this blend, it’s well worth considering that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be deeply known and bestow one’s creative gifts on the world in a way that only YOU can.

The development of confidence is key to navigating your inner world and offering up it’s contents as one of your artistic gifts. What you’re really doing with this combination is engaging in sharing with the world: saying YES, i need encouragement, YES, I need you to pay attention to me and YES i want to hear that I’m unlike anyone else, and I’m going to SHOW you and give it all back to you by inspiring other people to discover their own needs just as I did.

There’s a healing factor in fulfilling your destiny and just by having the courage and lion heart to embark on that journey, it assists you to moving closer to being a superstar.

Notes: “The Integration of The Personality” by Anthony Storr


Venus-Saturn Aspects in The Birth Chart + Erykah Badu’s “Bag Lady”



There are several states of mind, when overtaxed, which can serve as grand inhibitors in our lives if we allow it.

If I were to start a list of such potential ways of thinking , those which contained a disproportionate amount of FEAR and DOUBT would most likely be right at the top.

Most likely, at some point in our lives,  we’ve “thrown the towel” in.

We’ve conceded, allowing the thoughts of what may happen, or what has already transpired in our lives to place us on physical, mental and emotional lockdown.

Or, while we may have professedly  “moved on” from certain people and situations, there’s still a slew of baggage that’s being unconsciously transferred no matter what “new” setting we find ourselves in. In many cases, those bags may have become so heavy, that it affects our ability to navigate other terrain.


Please lend me your eyes and ears as we discuss Venus, Saturn and intimate relationships.

One of the things that I love about Astrology is the astounding number of possibilities which are born when two planetary archetypes meet. The range of potentials is beyond our wildest imagination. In addition, every planet is a teacher and can offer tremendous assistance with its lessons.

Venus symbolizes our fundamental desire to relate and connect to another human being. It’s us “reaching out” and being reached out to in return. There’s a spirit of harmony and cooperation which permeates Venusian energy. The wish to co-exist peacefully, ‘work things out’ and smooth over differences while building bridges of the heart. In many ways, Venus is connected to what we find beautiful in this world and our capacity to embody that; to make our relationships ART.

Saturn’s energy is structural. It’s connected to forms. The ringed planet symbolizes concrete actualization of our goals through discipline, hard work and commitment. Saturn embodies the divine law of compensation in that we receive in the exact measure to which we give; the amount of effort which we put into something is precisely reflected into our returns.

Saturn’s lessons are related to the tests we need to meet in order to build greater stability in our lives. What’s essentially being asked of us is that we face our life challenges with an attitude of focus, responsibility and maturity.

When Venus and Saturn combine in an individual birth chart, there’s a potential to be severely tested within the realm of human relationships. The manner in which we negotiate this territory is of utmost importance.

If we look at what a test really consists of, we’re given one almost every day. When we’re reeling off of 3 hours of sleep, the alarm clock sounds and we know we have to get up for work. Or, when we actually get to our job and we’re “tested” by our employer to justify our position. Even if we work at home, we’re testing ourselves to see how much we can produce for that given day.


When we get to the crux of Venus-Saturn in relationships, the tests only scratch the surface. The deeper part is confronting and eliminating the potential fears that we have of not being able to pass them. Not being good enough, smart enough, thin enough, beautiful enough, sexy enough, cool enough, etc…. 

On the dysfunctional side of Venus-Saturn, the picture looks like someone who is inhibited, or blocked in love because they feel like they don’t deserve it, or they don’t have the ability to  measure up to some artificial construct they’ve created. The idea of a relationship feels like a weight because the thought of getting close to someone would only exacerbate those fears.

The defense mechanism or “hiding place” is to rationalize that “no one wants me” anyway, or the devaluing of how much time and effort others put into maintaining their relationships:

“Whew….. I don’t know how two people spend SOOOO much time together… I couldn’t do it.”  “There’s no way i could talk to my partner on the phone EVERY DAY…”

This line of thinking says :

if I trick myself into believing all of this is “one big hassle”, it will alleviate my desire to enter into a relationship and EVER having to be tested.

However, what’s being missed here is that a great deal of effort is probably being expended to restrict or suppress these desires, when it could actually be re-directed in healthier ways to obtain what we actually want.

