An Open Letter To Libra

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Dear Libra,

Hey hey!! I hope all has been well with you.  I tried to call you the other night, but to no avail.  I’m not really worried, though. I know you’ll call me back. You’ve always been a friend that I can count on and you’re accommodating to a fault sometimes. That’s really part of the reason that I’m writing you. I’m sitting here thinking about how we haven’t talked in a while and I miss you. I miss your sweet, warm nature and your willingness to listen and give everyone a fair shake. Justice was always so important to you. Not only are you interest-ing, but you’re also interest-ed in others, which explains why everyone is so drawn to you.

I understand that we probably haven’t conversed in a while because of your new relationship and I hope it’s going well. I know it’s your first priority, but as I friend, I want to tell you that I see signs of you losing yourself a little bit. All of the things I used to hear you so amped and excited about seemed to subside since you met your mate. Your traveling, your art, your dreams….. I’m sensing that you’re not even writing the way you used to… I’ve been checking your fashion blog- and nothing!!

I mean…. you’re still passionate about these things, right???

I guess what I’m trying to say is this: I really hope everything works out between you two, but as a friend, I don’t ever want you to lose sight of yourself or your gifts. Even if you’re in a “happy” relationship, becoming engulfed can eventually become a problem. You’ll always be my charming, refined and well-balanced friend. I used to stand back in awe when I witnessed you putting those social skills to work when you were an art dealer. You could sell to anybody!!  I marveled at your ability to establish a rapport with such a diverse group of people.

I just want to see you put your whole self to good use. That’s the way I see it. One of your greatest strengths has always been the ability to connect. I know it was some time ago, but in our last conversation I detected a hint of dissatisfaction because you weren’t getting out and socializing like you used to. I remember how all of that used to energize you SO much. Last thing I remember, you sounded depleted and you seemed totally absorbed in your relationship. Just some food for thought.

The last thing I want to leave you with is this: you don’t have to make an “either/or” choice. This isn’t a black and white situation. You don’t have to damage your relationship in order to get back on track, but you may want to think about carving out some time to get back in touch with your essential nature. To reflect on who YOU are outside of your relationship. The better YOU are, the better partner you can be and the more you’ll have to share. It’s all about balance.

Well…. I need to get out of here, because I have a plane to catch, but just know you were on my mind. Take care and I hope to hear from you soon.


Sagittarian Mind


12 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Libra

  1. I like your style in how you get the message across. Very very good for a Libra that enjoy stories.
    “I want to tell you that I see signs of you losing yourself a little bit” — yes, ever since I can remember

  2. My best friend, and sister, is Libra…

    Well, I shall be sharing this with her, as if anything ever described her and her relationship with men perfectly it was this.

    Her beauty and strength takes me to new dimensions, she is my pillar and its been 24 years of friendship and we have 4 year gaps between seeing each other.

    But this is an inspiration.

    She has 2 daughters, is in her 30’s and lives in near poverty conditions, but has completed studying computer administration and just started a degree in business.
    (That is when a man is NOT involved)

    She is sometimes for a free spirit than I am when it comes to relationships.

    Thank you for connecting me to her.

  3. There’s so much warmth and friendliness in this open letter it just touched my heart : ) And it hits home too!

  4. Thank you for this. I am a Sagittarius and this still speaks to me. I think it speaks to many of us in relationships who forget to center ourselves.

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