An Open Letter To Sagittarius

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Dear Sagittarius:
I’m truly amazed at the progress you’ve made since our last communication. Whether you’re packing your bags for the Cannes Film Festival in France or contemplating overseas treks to New Zealand, you never cease to amaze me.

Your window of the world has become boundless and this is something to be truly admired.

One of the ideas that stuck with me in our most recent conversation is this:

traveling, whether mentally or physically, loses it’s lustre if your worldview has not expanded when you return. It only stands to reason that travel, in it’s most genuine sense, stretches the mind and enlarges both the internal and external worlds.



The fact remains that you must bring your enthusiasm and inspiration with you if you’re going to derive meaning from your experience. If you board the plane with a rigid, inflexible mindset that’s not receptive to anything but your current reality, you might as well de-board, flag down a cab and go back home.

Sagittarius: exposing yourself to new, unfamiliar terrain is a major key to your growth and development. Whether that territory is another country, a different philosophy or a creative pursuit depends on your individual situation.

Getting out of your comfort zone is key. For you, Stretching the limits and boundaries of any situation is more of a necessity than a risk.

Being on the Tom Joyner cruise next to Willie and Ella Mae from Lexington, Kentucky may bring you the temporary rest and relaxation that you seek, but will it stretch your mind out of your immediate environment, give you new food for thought and expand your worldview?

The key is , whether physically or intellectually, to leave your local neighborhood.



Please be aware that there is a good chance you will be contested by the stodgy and narrow-minded who fail to see your vision. Or those who recognize it, but disapprove. I say: ignore them. Remove them from your mental space.

Grab those round trip tickets to Iceland. Cop that SP1200, even if you have to eat Ramen noodles for a few weeks.

Nobody can live your purpose like you and you’ve been summoned to do so by the universe, which has supplied you with the sacred bow and arrow.

I would like to leave you with the following thought: your sign is ruled by Jupiter, the master of expansion. Jupiter and Saturn are a natural pair. It’s very difficult to discuss one without including the other.

It would be in your best interest to consider how you plan to incorporate your knowledge, understanding and meaning, gained through travel experiences, in the world, on the concrete level that Saturn demands.

A collection of passport stamps and lofty spiritual philosophies from all over the world will do you absolutely no good if you don’t create a solid, tangible reality in which to incorporate what you’ve learned.

Yes…. you have the secret of the ages, but be aware of the age we’re living in right here today and build accordingly.

Travel light, sadge….. travel light…….

Photo by Scott Webb from Pexels



3 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Sagittarius

  1. I love this! I’m all about expansion and I’m getting my degree in Anthroplogy. This was good stuff I do need to travel light. 🙂

    Also I’ve been waiting about 2 years for my Sagittarius Sun Virgo Moon post :/ lol stop teasing me lol

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