Leo Sun, Aquarius Moon


(Excerpt from the upcoming “Book of Leo”)

Fulfilling your need to individuate and distinguish yourself from the herd is the gateway to personal recognition and notice from others. However, it’s important not to confuse attention with approval.

You seek affirmation and validation for being the special human being that you are. A magnetic warmth is mixed with an original flavor which allows you to color outside the lines, but still retain the common touch of brother and sisterhood.

What you’re really here to do is question the existing order of things. Critically examining “established” procedures, not only of the collective, but also your own internal processes for living.

People look at you and wonder how someone so radical can be so radiant. Or, how such a humanitarian can seemingly steal the spotlight and grasp the world of attention in the palm of their hand.

In the midst of all the group think, what sets you apart? In all of your uniqueness, what links you to others?


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