If we’re able to understand these fears for what they are and bring them to light, there’s a much lesser chance that they’ll show up as excess baggage in our relationships or pursuance thereof, and we’ll then be able to work with the constructive potentials of Venus-Saturn:

responsible partnership, operating with integrity in relationships, taking ownership in how we connect to other people, solidly defining our relationship needs, setting healthy boundaries between ourselves and others, putting conscious effort into working at relationships, valuing long term commitment over short term gratification, summoning the fortitude to endure difficult times, exhibiting discipline and self-control with our partners, and choosing adult relating.

When it comes to Venus-Saturn aspects in our birth charts, the willingness we exhibit towards confronting our fears about relationships can go a long way in making a difference in whether we become the committed partner or the “bag lady”.


Virgo Sun, Taurus Moon


*Excerpt from the upcoming “Book of Virgo”

Serenity is what your soul craves. In the deepest recesses of your heart, a peaceful existence is what fulfills you. The experience of your senses and using your physical body as a vehicle for enjoyment may come naturally to you.


What fuels you and where your aspirations lie, are in the arena of improvement of yourself and others. Your radiance shines through when you serve others via a skill or part of yourself which you feel that you’ve “perfected”.  However, there can be a constant, nagging feeling that something is always wrong.

Having this Sun/Moon combination, one of the lessons which needs to be digested is: even when you have a system seems to be functioning optimally, you can’t lean on it forever. Life and YOU are still up for continuous assessment and you have the ability to do so while accepting your flaws.

The part of you which wants to relax and revel in life, and the one that wants to “do better” can be at variance and need to find a way to create a friendship where dual needs are addressed and honored. Until this happens, you may be consistently questioning whether you’re having too much fun at the expense of your development, or you may even view the enjoyment of life as a hindrance to your progress instead of a part of a well-integrated human being.

Think more about producing concrete results and less about your work being pristine and flawless and you’ll find that solid, steady progress is being made in the way of your endeavors. In love, enjoy the one you’re with. Appreciate the person inside for who they truly are while curbing the urge to refine them based on your vision of the relationship.


An Open Letter To Libra

Maroon White Seal

Dear Libra,

Hey hey!! I hope all has been well with you.  I tried to call you the other night, but to no avail.  I’m not really worried, though. I know you’ll call me back. You’ve always been a friend that I can count on and you’re accommodating to a fault sometimes. That’s really part of the reason that I’m writing you. I’m sitting here thinking about how we haven’t talked in a while and I miss you. I miss your sweet, warm nature and your willingness to listen and give everyone a fair shake. Justice was always so important to you. Not only are you interest-ing, but you’re also interest-ed in others, which explains why everyone is so drawn to you.

I understand that we probably haven’t conversed in a while because of your new relationship and I hope it’s going well. I know it’s your first priority, but as I friend, I want to tell you that I see signs of you losing yourself a little bit. All of the things I used to hear you so amped and excited about seemed to subside since you met your mate. Your traveling, your art, your dreams….. I’m sensing that you’re not even writing the way you used to… I’ve been checking your fashion blog- and nothing!!

I mean…. you’re still passionate about these things, right???

I guess what I’m trying to say is this: I really hope everything works out between you two, but as a friend, I don’t ever want you to lose sight of yourself or your gifts. Even if you’re in a “happy” relationship, becoming engulfed can eventually become a problem. You’ll always be my charming, refined and well-balanced friend. I used to stand back in awe when I witnessed you putting those social skills to work when you were an art dealer. You could sell to anybody!!  I marveled at your ability to establish a rapport with such a diverse group of people.

I just want to see you put your whole self to good use. That’s the way I see it. One of your greatest strengths has always been the ability to connect. I know it was some time ago, but in our last conversation I detected a hint of dissatisfaction because you weren’t getting out and socializing like you used to. I remember how all of that used to energize you SO much. Last thing I remember, you sounded depleted and you seemed totally absorbed in your relationship. Just some food for thought.

The last thing I want to leave you with is this: you don’t have to make an “either/or” choice. This isn’t a black and white situation. You don’t have to damage your relationship in order to get back on track, but you may want to think about carving out some time to get back in touch with your essential nature. To reflect on who YOU are outside of your relationship. The better YOU are, the better partner you can be and the more you’ll have to share. It’s all about balance.

Well…. I need to get out of here, because I have a plane to catch, but just know you were on my mind. Take care and I hope to hear from you soon.


Sagittarian Mind


An Open Letter To Sagittarius

aerial-view-ancient-architecture-672532 (1)

Dear Sagittarius:
I’m truly amazed at the progress you’ve made since our last communication. Whether you’re packing your bags for the Cannes Film Festival in France or contemplating overseas treks to New Zealand, you never cease to amaze me.

