Astrology & Intimate Partnerships


“Why do I keep attracting all of these wild Sagittarians? Every time I turn around, they’re hopping on a plane somewhere.” “Gemini’s are no good for me….. Hot and cold, and definitely too chatty!”

“Will my Pisces Man remain loyal to me?” “My last three girlfriends have all been Cancers, always wanting to stay home, cuddle, and watch movies. We never leave the house, but she can cook, though !”

“My Capricorn boss wants me to work late AGAIN!” “I wish my Libra co-worker would make up her mind about what she wants for lunch.” “Well…. at least she doesn’t eat pixie sticks for lunch like that Aquarius down the hall.”

such as those above, chances are that you’re on the right track to learning more about what relationship astrology, or synastry is all about.

Synastry, simply defined is a method that astrologers use to compare the birth chart of two individuals in order to ascertain compatibility.

This chart comparison method is not just limited to intimate relationships, it can also be used as a tool to evaluate our relationships to friends, co-workers, bosses and family members.

One of the most important ideas to remember regarding the comparison of two charts, is that all of the planetary and house placements are an indicator of potential and possibilities. The natal chart itself is not a promise of anything.


A birth chart may speak to tendencies and inclinations, but even the most astute astrologer will not be able to tell you how you, or another person is going to choose to exercise their free will.

Another important point of emphasis which needs to be considered is that we’re all multi-dimensional human beings. We have many sides to usOur emotions, our communication styles, what we value, our sexual selves, etc…

When two charts are being compared, it’s essential that the astrologer examine all of the parts and interpret them as a whole to conclude whether or not true compatibility exists. This territory takes us beyond the realm of sun signs. 

Please allow me to state a brief example:

Let’s take Andre, who has the Sun in Aries and Kim, who is a Leo . WOW!! Two fire signs hitting it off!! All of the books, magazines, etc… say this is a hot match!! The couple is bracing themselves for the ride of their lives and everlasting bliss….. But wait!!

Andre’s moon sign, which is symbolic of our emotional life is in freedom-loving Sagittarius and Kim has a sensitive Cancer Moon. The couple parties like rock stars on the weekend and it’s all good. They go to the Bilal show, pop bottles in V.I.P., give the mattress springs a workout and life is grand. The weekend was hot, but let’s fast forward to Monday evening, shall we?


It seems as if Andre’s day flew by and it’s another one down in the books. However, Kim’s  work day was a proverbial train wreck. Pointless, mundane back-to-back meetings, impatient managers, and angry clients. At this point, her Cancer Moon just wants to come home, put on her robe and slippers and talk everything out with her man. 

When she walks in the door, Dre already has his Heineken in hand watching NFL Monday Night pre-game on ESPN.  His Moon in Sagittarius can’t wait until the Jets get their chance to avenge last year’s playoff defeat against the Steelers. Kickoff is just minutes away………

While Kim had a great time partying this weekend with Andre, she finds him to be completely emotionally unavailable and non-responsive to her lunar needs when situations like this arise.

While Kim is aware that she has a rich and varied inner life based on feeling and intuition, Andre prides himself on remaining “light”, optimistic and above the fray.

Houston, we have a problem………

This particular scenario and many just like it can be interpreted and understood at a much deeper level through the use of synastry as a tool in relationship dynamics. 

Let’s always keep in mind that in addition to employing these tools, very little can top maturity, a loving attitudeintegrity, honesty and trust as the cornerstones for building healthy adult relationships.

11 thoughts on “Astrology & Intimate Partnerships

  1. Hello,
    My man is Scorpio Sun, Aquarius Moon and Capricorn Rising.
    I am Aquarius Sun, Aries Moon and Cancer Rising. I saw the definition of his combination of sun, moon and ascendance…but I didn’t find mine. Could you tell me more about it? And what are our compatibilities according to astrology?
    Thanks sagmind

  2. Awesome explanation! I love your approach to astrology and how you incorporate hip hop culture into it. I have a similar approach too 🙂 My mind isn’t Sagittarian lol but I’m totally on the same page! Glad I found your blog 🙂

    1. hey hey!! thank you for reading. i appreciate your comments and you taking the time to visit the blog. Also, i think it’s dope how you synthesize hip hop culture as well. we’ll compare notes and talk shop sometime!! 🙂 If I can assist you in any way, please let me know.

  3. I ♥ your approach to astrology and your blog!!!Thank you so much for sharing it! The more I study tarot and divination the more I learn about astrology. I would love to learn more about synastry…can you give some good links, books, places to look? Thanks in advance & Keep up the good work!

      1. Ok now that my hold list at the library is 39 books long, I think I got a good starting point. I will check back and let you know what I thought! Thanks for the list!

  4. Thank you so much for all of the knowledge you share. I’m a Cancer and I always fall for air signs. Most of my best friends have been air and fire signs. My romantic relationships with fellow water signs were horrible and most earth signs bore me. I’ve learned from you to look at the whole chart and I see I have mostly air and fire in mine. The problem is I find that air signs are not good for the long term. I need to book a consult cause this is confusing and the Cancer in me needs stability lol. Do you have a list of your consults and the costs?

    1. Hey!!! It’s good to see you!! You’re welcome and thank you so much for your kind words. They’re sincerely appreciated. I list all of my information on consultations at: You can also e-mail me at to discuss what you would like to talk about during the session. Definitely looking forward to hearing from you!!

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