Venus, Neptune and Nebulous Relationships: “We’re Just Kickin’ It”

For those of you who have seen Theodore Witcher’s 1997 film “Love Jones”, starring Nia Long, Larenz Tate, Isaiah Washington and Bill Bellamy,you’re probably no stranger to the scene above.

However, you may have never read an article that assigns and Astrological correlation to that particular dynamic.  When I think back to that scene, the first phrase that comes to mind is : NEBULOUS RELATIONSHIPS.

Astrologically, the planetary combination which would most suggest this type of energy would be Venus and Neptune.

Venus suggests relating with another person. It’s about human connection, sharing and interaction. In addition, Venus is connected to what we find pleasing, attractive and beautiful. What we VALUE.

Along with Mars and other planets, Venus is a part of the ” cosmic sexual network”, suggesting sensuality and the pleasures of the body.

‘Nebulous’ is a great word for Neptune, as it means: unclear, vague, or not easily defined.

Much of Neptune’s energy conflicts with the typical Western world orientation because it’s connected to what we don’t readily see: the invisible worlds. Consequently, to flow with Neptune, a different set of lenses is required.When used constructively, the Neptunian vibe can provide a flavoring that is uplifting, inspiring and transcendent.

So… what happens when Venus and Neptune meet?

This planetary combination, whether in synastry or an individual birth chart, carries potential for a highly sensitized, refined and boundless type of love. One which provides a sense of unity and spiritual connection.

There’s also potential to form relationships which seem to be surrounded by some type of ambiguous haze or smokescreen. Associations that aren’t clearly defined. Even situations where there’s conscious or unconscious deceit and deception whether self-induced or directed toward the other party.

In this particular scene, Darius (Larenz Tate) and Savon (Isaiah Washington) are playing a friendly game of pool discussing whether or not Savon feels like his partner is his “soul mate”. The conversation takes a turn and eventually lands in the territory of Darius’ newly formed relationship with Nina (Nia Long).

Darius goes on to describe an ethereal sexual encounter with Nina, but won’t allow himself to go any further than saying that the “sex was good” and they’re just “kickin’ it”. Savon then gives him an emphatic warning about the possibility of deceiving himself in the matters of love, and lets him know, from his view what happens when “that jones comes down.”

When Venus-Neptune contacts are operating dysfunctionally, one of the potential dangers is intoxication. In relationships, we  might find ourselves somehow able to experience the benefits of euphoric bliss without having to clearly connect it to anything which suggests deeper feelings or putting our vulnerability on the line. After all, this is risky.

The “trickster” side of Neptune says : “If you don’t give it a name, then it can’t weave its way into your heart and psyche.”

However, as we become more involved, we wonder where these strange, “out of the blue” emotions are coming from, as if not giving our unspoken agreements with someone else an official title has stopped us from experiencing any feelings.

So, in our heads, “we’re just kickin’ it”. But in our hearts, the JONES is on it’s way down.