Your window of the world has become boundless and this is something to be truly admired.

One of the ideas that stuck with me in our most recent conversation is this:

traveling, whether mentally or physically, loses it’s lustre if your worldview has not expanded when you return. It only stands to reason that travel, in it’s most genuine sense, stretches the mind and enlarges both the internal and external worlds.



The fact remains that you must bring your enthusiasm and inspiration with you if you’re going to derive meaning from your experience. If you board the plane with a rigid, inflexible mindset that’s not receptive to anything but your current reality, you might as well de-board, flag down a cab and go back home.

Sagittarius: exposing yourself to new, unfamiliar terrain is a major key to your growth and development. Whether that territory is another country, a different philosophy or a creative pursuit depends on your individual situation.

Getting out of your comfort zone is key. For you, Stretching the limits and boundaries of any situation is more of a necessity than a risk.

Being on the Tom Joyner cruise next to Willie and Ella Mae from Lexington, Kentucky may bring you the temporary rest and relaxation that you seek, but will it stretch your mind out of your immediate environment, give you new food for thought and expand your worldview?

The key is , whether physically or intellectually, to leave your local neighborhood.



Please be aware that there is a good chance you will be contested by the stodgy and narrow-minded who fail to see your vision. Or those who recognize it, but disapprove. I say: ignore them. Remove them from your mental space.

Grab those round trip tickets to Iceland. Cop that SP1200, even if you have to eat Ramen noodles for a few weeks.

Nobody can live your purpose like you and you’ve been summoned to do so by the universe, which has supplied you with the sacred bow and arrow.

I would like to leave you with the following thought: your sign is ruled by Jupiter, the master of expansion. Jupiter and Saturn are a natural pair. It’s very difficult to discuss one without including the other.

It would be in your best interest to consider how you plan to incorporate your knowledge, understanding and meaning, gained through travel experiences, in the world, on the concrete level that Saturn demands.

A collection of passport stamps and lofty spiritual philosophies from all over the world will do you absolutely no good if you don’t create a solid, tangible reality in which to incorporate what you’ve learned.

Yes…. you have the secret of the ages, but be aware of the age we’re living in right here today and build accordingly.

Travel light, sadge….. travel light…….

Photo by Scott Webb from Pexels


Our Moon Signs : Emotional Fulfillment

Moon Face Finished

Nourish (nur’ish) – To provide with food and other substances necessary for life and growth; feed. (2) To foster the development of; promote. (3) To keep alive; maintain.

Most of us know the tremendously satisfying feeling of having a good meal. Whether we’re walking away from our own kitchen table or sliding out of a booth in a restaurant, there is a common and immediate understanding when we utter the phrases “mmmmmm”, or “yum”, or we say the Jamaican joint was on smash. On the flip side, we also know hunger. That burning or aching in the belly that alerts us. The weakness and discomfort that signals our intense craving for sustenance. When we take these descriptions and apply them to our emotional life, we are describing our Moon signs.

Astrologically, the Moon symbolizes the types of experiences we hunger for. The Moon is intimacy, closeness, comfort, home, family, roots and clan. It’s the past, tradition, memory, sentimental longings and bonding. Rapport on a deeper level. Yes, Venus is sweet, syrupy goodness, but mostly empty calories in comparison to the lunar influence. In your birth chart, where your Moon is placed by sign, will indicate the style of expression of the Moon’s principles.

So…. what does this mean for YOU?

If your Moon sign is:

Aries: Your emotional style is best expressed as brave and decisive. You don’t have to pull punches or play games. You have a hunger to fight for your individuality, or even a cause that protects those who cannot defend themselves. The need to be first, numero uno and the top of the line never strays too far from your heart’s realm. New beginnings and breaking new ground are innate. You have the courage to go where no Woman/Man has gone before and stay there. Avoid the lunchroom bully syndrome and allow others the same rights that you fight so passionately for and you’ll be straighter than straight and won’t have so much hate.

Taurus: Ahh… the good life….. Creature comforts. The 4th quarter and a Heineken, Silk sheets, milk bath and scented lotions. Aren’t YOU just a walking, breathing sensual pleasure machine? As a Taurus Moon, you have an emotional need to be attuned to your senses in order to experience the beauty of the physical world. Taurus is all about building a life with the intent of expressing tangible results. Having something to show for your efforts. You need to do this is a calm, safe and stable environment. Let’s just make sure your routine doesn’t make you a cardboard cut-out. Remain open to change. And yes, sometimes you have to fix things even if they’re not broke!

