Navigating Pluto Transits : Personal Rebirth and Finding Light in the Darkness

Whenever we read or hear about Pluto and it’s association with Astrology, a host of themes are mentioned like: transformation, regeneration, rebirth, catharsis, upheaval, renewal and change. However, the NUMBER ONE word that I witness, which attracts the most fixation, where Pluto is concerned is DEATH.

By all means, it’s both a dangerous and incomplete analysis to mention that word in connection with Pluto and refuse to expand the conversation.

YES… transiting Pluto could legitimately indicate a physical death. However, we must also broaden our way of thinking and remember the myriad of symbolic deaths we’re capable of experiencing: the death of our ego, psychological deaths, emotional deaths, vocational and relationship deaths, and deaths of outmoded behavior patterns.

Let’s also remember that in addition to these potential types of death, Plutonian energy is also intimately connected to REBIRTH.

When we’re in the midst of a major Pluto transit to personal points within our birth chart, we’ll most likely, in some form or another, be grappling with the “death” of ourselves as we know it, in that particular area of life.

Most of us, at one time or another, have chosen to reinforce our perceived identities through external anchors; the supports which bolster us and give us a greater sense of who and what we are. Intimate relationships, jobs, family, friendships, personal possessions, money, religion and spirituality are some examples of such anchors.

When we choose these areas as points of over identification, especially to the exclusion of all others, that territory is ripe and fertile ground for transiting Pluto.  As my personal Astrologer would say about transits: that planetary energy is coming to visit you.”

WELL….. guess who’s coming to dinner??

Pluto has its own unique modus operandi for realigning us through severely disrupting our attachments to people, things and situations in which we’ve become overly immersed.

This isn’t because we’ve been “bad” people or Pluto is an “evil” force out to get us, but more so because it’s time for a cycle of personal re-balancing and the broadening our conception of what our true identity entails.

In other words, the universe is telling us that we’re much more than the narrow and limited version of ourselves that we’ve been fixating on.

To provide an example: Let’s say that “Bob” lives and breathes for his job. Basically, he’s obsessed. All he ever talks about is being “VP of Special Promotions”. His business cards are always on deck…. BAM!

When transiting Pluto makes contact with Bob’s Ascendant, Sun, Midheaven or another personal point in his chart, the message during this time may be: “HEY BOB!! Your identity and life is about MUCH MORE than this job. As a matter of fact, you guys are going out of business in less than 6 months!”  The archetypal energy of Pluto will be released through whatever avenue(s) which are appropriate for Bob to receive that message.

Often, during Plutonian periods, when upheaval occurs, there’s a daunting sense of loss, even if what’s been removed from our lives is for our eventual betterment. While our knees are buckling, we shake our fist to the sky and ask “Why Pluto, Why??”

The truth is, we had become so used to having certain things in our lives, (even if they we’re sucking out our very souls) that we’re now utterly bewildered by their sudden removal. We may find ourselves mystified and wondering: what now??

Pluto transits are SLOW. The meaning behind them is one of gradual unfoldment. Chances are, we won’t be able to grasp the immediate significance of the losses we’ve accrued by the time our weekly episode of “Breaking Bad” is over or by the time the Steelers beat the Patriots.

This sense of loss is mainly present because we may have built up so much psychic and emotional resistance to freeing ourselves from these attachments. “NO! Let me suffer!” we cry.

Intellectually, we can process the standard mantras such as “everything happens for a reason.” Or, “It’s all in God’s Plan.” However, on an instinctive and emotional level, we’re scared as hell because we have no earthly idea what’s behind door number two, and we’ve been stuck on ONE ever since we can remember.

This being the case, it’s important that we find some compassion for ourselves during these turbulent times. We must not beat ourselves up for what we think were major lapses of judgement or just outright regrets. After all, we’re human beings complete with all our greatness, splendor, flaws, imperfections and neuroses to boot.

An important question for us to contemplate during Pluto transits is:

What’s my TRUE identity? If I wasn’t married to ________, dating __________, employed by __________, a (insert religious, cultural, gender or racial affiliation) who would I be?

While ALL of these things may certainly serve as a PART of who we are, somewhere along the line, we decided which one(s) we were most comfortable honing in on, while leaving the others to rot in the corner.

For us, these cycles may indeed signal that we have to either let go or be dragged by the stale energy permeating our beliefs, philosophies, marriages, friendships or associations. Or, it’s a possibility that these things don’t hold the appeal for us that they once did. Maybe we’re not feeling the club, or the 8 to 5 gig anymore. Furthermore, we may not have to completely set these out on the curb for the trash collector, but find ways to renew and revamp them in accordance with who we are at PRESENT.

