Astrology, Relationships & Self-Responsibility


As an Astrologer, I place a significant amount of emphasis on my practicality and level of helpfulness. I put a great deal of effort in providing a realistic and well-balanced presentation of the science-art of Astrology. While the message that I bring can be uplifting, empowering and optimistic, it also encourages self-responsibility.

When used to measure potential chemistry between two individuals in the context of a relationship, Astrology can serve us as an extremely insightful tool. However, one of the realities we must face is that both parties have undergone their own unique set of experiences which they bring into the union.


Environment, socialization and any number of factors play a part in how compatible we may or not be with another individual. In many cases, these variables take precedence over the astrological symbolism.

There’s absolutely no doubt that the comparison of two birth charts can provide valuable information and clues regarding relationship compatibility or possible behavioral manifestations, but we must always keep in mind that what is seen on that piece of paper is just POTENTIALOur birth charts are only given life through the actions which we put in motion through our decision making abilities.

The birth chart itself doesn’t reveal how far along the path we are of realizing and implementing our planetary potential.

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We may continue to surf the Internet and browse through various books and magazines which continue to tell us that Sagittarius and Virgo is a “bad combination” or Taurus and Capricorn is a “match made in heaven”.

However, this line of thinking is extremely narrow, short sighted and we’ll be doing ourselves a disservice by subscribing to an astoundingly incomplete version of Astrology.

If we stop and think for a moment about how many dimensions of ourselves which we incorporate in an intimate relationship with another human being, common sense alone will let us know that the complexity of our involvement can’t be narrowed down to a simple paragraph stating that we’re a wonderful or horrible match for someone else based on our sun sign.


To add even more to the mix, let’s also consider that the person making such claims knows nothing about us, our personal lives, level of maturity, communication skills, motivation and drive or capacity for emotional depth and connectivity.

If you’re interested in Astrology and the layers of meaning which it may reveal in regard to your relationship, I suggest you consult a professional Astrologer who will engage in dialogue with you about your individual and relationship needs as well as your responsibility to be an active participant in the process of self-improvement.

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