Gemini: Your “food” consists of information, ideas, discussion, and variety. Intellectual exchange is essential. There probably won’t be too much heavy breathing with you as the twins like to keep it light and breezy. While it’s important to rep your style, it’s also vital not to get hung up in the trap of superficiality. Your duality must serve you by preserving warmth and sincerity while remaining objective. And, that’s a fact, Jack !


(photo: Limon Das )

Cancer: Mr. or Ms. Crab: you are NOT and island. You might try to front and hide underneath that hard shell, but we all know that once you let us in, Ralph Tresvant will be in the deck because you’re sensitive. With a Cancer Moon, you have an emotional need to belong. You need a family.I’m not speaking strictly biological here. It could be a tight knit group of friends with a common ideology. You might need to share your Wu-Tang style. Whatever it is, the need to nurture and be nurtured is prevalent. You have the gift of knowing exactly what everyone needs to feel comfortable. Do yourself a favor and listen to Asheru and Talib Kweli’s “Mood Swing” after Ralph and the sky is the limit.


(Photo by Nicholas Githiri from Pexels)

Leo: No doubt about it, you are a star. This doesn’t mean that your name has to be in bright lights on the marquis. However, in your individual universe, you possess dignity par excellence. You’re the King or the Queen and others need to recognize when they’re in the presence of greatness. Creative self-expression is your forte. Just the sheer joy of being you provides you with a full day’s supply of nutrients. Praise and recognition from others is the dessert. However, you’ve overeaten when you fail to know where your lines end. The stage is big enough for all of us. So, wrap it up, B! If you’re successful, your castle will always remain intact.

Virgo: There’s no such thing as true perfection, but you were so busy organizing your “to do ” list that you didn’t get that memo. Precision, analysis, technique and systems nourish your being. If there is anyone who is going to “get it right” it’s you. Virgo Moon’s have the emotional desire to refine their skills and offer them to humanity for the sake of overall improvement. You feel like you can always be better. The red flag comes when you’re overly self-critical or you turn into Mr. or Ms. fix it for others. Relax, have a drink without a coaster and watch the movie :” The Shape of Things”. I think you’ll get the picture.

Libra: Yes. We’re aware that you cut the crust off of your bread for perfect symmetry and smooth edges are your specialty. Harmony, balance and justice also sustain you pretty well. You have courteous, kind and affable down to a science. As a Libra Moon, you need equilibrium in your life, but please don’t allow this need to engulf taking a stand. Or, having an opinion that could rock the boat. Sometimes, the fence is not available as a sitting place. Your natural diplomacy could put Chris Sabian to shame. Combine that with moxie and you’re into something, my friend.

Scorpio: The dark does not scare you. You’re milquetoast intolerant. As a Scorpio Moon, you need depth, intensity, root causes. You refuse to enlist your emotional life in the Bobby Mcferrin fan club. It’s real in the field, and you have the tremendous capacity to heal others because you know this. Not theoretically, but from a gut level, instinctual place the “highbrows” opted out of. Just remember, there is immense value in the light as well, If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.


(Photo by Edson Habacuc Rafael from Pexels)

Sagittarius: The Archer’s 5 course meal consists of knowledge, wisdom, understanding, freedom and mental and physical travel. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on another train to Paris or another train of thought, it’s all equally fortifying. Foreign lands can be physical or just new ways of thinking. There’s a wise Woman/Man bursting at the seams to get out and share your ideas with the world and lift their spirits tenfold. Here’s the kicker: if you’re not doing your Sagittarian Moon, you will shun those who don’t agree with your well-reasoned brilliance and prophetic insight as if only YOU could have come to these conclusions and have found the holy grail. Gasp ! Curb this tendency and your arrows will shoot straight and true.

Capricorn: Achievement, goal setting, self-mastery, maturity, status and authority. Planning your work and working your plan- literally makes you the M-.E-.T-.H.-O-.D Man. As a Capricorn Moon, you have organized your life to climb your mountain. You get the job done like Big Daddy Kane and produce results. However, recognize that the true measure of your worth does not rest on an office door, a title on a business card or pats on the back. Only is your best efforts at the preservation of integrity. Having the consistency of your thoughts and words reflected through your external behavior. Now, that’s one to grow on.