Whatever semblance of our “old self” that remains during these periods of development is our glimpse of light coming through the window in a room which can be awfully dark at times. We can be sure that its survival was because it’s somehow an ESSENTIAL ingredient to continuing on our life path.

One of the keys to navigating Pluto is to dig DEEP. Yes… we might flinch at what we see. Even jump back in disgust. However, we must look the “monster” straight in the eyes and DEMAND to know what parts of ourselves are intact, with the hopes of using them to put ourselves together in an entirely new way.

Reference: “The Gods of Change: Pain, Crisis and The Transits of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto” by Howard Sasportas


14 thoughts on “Navigating Pluto Transits : Personal Rebirth and Finding Light in the Darkness

  1. WHOA! Let me just say that reading this has been sort of like one of those confirmation stamps on a piece of paper (think Paid In Full on a bill). I’m studying a few different things that all deal with awareness and creative energy and it is NOT lost on me how much of this post resonates with those ideas.

    Just as another way to explain your “Bob” point – I think our need to hold on to things that no longer serves us is really a residual effect of being conditioned to believe that’s all we are. I was listening to an audiobook today and it said the most taxing activity a human could participate in was to “think.” That made me go, “HEY! Not true!” but then I thought (all puns intended) about it and had to acknowledge that most of my “free will” has been given up for the safety and comfort of habit.

    Now I don’t know if Pluto has anything to do with this because I’m wholly convinced that my birth chart is just ripe for some “trolling” from the astrological bodies BUT I can see the parallels in my own life to this post.

    ~Miss C. Jayne (aka HerSoulWeeps)

    p.s. – Where is my Cancer Sun, Gemini Moon post? LOL j/k.

  2. I’ve equated the recovery from recent struggles I’ve made my way through to coming back from the dead. I truly felt dead for several months and came amazingly close to giving up my existence in terms of my identity, dreams, and goals. I realized I had been doing this for years whilst “stealing time” to be who I really wanted to be in the secrecy of my mind. Yuck! With the death of my old view of myself I have found coming back from the dead to be exciting. I’m not stuck and I’m certainly not living to please others anymore. I feel good about the shift and am excited to see how things will play out from here. I’m trying to learn my lessons [yeah, because they keep coming back until I do – uh huh] and have become much better at balance in general. There’s dark and light and I’ve always been good with both, internally. Now I can affirm both externally with much more ease. Lots to work on, no doubt, but progress – in any form – rocks.

    Thanks for the entry above. It crystallized a few things that I don’t think I knew how to summarize until reading this.

    Oh yeah, you rock too! 🙂


  3. hey hey!! thank you so much for reading and i’m glad the entry resonated with you. it definitely was a form of catharsis to write this piece.

  4. thank you for reading and visiting the blog. i really appreciate it. also, thank you for the links. that type of research is valued and needed in the astrological community.

  5. Perfect! This is definitely relatable, playing out on my worldly screen, and helpful. Thank you for sharing. Ironically, I was just working on a poem I titled “Pluto” about how it affects my experience, and especially in the last couple of years. Oh, the attempt to “work my Pluto” before it works me!
    great articles!

  6. Great article! I can totally relate to the part about attachment and stale energy. I sometimes hear that Pluto trines and sextiles can be just as difficult as squares and oppositions. Do you think that’s true?

    1. thank you for reading. I take the nature of the aspect into consideration, but I don’t get all caught up in it. I think all of the energy is neutral and how we use it is of more importance that whether it’s making a square, conjunction, sextile, etc…

  7. I have a love hate relationship with Pluto. I respect him as the ultimate astrological badass (he narrowly edges out the god of time – Saturn) but man, he can be downright manipulative and doesn’t mind punching you square in the face or gut several times to get you to wake up. The question I am always asking though is how can one foresee pluto transits and make the required changes? Or are we just doomed to getting slapped upside the head every time Pluto shows up in a house? Great Article! I enjoyed this one.

    1. Thank you for reading the article and your words are appreciated. I think when it comes to Pluto and all of the outer planets in general, it’s important to keep in mind that circumstances can seem severe if we’re resistant to change and insistent on keeping things exactly as we are. We can foresee the transits by simply checking out the degrees of our cardinal placements (transiting Uranus and Pluto) and our Mutable ones (transiting Neptune).

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