Relationship Astrology: Moon-Mars Contacts in Synastry- “Heartbeat”



This is an astoundingly appropriate word when musing on Moon/Mars contacts between two individuals within synastric aspect.  When you interact with someone where your Moon or Mars is activated by the other, you’ll get double and triple confirmation that you are indeed ALIVE.

Anything that stirs the emotions is in play : love, passion, anger, fear, resentment, lust, intensity. This aspect suggests not only a potential for a strong sexual attraction between two people, but the invigoration of personalities, and immense energy toward the mutual fulfillment of emotional needs and support of individual and shared goals.

There can be a hauntingly instinctual sense of what “feeds” one another and a burning desire to stoke the flames when it comes to the world of feeling. When we arrive at this place, we must be careful to discern between healthy emotional outlets and displaced aggression.

Optimally, the potential for a magnetic “at home” quality between lovers is accentuated. An exhilarating synthesis of excitement and comfort can go a long way in strengthening heart bonds.

Dysfunctionally, needless power struggles can emerge. The projection of the masculine and feminine on one another as a result of one (or both) parties disowning those essential qualities within their own makeup can prove too much for the relationship to bear. Impromptu sex may quell a temporary dispute, but it won’t address longer term root issues which can literally make or break a union.

If the open and honest expression of feelings, even the less “pleasant” ones, is encouraged, Moon/Mars aspects can assist greatly with two hearts beating on the same accord.

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