Astrology: A Liberating Concept of Human Development

Horoscope wheel chart

So, you’ve had your natal chart interpreted by an Astrologer and you’re ecstatic !! Feeling on top of the world. “This is me!!” is what you say to yourself.

Finally, you’ve discovered the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Or, have you? I say that you’ve discovered pieces of gold, but not the whole pot. With the assistance of Astrology, one of the most valuable lessons that I’ve learned is that we’re never static. We’re always becoming.

Think about that.

As human beings, we’re in a continual state of growth or decay. The choice is there for you to make. I once heard an Astrologer say that the same chart which seems to validate and free us can turn right around and become a source of our own limitations if we allow it.

When you study your chart, always consider the vast amount of possibilities that are inherent with each planet,sign and house combination as well as the aspects. Then decide how you wish to channel that energy.

Remember that you’re the coach. Although you may encounter many challenging situations along the way, facing these tests is what champions are made of. To realize that you have numerous alternatives available and the intellect, will and strength to call your own plays is TRUE astroliberation.

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