Our Moon Signs : Emotional Fulfillment

Moon Face Finished

Nourish (nur’ish) – To provide with food and other substances necessary for life and growth; feed. (2) To foster the development of; promote. (3) To keep alive; maintain.

Most of us know the tremendously satisfying feeling of having a good meal. Whether we’re walking away from our own kitchen table or sliding out of a booth in a restaurant, there is a common and immediate understanding when we utter the phrases “mmmmmm”, or “yum”, or we say the Jamaican joint was on smash. On the flip side, we also know hunger. That burning or aching in the belly that alerts us. The weakness and discomfort that signals our intense craving for sustenance. When we take these descriptions and apply them to our emotional life, we are describing our Moon signs.

Astrologically, the Moon symbolizes the types of experiences we hunger for. The Moon is intimacy, closeness, comfort, home, family, roots and clan. It’s the past, tradition, memory, sentimental longings and bonding. Rapport on a deeper level. Yes, Venus is sweet, syrupy goodness, but mostly empty calories in comparison to the lunar influence. In your birth chart, where your Moon is placed by sign, will indicate the style of expression of the Moon’s principles.

So…. what does this mean for YOU?

If your Moon sign is:

Aries: Your emotional style is best expressed as brave and decisive. You don’t have to pull punches or play games. You have a hunger to fight for your individuality, or even a cause that protects those who cannot defend themselves. The need to be first, numero uno and the top of the line never strays too far from your heart’s realm. New beginnings and breaking new ground are innate. You have the courage to go where no Woman/Man has gone before and stay there. Avoid the lunchroom bully syndrome and allow others the same rights that you fight so passionately for and you’ll be straighter than straight and won’t have so much hate.

Taurus: Ahh… the good life….. Creature comforts. The 4th quarter and a Heineken, Silk sheets, milk bath and scented lotions. Aren’t YOU just a walking, breathing sensual pleasure machine? As a Taurus Moon, you have an emotional need to be attuned to your senses in order to experience the beauty of the physical world. Taurus is all about building a life with the intent of expressing tangible results. Having something to show for your efforts. You need to do this is a calm, safe and stable environment. Let’s just make sure your routine doesn’t make you a cardboard cut-out. Remain open to change. And yes, sometimes you have to fix things even if they’re not broke!

Gemini: Your “food” consists of information, ideas, discussion, and variety. Intellectual exchange is essential. There probably won’t be too much heavy breathing with you as the twins like to keep it light and breezy. While it’s important to rep your style, it’s also vital not to get hung up in the trap of superficiality. Your duality must serve you by preserving warmth and sincerity while remaining objective. And, that’s a fact, Jack !


(photo: Limon Das )

Cancer: Mr. or Ms. Crab: you are NOT and island. You might try to front and hide underneath that hard shell, but we all know that once you let us in, Ralph Tresvant will be in the deck because you’re sensitive. With a Cancer Moon, you have an emotional need to belong. You need a family.I’m not speaking strictly biological here. It could be a tight knit group of friends with a common ideology. You might need to share your Wu-Tang style. Whatever it is, the need to nurture and be nurtured is prevalent. You have the gift of knowing exactly what everyone needs to feel comfortable. Do yourself a favor and listen to Asheru and Talib Kweli’s “Mood Swing” after Ralph and the sky is the limit.


(Photo by Nicholas Githiri from Pexels)

Leo: No doubt about it, you are a star. This doesn’t mean that your name has to be in bright lights on the marquis. However, in your individual universe, you possess dignity par excellence. You’re the King or the Queen and others need to recognize when they’re in the presence of greatness. Creative self-expression is your forte. Just the sheer joy of being you provides you with a full day’s supply of nutrients. Praise and recognition from others is the dessert. However, you’ve overeaten when you fail to know where your lines end. The stage is big enough for all of us. So, wrap it up, B! If you’re successful, your castle will always remain intact.

Virgo: There’s no such thing as true perfection, but you were so busy organizing your “to do ” list that you didn’t get that memo. Precision, analysis, technique and systems nourish your being. If there is anyone who is going to “get it right” it’s you. Virgo Moon’s have the emotional desire to refine their skills and offer them to humanity for the sake of overall improvement. You feel like you can always be better. The red flag comes when you’re overly self-critical or you turn into Mr. or Ms. fix it for others. Relax, have a drink without a coaster and watch the movie :” The Shape of Things”. I think you’ll get the picture.

Libra: Yes. We’re aware that you cut the crust off of your bread for perfect symmetry and smooth edges are your specialty. Harmony, balance and justice also sustain you pretty well. You have courteous, kind and affable down to a science. As a Libra Moon, you need equilibrium in your life, but please don’t allow this need to engulf taking a stand. Or, having an opinion that could rock the boat. Sometimes, the fence is not available as a sitting place. Your natural diplomacy could put Chris Sabian to shame. Combine that with moxie and you’re into something, my friend.

Scorpio: The dark does not scare you. You’re milquetoast intolerant. As a Scorpio Moon, you need depth, intensity, root causes. You refuse to enlist your emotional life in the Bobby Mcferrin fan club. It’s real in the field, and you have the tremendous capacity to heal others because you know this. Not theoretically, but from a gut level, instinctual place the “highbrows” opted out of. Just remember, there is immense value in the light as well, If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.


(Photo by Edson Habacuc Rafael from Pexels)

Sagittarius: The Archer’s 5 course meal consists of knowledge, wisdom, understanding, freedom and mental and physical travel. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on another train to Paris or another train of thought, it’s all equally fortifying. Foreign lands can be physical or just new ways of thinking. There’s a wise Woman/Man bursting at the seams to get out and share your ideas with the world and lift their spirits tenfold. Here’s the kicker: if you’re not doing your Sagittarian Moon, you will shun those who don’t agree with your well-reasoned brilliance and prophetic insight as if only YOU could have come to these conclusions and have found the holy grail. Gasp ! Curb this tendency and your arrows will shoot straight and true.

Capricorn: Achievement, goal setting, self-mastery, maturity, status and authority. Planning your work and working your plan- literally makes you the M-.E-.T-.H.-O-.D Man. As a Capricorn Moon, you have organized your life to climb your mountain. You get the job done like Big Daddy Kane and produce results. However, recognize that the true measure of your worth does not rest on an office door, a title on a business card or pats on the back. Only is your best efforts at the preservation of integrity. Having the consistency of your thoughts and words reflected through your external behavior. Now, that’s one to grow on.


(Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels)

Aquarius: As the Water Bearer, you devour anything avant garde. Innovation,uniqueness and originality provide you with the vitamins and minerals necessary for your well being. One of your inherent strengths is that you embrace oddball status. You’re ahead of the game and you know it. Just make sure to take cover when your pride comes crashing down after you realize you’re a mere mortal just like the rest of us. As an Aquarius Moon, you are no doubt a trailblazer. However, realize that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel all of the time. Sooner or later, you will need something which has already been established as a model. This doesn’t make you a clone or unoriginal. And while we’re at it, healthy routines won’t make you dull or boring either. Metaphorical lightning bolts have been known to produce “a-ha” moments, but they’ve also burnt houses down to the ground.

Pisces: Your internal bliss is something to behold. “Tuned in” would definitely be the appropriate phrase. Pisces Moon’s have the uncanny ability to put themselves into another’s shoes. Not only do you sell dreams, but you fulfill them too. Receptive and enchanting, you draw others in. Using your gifts constructively, you can give birth to riches on the material plane through the sheer power of imagination and inner vision. Make sure that you don’t try on so many shoes that you can no longer find your own. Remember: the line between ‘la-la’ land and ‘lie-lie’ land is closer than you think.

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