An Unapologetic Message From Sagittarian Mind


My Father once told me: “If EVERYONE likes or approves of what your doing, you must not be doing too much.”

Wise words from a wise man indeed.

When it comes to our self-images, we must be prepared to live with and accept the thoughts, opinions and perceptions that others have formed of us. However, we must not allow this to sidetrack us from our life’s mission.

We must also take into consideration that a portion of these conclusions drawn by others may stem from their fears and insecurities, which can be both skillfully and unconsciously projected on to us.

It’s important that we use our analytic and intuitive faculties to make the distinction between genuine feedback of those who love and care about us and mentacidal tactics exclusively designed to coerce us into behavior patterns which will temporarily comfort calcified personal anxieties.

Our purpose isn’t to make everyone “comfortable.”  Dedicating our lives to making sure others are “ok” with our choices, and who we are, at every turn can create a psychologically and emotionally stultifying dynamic which depletes us of our energy to assert and express ourselves as multi-dimensional human beings.

To allow others who disapprove of us, to stew in their anger and wallow in their misery, can be the most appropriate gift that we’ll ever give them.

One of the most constructive tasks that we can undertake in regard to our own well-being is to pursue integrity; to align our thoughts, words and deeds in an undivided whole. This means there is no separation between them.

Otherwise, we allow ourselves to let it be. To let the chips fall where they may To take our energy which may have been previously used in attempts to sway personal or public opinion, and direct them toward the life’s work that we’ve chosen to do with conviction, gusto and pizzazz.


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