Life, Love & Boundaries

“Boundaries are meant to protect life, not to limit pleasures”  – Edwin Louis Cole

When we keep our hearts open, we’re able to continue an unrestricted conversation with the source which moves us toward loving and constructive actions as well as healthy choices which will nourish us emotionally.

It’s important for us to keep our “feeling portals” open, as well as our minds and to consistently be receptive to the myriad of life’s experiences.

Developing an inner dialogue with ourselves allows us to stay in the “driver’s seat” and define our own experiences and attitudes when it comes to life, love, and relationships.

If we allow unpleasant experiences with one (or more) individual(s) to control the manner in which we live and love moving forward, we’ve given up the wheel in favor of living in unconscious fear and doubt.

Yes, it’s vital that through our growth we increase our awareness. However, we must not use temporarily unfavorable outcomes as a platform for beating up on ourselves. Rather, we combine our new insights with our inner wisdom and allow the synthesis to reflect in our unique life perspectives moving forward.

Even through our pain and heartbreak we will discover a marvelous teacher. Pain shows us where our limits are, allowing us to say “ouch”. If nothing led us to this point, how would we know what hurts? Better yet, how would we know when enough is enough?

As horrible as we may have felt during trying times, if we wish to fully participate in life and loving in the most authentic sense, sooner or later, we must risk the same emotions resurfacing in our lives.

Or, we could possibly spend the rest of our days attempting to employ more sophisticated tactics of pain avoidance, projection, self-protection, and the like.

One of the best case scenarios is that we’ll arrive in a place which demonstrates that healthy human boundaries in relationships in no way restrict us from experiencing the love we crave and deserve.

It is through these boundaries that we maintain and preserve our self-love and respect while allowing ourselves to reach out and offer our hearts, as a sacred gift, to another.


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