(Photo by from Pexels)

Aquarius: As the Water Bearer, you devour anything avant garde. Innovation,uniqueness and originality provide you with the vitamins and minerals necessary for your well being. One of your inherent strengths is that you embrace oddball status. You’re ahead of the game and you know it. Just make sure to take cover when your pride comes crashing down after you realize you’re a mere mortal just like the rest of us. As an Aquarius Moon, you are no doubt a trailblazer. However, realize that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel all of the time. Sooner or later, you will need something which has already been established as a model. This doesn’t make you a clone or unoriginal. And while we’re at it, healthy routines won’t make you dull or boring either. Metaphorical lightning bolts have been known to produce “a-ha” moments, but they’ve also burnt houses down to the ground.

Pisces: Your internal bliss is something to behold. “Tuned in” would definitely be the appropriate phrase. Pisces Moon’s have the uncanny ability to put themselves into another’s shoes. Not only do you sell dreams, but you fulfill them too. Receptive and enchanting, you draw others in. Using your gifts constructively, you can give birth to riches on the material plane through the sheer power of imagination and inner vision. Make sure that you don’t try on so many shoes that you can no longer find your own. Remember: the line between ‘la-la’ land and ‘lie-lie’ land is closer than you think.

Astrology & Intimate Partnerships


“Why do I keep attracting all of these wild Sagittarians? Every time I turn around, they’re hopping on a plane somewhere.” “Gemini’s are no good for me….. Hot and cold, and definitely too chatty!”

“Will my Pisces Man remain loyal to me?” “My last three girlfriends have all been Cancers, always wanting to stay home, cuddle, and watch movies. We never leave the house, but she can cook, though !”

“My Capricorn boss wants me to work late AGAIN!” “I wish my Libra co-worker would make up her mind about what she wants for lunch.” “Well…. at least she doesn’t eat pixie sticks for lunch like that Aquarius down the hall.”

such as those above, chances are that you’re on the right track to learning more about what relationship astrology, or synastry is all about.

Synastry, simply defined is a method that astrologers use to compare the birth chart of two individuals in order to ascertain compatibility.

This chart comparison method is not just limited to intimate relationships, it can also be used as a tool to evaluate our relationships to friends, co-workers, bosses and family members.

One of the most important ideas to remember regarding the comparison of two charts, is that all of the planetary and house placements are an indicator of potential and possibilities. The natal chart itself is not a promise of anything.


A birth chart may speak to tendencies and inclinations, but even the most astute astrologer will not be able to tell you how you, or another person is going to choose to exercise their free will.

Another important point of emphasis which needs to be considered is that we’re all multi-dimensional human beings. We have many sides to usOur emotions, our communication styles, what we value, our sexual selves, etc…

When two charts are being compared, it’s essential that the astrologer examine all of the parts and interpret them as a whole to conclude whether or not true compatibility exists. This territory takes us beyond the realm of sun signs. 

Please allow me to state a brief example:

Let’s take Andre, who has the Sun in Aries and Kim, who is a Leo . WOW!! Two fire signs hitting it off!! All of the books, magazines, etc… say this is a hot match!! The couple is bracing themselves for the ride of their lives and everlasting bliss….. But wait!!

Andre’s moon sign, which is symbolic of our emotional life is in freedom-loving Sagittarius and Kim has a sensitive Cancer Moon. The couple parties like rock stars on the weekend and it’s all good. They go to the Bilal show, pop bottles in V.I.P., give the mattress springs a workout and life is grand. The weekend was hot, but let’s fast forward to Monday evening, shall we?


It seems as if Andre’s day flew by and it’s another one down in the books. However, Kim’s  work day was a proverbial train wreck. Pointless, mundane back-to-back meetings, impatient managers, and angry clients. At this point, her Cancer Moon just wants to come home, put on her robe and slippers and talk everything out with her man. 

When she walks in the door, Dre already has his Heineken in hand watching NFL Monday Night pre-game on ESPN.  His Moon in Sagittarius can’t wait until the Jets get their chance to avenge last year’s playoff defeat against the Steelers. Kickoff is just minutes away………

While Kim had a great time partying this weekend with Andre, she finds him to be completely emotionally unavailable and non-responsive to her lunar needs when situations like this arise.

While Kim is aware that she has a rich and varied inner life based on feeling and intuition, Andre prides himself on remaining “light”, optimistic and above the fray.

Houston, we have a problem………

This particular scenario and many just like it can be interpreted and understood at a much deeper level through the use of synastry as a tool in relationship dynamics. 

Let’s always keep in mind that in addition to employing these tools, very little can top maturity, a loving attitudeintegrity, honesty and trust as the cornerstones for building healthy adult relationships.